Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 8)

Hi guys!!! So excited to write this one!!!! As always, I dedicate this to the most amazing and awesome readers!!!

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Enjoy Part 8!!!

On request from krish, here I’m posting a mini recap of what happened in the previous part/episode:
Mamaji: Are you still thinking what to do? What does your heart say? Are you brave enough to claim your love?
Dev: But Ma…
Mamaji: Forget about Ishwari… Think of this, if you claim your love, you can convince her along with Sona… But if you are ready to give up, I won’t say this ever again…
Mamaji leaves
Dev looks determined
~Dev’s pov~ I am coming my Sona… I am sure that I can win you back… After all, Dilwale dulhaniya le jaayenge! ~Smiles to himself~

~Neha’s room~
Nikki and Ria enter
Neha: Did you tell bhai?
Nikki: Yes… He looked shocked…
Ria: Do you think he’ll leave?
Nikki: I hope so…
Neha and Ria: NIKKI! You should have ensured that he’s going… Otherwise, what’s the use of our plan?
Nikki: I am sure he’ll…
Mamaji enters suddenly
Mamaji: You girls don’t worry… I have given him a slight shake up… He’ll go…
Neha, Ria and Nikki: AWESOME!!!
Mamaji: Sssshhh… No shrieking now!
Nikki: Sorry mamaji…. Then, Ria di let’s go… We can also see what bro does there…
Ria: ~pulls her arm~ No… We should stay back here…
Nikki: Why? I thought we will go there… Watch happiness in bhaiyya’s face!
Neha: Ria is right… If all of us go there, ma will suspect… Remember? I want bhai to confess about his love… He has to tell ma about marrying Sona…
Mamaji nods
Nikki: ~looking disappointed~ Okay…
Ria: But see this, our plan is working!!!
Neha: Did you guys forget? It was my plan!

~Neha’s pov~
Neha: ~smiles brightly~ Let’s plan now!
Neha’s mom in law: Neha beti, why did you call us?
Neha: Mummyji, I need your help… Actually, my bhai is in love with a girl….
Ranvir: That’s nice… But why our help?
Neha: Ma didn’t approve of it… She didn’t tell him about her disapproval… When ma fell sick, bhai got to know that she fell sick because of tension regarding the same… So he broke up with her…
Neha’s mom in law: Why she didn’t approve Neha beti? Dev beta won’t choose a wrong girl…
Neha: Ma loves bhai a real lot… She wants best of best girl for him… So I think… And ma felt that bhai no longer gives importance to her… She got scared that she will lose him… ~Neha’s pov~ Sorry mummyji… I can’t share the real reason… Ma actually feels insecure about any girl who might enter his life… But, I got to know that bhai still loves the girl… He’s all sad… I want to make ma understand… That just because bhai fell in love, doesn’t mean he will stop loving ma…
Neha’s mom in law: True… Ma and wife both have different place in a son’s life… How can I ask my son to choose between me and you beti? But I understand samdanji… Her worry is understandable… But Dev should get his love…
Ranvir: Yes, mom… How can we help?
Neha: We have to make ma understand that, bhai needs both her and his love… For that, we need to do a small natak… I will pack my bags and go to maayaka… I will pretend that I fought with Ranvir and tell that there’s no value for me here… Ranvir can pretend that mummyji is everything for him… And doesn’t care about me as much…
Nikki: Wow di! What a plan!!
Ranvir: Will that help? Will she understand?
Mamaji: Damaadji, you guys do this! I will take care of the rest…

Neha: Bhai gave me my love… He ensured that I marry the one whom I love… I want him to get his love too…
Neha’s mom in law: I am so proud of you Neha beti… We are all with you…
Ranvir: Yes, Neha… We will do this!
Nikki: Neha di! Where are you lost?
Neha: ~jerking~ I was thinking about our plan… ~smiles softly~ I couldn’t have done it without Ranvir’s help…
Ria: That’s true!
Nikki: After all, whose jiju is he? ~mock pulls her collar~
Neha shakes her head
Ria: Let’s see if bhaiyya has left…
All of them hide and watch the corridor
Dev: Ma, I am going out… Have an urgent work
Ishwari: ~finally coming out of shock~ Now? It’s so late…
Dev: I know… I’ll be back soon ~Dev’s pov~ With Sona’s heart…
Dev leaves
Ishwari: Dev! ~Ishwari’s pov~ Where did he go now? I wanted to find out… Whether he’s unhappy… Guess I’ve to wait…

~Sona’s home~
Sona is getting ready… Guests are talking to each other…
Elena comes there…
Sona: Finally, the day has arrived….
Elena: Yes…. But don’t you think it’s all boring? Why don’t we spice it up a little! ~Elena looks mischievous~
Sona: No… Elena… I know that look on your face!
Sourav: You girls ready? Let’s go out! ~Elena whispers something in Sourav’s ears and he smiles~
Sona: Elena! Nahi
Sourav goes out
Sourav: Guys!!! This is a big day for me! Special day! And on this special day, our beloved Sona is going to sing for us!!
Sona: No no…
Dev slowly enters… Nobody saw him enter
Guests: Sing Sona please!!!
Bejoy: Please Sona beta??? For your baba?
Sona: ~shaking her head~ Okay baba… But I want ma, Elena and dadi to join me later! Okay? Sona starts singing:
This is the final nail
The futures up for the sale
There is no hope in store
Have you felt this good before
Into the flame blazin’ hands
I’ll find my way hey
Onto the wave crashin sand
Souls on PARADE hey yeah
I found my way

Bhalo koira baajao go dotara shundori kamala naache
(Strum the dotaara proficiently, charming kamala dances merrily)

Bhalo koira baajao go dotara shundori kamala naache
(Strum the dotaara proficiently, charming kamala dances merrily)
Asha smiles… And continues
Shundori Kamala choronay nupur rini jhini koira baaje re
(With anklets on her feet, Kamala is a jingling melody)
Elena and Dadi join
Bhalo koira baajao go dotara shundori kamala naache
(Strum the dotaara proficiently, charming kamala dances merrily)
Sona feels happy and they continue singing… Entire Bose family start dancing and singing… Rithvik and family join… All the guests cheer…
Dev smiles seeing Sona… But seeing Rithvik, Dev feels worried…
Bejoy: That was fun! Now it’s the time for the engagement…
Rithvik’s dad: Yes, Rithvik beta… Put the ring in our bubbly bahu’s finger before the auspicious time passes…
Dev: One second… Please wait before you guys proceed with engagement…
Sona: Dev! When did you come? Why did you come?

~Dev’s home~
Ishwari slowly climbs stairs… ~ Ishwari’s pov~ “Still you are thinking that Dev is happy… But, I can’t cover cloth over my eyes and pretend that my Dev’s fine…. I can’t let Dev suffer the same way I did…” Is bhaiyya right? Is Dev really unhappy? Why he isn’t telling me anything? Is Dev hiding his emotions, because of my health? It can’t be that way… It was just a relationship of couple of months… How difficult would it be to forget her and move on?
Bhaiyya must be mistaken… My Dev isn’t so weak… He’s not so stupid to think attraction as love… But what if bhaiyya’s right? Does Dev love her so much? Does he need her more than me and my love? What should I do? Till today, I didn’t tell him clearly that I don’t like Sona’s presence in his life… Should I tell him and then he will never go back to her? After all, he has always been my Shravan Kumar… Or should I let Dev marry her? I am so confused…
This issue can wait… First, I should talk to Neha… Ranvir is such a nice guy…
But where’s Dev? What’s taking him so long… Bhagwan karein sab teek ho…
Ishwari rests on the bed, feeling tensed….

~Sona’s home~
Sona: Boliye, Dev… I mean Mr. Dikshit…
Dev: Sona… Today, in front of all this people… I would like to apologize for what I did… I am sorry… I got scared of losing ma… Seeing her, in that condition… At that moment, I did what I could first think of… I was wrong… I took the decision for both us… Without giving you a chance… Without giving us a chance… In a second, I declared that we will no longer be together… But I never knew how stupid I was… I regretted telling that every moment… Every moment that I spent away, I felt suffocated… I couldn’t bear the thought of you going away from me… Moving on in life with someone else…
Sona, I know that I am not perfect… You taught me the very basic quality of saying sorry… I learned to be humble… I have never been expressive… You taught me how to express myself… My feelings… See, today I am able to share my feelings in front of everyone…
What I am trying to tell is… Sona, I love you… Nobody else touched my heart, my soul, like you did…
~kneels down, opening the bracelet box~ Will you marry me?
Sona looks slightly shocked… Entire house becomes silent…

Sona: ~composing herself~ Dev… This is… What about Ishwari aunty? She doesn’t approve of me… What if you go away again?
Dev: Sona… I promise I will never let go off you… I spent so many sleepless nights thinking of you… Being away from you, made me realize one thing… Mom is precious for me… But you are equally important… I need you both in my life… I can’t let go off either of you… Sona, I want… No I need your support in my life… Together we will convince ma…
I made a mistake… I am ready to undergo any punishment for that… But please forgive me Sona
Sona: ~looking slightly angry~ Tumi ekdom impossible Dev!!! So easy to come and say sorry… You always take decision first, then think… Do you know I felt? I felt I was not worthy enough for you… For the first time, I felt that I am not good enough… I didn’t want to break down… I wanted… To be strong…
~getting teary eyed~ I felt that I don’t deserve you Dev!
Dev covers her mouth

Dev: Sssshhh… Ms. Khargosh… You don’t deserve me? Don’t ever say that! Forgive your Mr. Obodhro… Please give us a chance… Don’t marry Rithvik… Please… ~gets teary eyed~ I will get rid of every shikayat you have against me… ~Holds his ears~ I am sorry…
Please break this engagement…
Sona: Mr. Obodhro… I am not letting you go easily… You have to prove that you will be with me forever… My family too suffered because of my sorrow… So bahut papad bhelne padenge… Sochlijiye…
Dev: ~pulls her close and stares at her determined~ I am ready my Sona…
Sona smiles
Bejoy: ~coughs slightly~
Sona and Dev stand apart…
Bejoy: So, let’s continue with the engagement function? Rithvik beta, come on… Put the ring now…
Dev: But! Baba, I am sorry… Please cancel this engagement… I will take best care of your Sona…
Sona: Dev, don’t you dare cancelling this engagement… Or Elena will never forgive you!
Dev: ~looking confused~ Meaning?

Spotlights switched on
Elena and Rithvik are standing facing each other… Smiling
Rithvik pulls Elena’s hand and puts her the ring… Elena does the same…
Sona: Now you get it Mr. Obodhro? It’s Rithvik-Elena’s engagement… Not mine and Rithvik’s
Dev: ~looking in disbelief~ How?
Sona: Did you really think that I will move on so easy? ~smiles softly~
Dev: You mean all the while; it was their engagement? Unbelievable… You gave me a heart attack!
Sona: Actually Dev, I wanted to move on for family… I even thought of giving a chance to Rithvik… But couldn’t… Then, when Rithvik came to see me at home… He met Elena… They fell in love…
Baba wanted me to marry first… I wasn’t ready emotionally… So… ~smiles excited~ Elena is getting married!!!
Dev smiles relieved

All the guests leave after congratulating Rithvik-Elena
Rithvik: Phew… I didn’t expect such eventful engagement!!! But I am happy that Sona got her love…
Rithvik’s dad: Yes! We are so happy to welcome Elena into our family… We don’t feel like leaving Elena beti… But I guess we should be leaving now… Bejoy, remember… We will be claiming our Elena soon…
Bejoy smiles
Rithvik’s family leave
Dev and Sona stand gazing at each other… Lost in each other’s eyes…
Bejoy, Asha and Dadi smile seeing Dev-Sona…
Sourav: ~clears his throat~
Dev and Sona jerk realizing…
Dev: I think I should leave now…
Elena: But I am still angry at you for making our Sona cry…
Dev: ~holding his ears~ I am sorry…
Sourav: Shochi!! Sorry se kaam nahi chalega!
Elena: Get ready for your punishment!!! Since, whole family felt sad… You will be given punishment from each person… We will also see; how much you love our Sona… What say Sona?
Sona: Absolutely!
Dev: ~looks slightly nervous~ What should I do?
Elena smiles victoriously…

What kind of punishment the family has in store for Dev? Will Dev tell Ishwari?
What will happen next?
Send more and more comments!!!
P.S. This is the song that Sona and her family performed on: Sundori Komola (Coke Studio version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3wAFGeuUNw


  1. Maria

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    Awesome… Just loved Dev’s proposal!😍😍
    Si it was Elena and ritvik hushhh!! Waited so much for this episode! Now post the next one soon!!

  2. Hima

    Wow kalpana I have no words!! I wish this twist was there in the serial too 🙁
    You are amazing the krpkab team need to hire you in their writing Dept!!
    Take a bow girl :*

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    Ha ha I really didn’t expect ritwik n elena n engagement
    So funny
    Hope to see the punishment given to our poor dev frm each family members

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    Awesome… Damn fun… Awww Dev’s guilt n confession.. Loved it.. ND wht.. Rithwik n Elena.. Wow.. Different 👍..post the next one ASAP…😍

  6. Archi

    Nice. But I am more interested in how Dev and Sona will convince Ishwari for their marriage. Convincing Sona was cake walk compared to the next task.

    • Archi

      By the way, Kalpana, how old are you, if you don’t mind me asking? You have a great imagination and your language is also very good. I have read some other ffs but I feel some of those writers have murdered the language (both Hindi and English). I say if you are writing then you should use proper grammar and vocabulary. I know I sound boring but I can’t help but notice it. I am a teacher in a country outside of India where they put a lot of emphasis on writing good. Sorry if I offended anyone.

      • Kalpana


        Hi dear!!! I am around 26 years old… Actually, I don’t prefer typing stories in sms lingo… And you are right… There’s huge room for improvement… I am hoping to polish my writing skills through this fan fiction… Thank you so much for your valuable comments! Please check the part 9!!

  7. Maleeha

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    Loved the episode 😘😘😘❤️😍😍. Seriously, agar aisa real track Main ho jaye tou maza aajaye. 😊😊😊😍😍😋 and dev Bechara Itni punishment 😂😂😂

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    i wish as evry1 said ….it hppns in real track …
    loving it more than the real track which is going in now a days !!!

    it was sppprrbb surprise !!

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