Piya Rangrezz 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sher comes back home and tells his partners that he needs help to save Shraddha and only here he can get help. He walks into Bhavri’s room and calls her. Bhavri looks at him. He takes out his gun and says she must be happy that she proved him wrong. She wanted him to show mirror and succeeded in it. He realized this world respects whoever stamps it with his shoes. He says she was right, he cannot walk on the path of truth, he did not realize only power and money works in India. Shraddha was fool to walk on path of truth and he finally realized that he cannot succeed walking on it, following Shraddha. He continues that Bhavri won her challenge and he got defeated. He needs money to save his Shraddha, He extends his hands and pleads to save Shraddha. She gets up and walks out from


Sher starts crying seeing his helplessness. He gets up and tries to walk when she comes back with money and stops him. She calls munna maama. Maama comes running and asks Sher waht happened to him. Bhavri rounds money on Sher’s head and asks mama to distribute it among villagers and even give them alcohol to celebrate as she got back her son. Maama says okay and leaves with money. She then takes Sher to safety locker and says he can take whatever he needs, she does not like her son suffering. She says she had suffered a lot due to lack of money and decided she will not let herself or her son suffer. In this world, taking birth as poor is a big son. She does not hate shraddha so much that she loves him. She cannot think if troubling him. She let him go through examination and if he had won, she would have been happy. She just wanted to teach him truth of the world. He thanks her for making him realize his mistake. She wipes his tears and asks him to throw this money on hospital people and save Shraddha.

Sher picks money and walks out. Aditya clashes him on the way, but sher leaves ignoring him. Aditya enters Bhavri’s room and sees her very happy. He says if she had to save Shraddha, why did she do such a big drama. She gives him paan/betel leaves and says without choona/calcium carbonate, paan is tasteless and if it is taken extra, it burns mouth, shraddha is like choona and she can tolerate her for Sher. Aditya praises her plan and is about to start flirting when she stops him and says she is in a good mood and does not want his drama now. He leaves smiling.

Sher reaches comatosed Shraddha’s hospital room with flowers and keeps them in vase. He hugs her. Muskurane ki wajah tum ho….song…plays in the background. Gajra, Sunehri and Sumer enter next. Sher gets up and starts pampering Shraddha. Shraddha does not get conscious even after 2-3 days.

Bhavri gifts Sher antique pistol and says she started her work with this pistol and it will take him to great success, he should keep it as his amma’s blessings. Sher leaves with pistol. She smirks.

Precap: Shraddha is shocked to see Sher beating a man for badmouthing about Bhavri. Another man tries to hit Sher and Shraddha shouts. Sher shoots him.

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  1. Jashi

    Bhanvari Devi is such a strong, talented character. She has so many sides to her personality. She’s honestly too obsessed with her son, but she executes her plans to a fault. Shraddha’s character bores me now.

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