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Shamsher adds alcohol sample into glass and asks Aradhya to taste it. She pleads not to force her. He sprinkles alcohol on her and says it is his business and this is the beginning. He drinks it. Aradhya walks from there. He gets servant’s call who informs that he found traitor servant and asks her to come to a highway dhaba. Shamsher hears her conversation and thinks whom she is going to meet.

Aradhya reaches dhaba and sees Arjun already present. Arjun asks if she came to meet her father’s goon to find out truth. Shamsher comes in car, sees them together, and leaves. Arjun brings goon, throws in front of her, and she can ask if her father was culprit or not. Once he leaves, servant says she should be careful as Arjun’s spies are all around. She asks traitor

goon why he took her father’s name. He shouts not to follow him, else she will die. She says if he needs money. He asks 5 lakhs and says he will tell real culprit’s name only after getting money and not to contact him until he calls her. Aradhya reminisces her father’s love for her and thinks her father is innocent.

Shamsher drinks alcohol and reminisces Aradhya and Arjun’s meeting and thinks she came to separate brothers, he will know what to do with he now.

Aradhya comes home hurriedly, picks cheque book and jewelry from her bag and thinks she will arrange 5 lakhs with these. Naani comes and asks if she is going somewhere. Aradhya asks if she has any work. Naani says important work and with Munmun takes her.

Shamsher comes home and sees Bhavri sitting angrily and asks what happened. Bhavri says naani went to market with Aradhya to bring gifts. He says he does not want to fall into this and tries to leave. Naani stops her and says he is newly married and should become romantic hero instead of angry young man. Aradhya brings gift boxes. Munmun says she will call even Arjun.

Munmun goes to Arjun’s room and forces him to come down. He says he does not want to come down. She says badi naani called and he should obey her as she will not live longer. He shouts he does not want to go. She starts emotional drama that she is not his real sister that he will listen to her like Manohar. He hugs her and says he will come only for her. She smirks.

Naani asks Aradhya to distribute gift to everyone. Aradhya gives Arjun gift hesitantly. Naani asks Shamsher to hold Aradhya’s hand and tells Arjun he should accept gift from his brother and SIL and she will not go from here until she gets him married. Bhavri thinks oldie wants to stay here permanently and asks naani to hurry up. Naani asks Aradhya to feed sweets to Arjun to share a sweet bond between devar bhabhi. Aradhya thinks Arjun is her father’s killer and she will never reconcile with him. She then gives gifts to other family members and Bhavri. Bhavri yells not to act as new bahu in front of her and get out from here.

Naani blesses Aradhya and says Shamsher will take care of her and keep her here with love. She should follow her duty to get into her husband’s good books. Shamsher thinks she has come to break this family. Naani asks Aradhya to give gift to her husband and asks Shamsher to bless her. Shamsher takes gift angrily and Aradhya touches his feet. Naani asks him to bless her. He blesses that her husband should destroy his enemy. Naani says he is blessing himself and smiles. Shamsher thinks he will fail Aradhya’s plan. Aradhya thinks she will reach her goal at any cost.

Precap: Shamsher follows Aradhya, gets her out of car, and asks where she was going. She says nowhere. He finds 5 lakhs in her bag.

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  1. Bhavri’s yelling is getting really annoying now, I hope they make her next injury to her vocal cords so she can’t speak for a few episodes. I do hope Arjun reunites with Aaradhya, they were such a cute couple.

  2. i really want kirdita to come back as aradhya. Seriously, i am not liking this shamsher jodi with this aradhya 🙁

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