Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 9)

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Elena: But I am still angry at you for making our Sona cry…
Dev: ~holding his ears~ I am sorry…
Sourav: Shochi!! Sorry se kaam nahi chalega!
Elena: Get ready for your punishment!!! Since, whole family felt sad… You will be given punishment from each person… We will also see; how much you love our Sona… What say Sona?
Sona: Absolutely!
Dev: ~looks slightly nervous~ What should I do?
Elena smiles victoriously…

~Dev’s home – Neha’s room~
Nikki: Oh god… What’s happening at Sona di’s place!!! I am so much tensed… Shall I call bhaiyya?
Ria: No!!! Let him come back and share… Anyway, we waited till now… What’s harm in waiting some more?
Nikki: Ugh… Bhaiyya come fast!!!
In the corridor, GKB (Radha Rani) is looking around… ~GKB’s pov~ Aaj itna sannata kyun hai? I should go and check… First Neha’s turn… Bechari… ~smiles to herself~

~Sona’s home~
Dev is looking nervous…
Everyone sit on sofa… Looking very seriously at Dev
Elena: Dadi, since you are the eldest… You start…
Dadi: ~looking stern~ Okay… Since our Sona suffered for more than two-three weeks… Your punishment shall be for one month… One month from each of us… Tumi kī tairī?
Elena: Superb dadi!! What say Dev? Are you ready?
Dev: ~gazes at Sona, looking determined~ I am ready
Dadi: Good… Okay… After, we shifted here, I haven’t listened to any Robin sangeet… Sung by Rabindranath Tagore himself… I miss it so much… So, for one month, you need to sit with me and listen to the sangeet for an hour… Done?
Sona looks surprised and smiles to herself
Dev: ~looking little nervous~ Okay dadi… Do you have the records? ~Dev’s pov~ What is Robin sangeet? I need to search online… I can take help of Sona! No no… If I’ve to win her heart, I should do this on my own… I can take help of Tina… If first punishment is this scary, what about the rest? Dev beta, tu toh gaya!

Elena: Perfect! Now, uncle… your punishment…
Bejoy: Your punishment is… You have to sit and watch cricket match with me… India vs New Zealand…
Dev: ~smiles~ Done! ~Dev’s pov~ This is going to be easy… Watching cricket match… How hard it is going to be?
Sona shakes her head ~Sona’s pov~ You have no idea what you have signed up for…
India’s World cup match… Asha sits frowning and turns slightly…
Bejoy: Oh god! A wicket has fallen… I told you to not to move!!! Now see…
Asha: Bejoy… Now that’s unfair… First of all, I had to finish cooking everything quickly and sit here…
Bejoy: Oh no!!! One more… Asha, why did you finish cooking everything? Go and cook something…
Asha: I cooked everything… What will I cook now?
Bejoy: I don’t know… Cook anything. But don’t sit here… Now hurry, before one more wicket falls!!!
Asha looks shocked…

Sona comes out of her thoughts…
Sona: ~whispers to Elena~ This is going to be very bad… Dev has no idea!
Elena: ~smiles mischievous~ That’s the whole intention! Maashi, now your turn…
Asha: What punishment will I give? It’s okay…
Sourav and Elena look sternly at Asha…
Asha: Okay… Okay… Dev… Your punishment will be accompanying me to the market and carrying whatever I buy… I don’t think you will know how to bargain… So carry everything that I buy…
Elena: Maashi, that’s too simple!
Asha: Achcha? Okay, along with that help me in kitchen too… Deal?
Elena: Now, that’s better…
Dev: ~smiles brightly~ Done! ~Dev’s pov~ This is even better! Thank god….
Elena: Now my turn…
Sourav: No first me!
Elena: Dada… Please!!! Today is a special day for me!!!
Sourav: Teeek hai Teek hai… Go ahead…

Elena: Dev… As you know, soon I’ll be getting married? I want you to accompany me for marriage shopping, carry the bags… Take me to the movies… Not any movie… Only romantic ones! Done? And as a small favour, Sona you can also accompany us…
Dev: ~gazes at Sona~ DONE! ~Dev’s pov~ Finally, I will get to win your heart once again
Sourav: Now my punishment… ~looks business like~ Dev babu… I hope you know that I am a successful businessman…
Dev: I do know that you are into business… But I don’t have the details…
Sourav: That’s understandable… No one values my entrepreneurship skills here… ~gazes angrily at Bejoy and Sona~ Since you are a businessman too, I hope you will value it…
Dev: Definitely! Tell me, what can I do for you…
Sourav: I seek to expand my business… I need you to work on the promotional activities on behalf of me… You may have a full-fledged marketing team in your office… Normally, I would have let you use them… But since this is your punishment, I am looking forward to see your contribution… Totally… You may use your staff… But idea should be yours… Okay?
Dev: Done! I accept… ~Dev’s pov~ Finally, something in my home ground… If I remember, he was working as house broker… That shouldn’t be difficult…
Sourav: Perfect! Oh, I am sorry… I didn’t tell about my business right…
Bejoy looks angry
Dev: House broker or something?
Sourav: Actually, no… I have started a new business venture…. I deal in inner garments for people of all ages…
Dev: ~looks shocked, almost drops his phone~ INNER WHAT?
Sourav: Inner garments, Mr. Dikshit… You know kachcha and baniyan and the like
Dev sits speechless…
Bejoy: Nalayak… Wish you had started something good!
Sona and Elena start giggling

Sourav: What say Dev?
Dev: ~gulps~ You do know that my business is into mobiles and communications right? I really don’t have expertise in inner garments ~red faced but composes slowly~
Sourav: Dev, you are being modest now… You are a business tycoon… You can do it!
Dev: ~gulps again~ Alright…. I will do everything possible ~Dev’s pov~ If I thought previous punishments were tough, they were nothing! Promoting Inner garments? Kachcha & baniyan and me? If it is a sweets business, whenever a customer buys a mobile, I can offer them sweets and promote the business saying it’s from ABC sweet place… How will I promote this business? ~imagines~ “Buy one mobile and get two pairs of under wears – Sponsored by Bose Garments!” ~shudders~
Elena: Perfect!! This is the entire list of punishment!

Bejoy: But we forgot Sona… Who endured the most!
Sona: ~glances at Dev~ Diet food for one month… No junk food…. Strict diet food…
Dev: ~smiles~ Done ~Dev’s pov~ Even if you had told poison, I’d have swallowed happily now…
Elena: Since, you apologized to Sona in front of everyone, I’ll give you one minor advantage… We don’t want you lose your business… You can serve your punishment after working hours on weekdays and weekends, half day… Weekdays you report at 6 pm… Weekends, your timings start at 12 pm…
Dev: ~salutes~ Yes ma’am!
Elena: Good… Now, you can go home…
Dev: Bye… ~signs with eyes at Sona, asking her to come out~
Sona: ~nods~ I’ll drop him at door step…
Dev walks out and Sona follows

~Neha’s room~
Nikki: ~still pacing restlessly~ Ria di… What will be happening there now?
Ria: Don’t know Nikki…
GKB enters
GKB (Radha Rani): Ria and Nikki, what you both are doing here?
Nikki: ~composes herself~ Kuch nahi mami… We thought, we will spend some time with our Neha di… Hain na Ria di?
Ria: Haan haan… We were just leaving… Good night Neha di…
Nikki: Good night!!!

Ria and Nikki hurry out
GKB (Radha Rani): Ajeeb ladkiyan… I entered and they ran out?
Neha: ~puts fake smile on~ Mami, you didn’t rest till now?
GKB (Radha Rani): How will I rest when my Neha is going through such a pain? ~sits beside~ Ranvir shouldn’t have behaved this way… He married you! Tomorrow will call him here and give him a nice lesson!
Neha: ~feeling uncomfortable~ Mami… I am fine… Everything will be okay… Ranvir will understand
GKB (Radha Rani): You are so nice Neha beti… Before marriage, your mom gave all attention to your bro and you always adjusted… Now, even after marriage, your husband gives more attention to his mom than you…. Still you are adjusting… Such a brave girl you are… Don’t worry your mami is there for you… I won’t let Ranvir snatch your rights ~GKB’s pov~ Yes… Always there… See jiji… Your daughter loves me more than you…. I will use her against you… One day… Soon..
Neha: I know mami… Shall I sleep now?
GKB (Radha Rani): ~feeling slightly shocked, but smiles~ Sleep beti…
GKB goes out

Neha: ~resting on bed~ ~Neha’s pov~ Is mami really concerned for me? Or is she provoking me? I feel so angry at her for speaking about my Ranvir like this… After all, my quarrel with him is all fake… Has mami been the same, all this while? Why do I feel mami isn’t sharing her genuine concern? I am so confused…

~Sona’s home~
Dev and Sona come out… Dev suddenly pulls her close…
Sona: Dev!
Dev: Call me Dev again
Sona: ~smiles softly~ Dev!
Dev: ~gazes mischievously~ Ms Khargosh… You tortured me so much… “If I want to move on, I can”, Engagement… Marriage… Planned a whole drama… Yet I am being given punishment?
Sona: Aur nahi toh kya? Who asked you to break up? I was trying to tell we will sit and discuss! But no… Came and in Mr. Obodhro’s style “NO! We have to break up” I really thought, fine then… I’ll find some nice guy!
Dev: ~pulls her more close~ You are mine Ms. Bose… Only mine… This is Dev’s promise!
Sona pushes him slightly

Dev: Hey!
Sona: First fulfill the punishments… Then Mr. Obodhro, I’ll accept you as my Dev!
Dev: I accept the challenge, Ms. Khargosh!
Sona: Mr Obodhro… Good luck!
Dev smiles and leaves slowly ~Dev’s pov~ Why my heart feels peaceful? It feels so soothing… Like the breeze after the rain… My Sona… Now I know… This is how it is meant to be…
Sona keeps glancing at Dev
~Sona’s pov~ Will we unite now Dev? Are we Devakshi again?
~Dev’s home~
Dev reaches home and goes to his room…. Dev keeps smiling…
He lifts the family photo with Sona from behind his bed… ~Dev’s pov~ Finally, everything is where it is meant to be… It’s time to hang this one… ~smiles brightly~
Ishwari comes out and sees light switched on in Dev’s room
~Dev’s room~
Ishwari: Dev beta! Aa gaya? Where did you go? It’s so late? Is everything alright?
Dev: ~looks slightly shocked~ Ma… ~keeps the photo frame down~
Ishwari: Dev?

What will happen next?
Will Dev be successful in completing the punishments? What will he tell Ishwari?
Stay tuned!!
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