Piya Rangrezz 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Arjun tells Bhavri that she has to speak now ands stop Shamsher from harming Aradhya. Shamsher points gun on Aradhya and says he will shoot her. Bhavri stops him. Arjun says he thought he returned back to his family and thought he will speak about Aradhya with them, but when aji amma is not ready, he will not speak. He asks Aradhya to touch Bhavri’s feet and then touches Bhavri’s hand on money and gives to Aradhya as shagun. He says aji amma that he will drop Aradhya and come back and leaves with her.

Veer calls Tilakraj and informs that Aradhya has selected Arjun and she is returning home. Tilkraj says he will kill Arjun as he is enemy’s son. Aradhya comes and he asks her why did she go to enemy’s house.

Veer informs Chanda about whole incident.

She says Bhavri must be in shock and Shamsher must be waiting to kill Arjun. Veer laughs and says Shamsher is waiting to press triggeron Aradhya and Arjun. Chanda says Bhavri’s dynasty has 4 pillar, 1 herself, 2 Arjun, 3 Shamsher, 4 mama. Veer says he will kill mama first.

Someone shoots at mama. Mama panics and shouts who is it. Bhavri and Arjun also come running and shout who shot bullet. Mama sees Manohar with gun and scolds him. Manohar says he was shooting rat, but he came in between. Mama scolds what if bullet would have hit someone. He says his aim is perfect and he will not miss.

Mama comes to Arjun’s room and says he did wrong today, already Bhavri is tensed and he increased her tension. He says he understands, but did not have any other go. Mama after a long explanation asks him to go and calm down jiji.

Bhavri asks Shamsher to keep guards with each family members to protect them and even for himself and not go out without guards. He agrees and leaves. Arjun enters and asks if she is fine. She says yes and says once his dad also did same mistake of loving an enemy and then she saw destroyal till now. Arjun says Aradhya is not like that, she is very responsible and has good upbringing. Bhavri says she can imagine her upbringing. He continues convincing her to accept his and Aradhya’s relationship. She says she needs time till tommorrow. He thanks her and leaves.

Shamsher looks at his and Arjun’s childhood pics, reminisces incidents, and throws pics on floor. Bhavri comes and sees that. He says Arjun has gone far away and even she did not scold him when he misbehaved with her. She says she will not let him go away from them and says they should agree for marriage. He says once Aradhya comes in this house, she will destroy this house with her loyal teachings, already they have Arjun and cannot bear another one. Bhavri says she will not let marriage happen and will do something to Tilakraj and her daughter after engagement. She did same mistake last time and brought a girl home and is repent till now, this time she will not let that happen. He walks out angrily asking her to do whatever she wishes. She tries to stop him and asks mama to send guards behind him as he may harm someone. Mama leaves. Bhavri thinks 72 hours are a nightmare for her now.

Precap: Arjun enters Tilakraj’s house. He shouts he cannot meet Aradhya. Bhavri and Shamsher enter next.

Update Credit to: MA

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  2. I think they’re going to kill Arjun then aradhya and shamshar will be together
    No no please Directorand writer of piya rangrezz please dont do such a disgusting things
    Please don’t destroy the serial again ????

  3. Arjun take a picture in Delhi airport
    I think he dies in the serial
    I hope that piya rangrezz making group don’t show us again die of the main characters
    Finger cross ?
    Please bring kirtida in new and strong avatar opposite of shamshare ?

  4. You are right assia.i agree with you

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