Piya Rangrezz 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Dancer walks in passageway murmuring song. Vikas kisses her hand and starts flirtin with her. She asks him to leave her as she does not like strangers. He says he is not stranger and continues flirting with her leaning on her shoulder. Sunehri sees them and fumes. Vikas changes tone, calls dancer as sister and apologizes for clashing with her. Sunehri says it is only 1.5 month since they are married and he should be ashamed to flirt with stranger girl. Vikas says when he can handle one, he can handle 2, 3, 4 as he is thakur. Sunehri starts yelling. Vikas asks her to go and serve alcohol and leaves holding dancer. Sher interferes and says he was pleading him and amma to get him married to Sunehri just 1.5 months ago and asks him to go back to Sunehri. He then himself holds dancer and says

he will spend night with her. Vikas asks if he is thinking of third marriage. Sher says there is a huge difference between them, he will get her service whole night as his both wives troubled him a lot. Chanda fumes seeing that. Gajra comes and tells Chanda that Bhavri is calling her. Chanda shouts to tell she will come.

Sher then tells Vikas that he can have any hobby, but not be an womanizer, if he sees tears in Sunehri’s eyes, he will tear him into 2. Vikas leaves. Sher then walks leaving dancer. Dancer holds him and asks what happened to him, he was telling about spending time with her. He says she came for dancing and should go now. He calls servant and asks him to send this girl safely. Dancer says she saw many men, but not like him, whoever he loves is lucky. He says he has removed love from his dictitionary.

Servant goes till car and leaves dancer alone saying he will bring car keys. Chanda comes and beats dancer falls unconscious, yelling how dare she is to eye on her thakur saheb. she checks dancer once and leaves. Servant comes running and informs that someone broke dancer’s head. Shraddha sees blood on Chanda’s hands. Chanda says she will kill whoever tries to come in between her and thakur saheb. She then runs and washes her hand in washroom.

Sher walks into room, gets SMS and laughs. He enters washroom and widens his eyes in shock seeing Chanda correcting her make up. She asks if he came. He says he came half and after some will come full. He washes hands and then relaxes on bed. Chanda massages his head. He asks what happened. She says she heard him telling that he has headache, so she is massaging. He says she is hearing a lot and says she should just think of work and not listen anything. Chanda apologizes and says she is his servant and cannot be his forehead’s tika, there must be something wrong with her as she could not get place in his heart. He asks to stop getting sad as she is perfect. She says there is something wrong, else he would have given her wife’s right in 2 months of marriage, she wants to know when will he give her wife’s right. Sher sits silently. He hears Bhavri shouting on someone and walks out.

Sher goes out and sees Bhavri scolding Vikas for winning in card game. Sher asks them to stop shouting, else his son will get nervous. Vikas says he bet 50,000 rs in this game. Sher gives him money and tells Bhavri that he will earn her money, but she should stop shouting. Bhavri smiles and says he obeyed her and took Chanda’s responsibility and even divorced Shraddha. Once Shraddha delivers Sher’s child, she will kick Shraddha out of this house. He asks her to rest and leaves.

Chanda waits for Sher long, gets panic attack and pops in pills. She checks Bhavri’s room and does not find Sher. She then passes by Shraddha’s room and hears Sher laughing. She sees Shraddha massaging his head and asking if his new wife did not massage him. He says only she has right to massage his head. She asks if he will ransack her after child birth. He says nobody can dare to separate them. Chanda comes out of her imagination and wipes her sweat.

Precap: Chanda mixes something in Sher’s alcohol and serves him. Sher gets dizzy after drinking it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kya kab tak ye bakvas aata rhe ga angel apni stori start kro na chanda is so irritating………
    And this episode is so booooooooring i love this show but this time is show??????????????

  2. now I’m fed up from this track ….
    kab tak ye pagal chanda preshaan kregi ….

  3. We are really agree with you. Bulbul

  4. lagtha hai chanda aur es track ki bakvas katam nahi hoga ,….

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