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Shamsher enjoys English liquor with his friends and tells he finished 3 bottles, but did not get inebriated yet. Friend says if he has any tension as one gets tensed only if he is in trouble or is in love. Shamsher says people are manufacturing fake liquor, he will bring his factory’s real one. He brings bottle from his car and drops some in his friend’s glasses and asks them to drop him home if he gets too much inebriated. They all laugh.

Aradhya goes to temple and prays god to protect her husband, she will do nirjala vrat. She bends down and realizes that her forehead is smeared with kumkum. Shamsher’s friends see heavy winds and says looks like storm will come and they should go home. Shamsher picks bottle and leaves towards home.

Bhavri with Anjali and

Munna searches Shamsher in a hospital. Aradhya comes and Bhavri asks if she found Shamsher. Aradhya says no and says she went to many friend’s home and asks mama to give Akash’s number. Munna searches number. Aradhya takes phone and calls Akash who says Shamsher was with him and just some time ago left for home. Aradhya informs that Shamsher is safe and went home. Reporters surround Bhavri and asks what she wants to say about people getting ill with her liquor.

Shamsher reaches home with bottle and goes to washroom. Munmun sees him, locks liquor cupboard, and thinks now he will drink only this bottle and will die. She then thinks badi naani will inform shamsher about liquor and rushes to lock her. She also disconnects landline. Shamsher is about to sip liquor when Aradhya comes running and throws glass. He pushes her on floor and yells at her. She says it is poison and not liquor. Shamsher continues yelling. Bhavri comes and calls him out and asks if he is fine, why is he not picking mobile. Mama says someone mixed poison in liquor. He reminisces Aradhya telling that liquor has poison and feels guilty. He asks Bhavri how can it happen, he was watching carefully and even Munna was there. Munna says worker must have done this. Munmun also blames worker. Bhavri says her workers are loyal. Shamsher says he will ask workers. Naani says Aradhya that her suhaag is fine now. Aradhya smiles and coughs. Naani asks Anjali to bring water. Aradhya says she took oath to do nirjala vrat if her suhaag comes back fine.

MP comes to Bhavri’s home and tells that her liquor issue has grown very big and her application must be cancelled. Bhavri asks him to find a solution. He says she has to declare someone else from her family as owner. She asks what solution is this. MP says someone has to take blame on him/her to save her. Shamsher says he will take the blame and once she wins MLA elections he will come out. MP says Shamsher is right, he will make sure arrest warrant releases late. Aradhya hears their conversation standing near door. Bhavri scolds Shamsher why did he speak. Munna says let him go to jail, he will provide TV, mobile, fridge, etc., in jail. Bhavi says she will not agree and says if something happens to him, she will burn whole city. Shamsher tries to convince her. Munmun thinks why Bhavri is protecting Shamsher unnecessarily. Shamsher says Bhavri she scolded him a lot today and he is very hungry. Bhavri smiles and orders to serve food. Aradhya reminisces MP’s words.

Bhavri sits for dinner with family. Servant serves plate for Aradhya. Naani says Aradhya will not have food or water as she took oath to keep nirjala vrat if Shamsher comes home fine. Bhavri angrily leaves yelling at Aradhya not to play husband wife drama. Shamsher also yells and leaves. Naani apologizes Aradhya for telling about vrat in front of everyone. Munmun tells Munna that they should make sure that Shamsher goes to jail.

Precap: Shamsher shouts at inspector to arrest him. Aradhya comes and stops inspector.

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