Piya Rangrezz 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sher walks with Shraddha’s bags. Sumer tries to stop him, but he leaves ignoring him. Shraddha then hugs Sunehri and Gajra emotionally and walks out with Sher’s jacket. Sher asks her to help him wear his jacket and she does. She says if he wants, she will go from there, but he should accept her one demand. He agrees. She says till he drops to her maika/parents’ house, he should agree to whatever she says. He silently starts his jeep and leaves with her.

Vikas and Munna come to meet Bhavri. She asks inspector to send them back. Munna says he is feeling very sad seeing her in jail. Vikas says nobody is agreeing to bail her out as Sher is opposing it and nobody is dare to confront him. Bhavri asks what is the issue. Vikas says Sher has gone mad. Bhavri warns him to

watch his words. Maama walks out leaving Vikas with Bhavri.

Sher while driving jeep reminisces his happier moments spent with Shraddha. Shraddha sees temple and asks Sher to stop jeep and accompany her. He accompanies her and attends aarti. Pandit says if they remarry here by rounding around idol, it will be very auspicious. Sher says Shraddha is going to leave her back to her parent’s house. Shraddha says god can do any miracle, gets into temple and extends her hand. Sher performs pheras with her and completes remarriage.

Sher then drops Shraddha to her parent’s house and tells he will get a best life partner for her and says their companionship was till here and anyways there is only 1 life. She says even heart is only 1 and says she loves only him and tried to follow all her duties truthfully. She was afraid of Bhavri’s son, but loves Sher Singh and will her whole life. She asks him to be happy always. He says he will and even she should. He tries to get into jeep, but she stops and asks him to return her mangalsutra. He returns, but holds one end and says she should start a new life and break this mangalsutra. She says it is her heart and she cannot write any other’s name on it.

Shraddha says Sher that he is leaving her as their worlds are different and she wants to know what her world is. She says shadow cannot separate from sunrays. He says he forcefully married her and came to correct his mistake, but hearing her words, he is thinking of listening to his heart. He takes her bag and keeps it back in jeep. She happily wears mangalsutra and gets into jeep.

Precap: Shraddha asks Sher to bail out Amma. Sher says how can he when Amma herself ruined his life.

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