Piya Rangrezz 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavi tries to break steel chains and consoles Shraddha not to lose hope. Vikas gets Sher’s calls who asks if they found amma and Shraddha. Vikas says they searched cave but did not find them. Sher orders to continue searching.

Bhavri frees herself at last and tries to free Shraddha. Shraddha asks her to go and get help before Chanda comes back, once Sher comes everything will be fine. Bhavri says she cannot go leaving her alone. Shraddha says it is very important to send Chanda to her original place and insists. Bhavri says she will come back for sure and leaves. She runs in jungle.

Sher comes back to Chanda place and does not find her. Bhavri reaches road somehow and sees Sher’s jeep and Sher standing talking on phone. She runs, but Chanda comes holding

knife on Shraddha’s neck and says she will slit her neck if she calls thakur saheb. Bhavri helplessly leaves behind her. Sher comes near jeep and sees Bhavri’s anklet on ground and searches around, but does not find her there. Vikas and other continue searching them.

Chanda brings back Shraddha and Bhavri to her den and orders Bhavri to tie herself. Bhvri ties herself with steel chains and says Sher will kill her once he comes here. Chanda sets bomb to 15 min and says they both will die. Bhavri says Sher will not spare her. Chanda says Sher has already accepted him and she will control him after they are killed. Bhavri says Sher played with her just like she played with them. Chanda gets panic attack and says she is Sher’s lover and he will never harm her. Bhavri says she will kill her once she is freed. Chanda says she will die in 13 min and walks out.

Sher drops net on her and she pleads to follow his patni dharm and free her. She says he will forgive her. He says he made a drama, pours kerosene around her and says he wanted to shoot her but then thought to kill her slowly. He throws fire on her. She shouts and realizes it was her imagination.

Chanda goes back to her den and breaks thinks shouting Sher betrayed him again, she will not spare him. Sher comes. She holds his collar and asks why did he betray her, why did he go out. He says he went out to give her wife’s rights and shows her golden bangles and says these are our family bangles and amma kept it safely for her bahu. He dorns her mangalsutra and asks if she forgave him. She smiles and nods yes. He also dorns Bhavri’s anklets and also give her earrings and arm set and says he wants her to take her home like a bride. She happily hugs him. He loves her a lot and has a big surprise for her and asks to close her eyes. She closes eyes. He dorns waist jewelry and says it is only for her. She asks if she should open eyes. He says not now.

He takes her out and says she can open her eyes. She opens eyes and sees mama, Vikas, Sumer and others and nervously says everyone are here. Sher says they have all come to take bride home. She happily smiles. He asks them to tell how his beautiful wife is looking in jewelry, they are all jealous and are staring at her. She will get off evil spirit and calls someone to come. Bhavri and Shraddha come in front of her and she is shocked.

Precap: Bhavri tells Sher that he gave a good punishment to Chanda. Vikas says her waist band is really good. Chanda is shocked to see bomb on her waist.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Mehak Kharoud

    Hey guys now one more bad news. They r making this show even worse. Now read it…
    It seems that the cast of Life OK’s daily, Piya Rangrezz(Sphereorigins) is on a mass-quitting spree.
    Recently, the reports of the Kirtida Mistry, the lead of the daily, quitting the daily hit the media. Reportedly, the lady was not comfortable playing the role of the mother of 25 years old kid, hence, the decision.

    And now, post Kirtida’s exit, we hear that few other prominent actors of the show including Rehan Sayed (Sumer), Shalu Shreya (Gajra) and Prabhjeet Kaur (Sunheri), will also bid goodbye to the show.

    1. Goooddd wowwwww
      I m sure everybody is imressed to hear this bakwas news
      We thought that piya rangreZ us one of the best show of life ok!!
      But nw go to hell piya rangrezz n life ok
      blo*dy stupid writters

  2. Nw u all can do well by making things right i think this episode is the last goodest episode!!!
    Then th sharadhdha n all r going???

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