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Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 4)


Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 4)
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Now part 4! Enjoy!!!

~Dev’s home~
Nikki: Bhaiyya! Tell na… What happened? You are hurt… Bandages and all!!!
Dev: Nikki… Relax… The family photos arrived at office… Tina gave at the last moment… Wanted to hang it in hall… Was planning to carry out… But slipped out of my hands and broke… Wanted to lift the pieces… It pierced my hand…. In hurry, forgot to wear slippers… It’s okay… I am perfectly alright…
Nikki: Oh no… Bhaiyya… Why didn’t you wait? Are you hurting bad? Mamaji we should call the doctor…
Dev: ~Thinking to himself~ Yes I am hurting… Not by these wounds… They’re nothing compared to what pain I have given to my Sona… ~Aloud~ No need of any doctor… I will be okay…
Mamaji: Nikki is right… Though I did remove glass pieces and did bandage, we need to make sure that you are alright… I will call the doctor soon…
Nikki: ~Taking the picture out of the frame~ Is this the new one with all of us? It’s okay bhaiyya… Let’s hang the other one… With Sona!
Dev looks slightly pained
Nikki: ~Suddenly realizes~ I am sorry bhaiyya… I shouldn’t have told… I wanted help in project… Don’t worry bhaiyya… Take rest… I will trouble you later…
Mamaji: Haan beta… Take rest… Don’t move out of the bed for now…
Dev nods
Mamaji and Nikki leave the room
Mamaji: Nikki, listen I want to talk to you about something… Can we talk in your room?
Nikki: Okay Mamaji… Is everything alright?
Mamaji: Let’s go to your room first….

~Sona’s home~
Neighbour: Asha… Asha… You there?
Asha: Haan Nirmala… What is it?
Nirmala: Our mohalla is going to have janmashtami celebrations tomorrow… We want everybody to join! Please do come…
Asha: ~ smiles brightly~ Definitely Nirmala… We will bring sweets too…
Nirmala: Bahut khoob… Chalti hoon…
Nirmala leaves
Asha: Sona, Elena… Come here… We have loads of work… Janmashtami tomorrow na… We are going to join our mohalla for celebrations… I am going to need your help…
Sona: Sure mom… As long as, you don’t ask me to cook, everything is okay!
Sourav: Mom why are you even asking Sona’s help? Nobody helps as much as I do in this family…
Sona: Now that’s a news… What help you do?
Sourav: Of course, I help… Who eats most of mom’s delicious cooking? Me… Sourav, the Great!
Asha: No Sourav… Aaj tu kitchen side nahi aayega… Or whatever I prepare, will land in your tummy and I won’t have anything to contribute tomorrow… I promised Nirmala that I am bringing sweets…
Sourav: ~Looking sad~ Okay okay…
Bejoy: Haan… Do something really useful other than eating….
Sourav: Achcha? Waise baba… How do you help mom every time?
Bejoy: ~Looking here and there~ I do help your mom… I taste her dishes and give suggestions…
Sourav: Baba, you can’t tell that. I am the official taster of this family. I won’t let you take my position… See, you don’t help mom either….
Sona laughs out loud
Sona: Official taster? Bhai, the way you “taste”; normal log use tasting nahi, thus thus ke khana kehte hai! Waise bhi, all of you are going to have so much unhealthy fatty food for couple of days… After the celebrations, you will get only diet food for at least one month… Especially, bhai aap…
Sourav: Ja ja… Badi aayi nutritionist… I am not going to diet and all… I will become weak!
Sona: No problem then…Your weight will increase from 200 kilos to 400 kilos! That’s all
Sourav: Dadi… This is not fair… Ask Sona not to impose diet on me…
Bejoy: Nalayak… Kuch toh karle… I will have less expenses… You know Sona, when Goddess Durga was writing my fate, She wrote that I will have amazing mother, beautiful and loving wife… Then She thought of blessing me with a beautiful, smart, loving and caring daughter… But when She saw that I have only blessings and no problems, She decided to balance it… So first She gave a son, who will be a source of all the problems… Then She blessed with me a daughter who will save me!!!!!
Elena: Only one daughter??? ~Pouts sadly~
Bejoy: Awww… ~Placing hand on Elena’s head~ No later Goddess Durga saw how much of a “Big problem” She gave… So she sent one more beti for me!
Elena smiles widely
Sourav: I am source of problems? Baba, I am the most hardworking person in this family… See how my inner garments business is flourishing so well!!! I am making so much of profits… I am planning to open couple of branches – one here and other in Kolkata… What say, baba?
Bejoy: Oh my god… Kolkata nahi… You will destroy my respect there… Durga please give him brains…. Please do some useful business!!!
Sourav: Waise baba, I am planning to expand men’s section of inner wear… Especially for the old people like you… Do you want to become a model for me?
Bejoy: Nalayak!! Making fun of baba? Wait let me teach you lesson ~Chases Sourav~
Sourav: Baba, sach mein… You will rock as a model… ~Runs away~
Dadi, Sona, Elena and Asha laugh

~Nikki’s room~
Nikki: Tell me Mamaji… What is it?
Mamaji: Look… You know that Dev and Sona broke up right? Well, Dev broke up the relationship… Because Ishwari didn’t approve of their relationship… Dev didn’t want to risk Ishwari’s life…
Nikki: What??? But ma told that she’s happy with Dev’s relationship with Sona di…
Mamaji: Your mom felt scared that Dev is going away from her because of Sona… Ishwari kept brooding over and that’s why she fell sick… I made a mistake of telling Dev that Ishwari doesn’t like Sona… He broke up with her…
Nikki: Oh god… Itna kuch ho gaya! But why ma is so scared? Sona di is very sweet and caring… She took such a good care of me… She’s my best friend… ~Shaking head~ That’s so sad… Is there any reason why you revealed this to me Mamaji? Is bhaiyya okay? That day, ma stopped me from asking… I should ask him whether he’s okay with his decision…
Mamaji: Actually, Dev loves Sona so much even now… He’s pretending to be okay… But he’s all broken inside… He is so much worried about Ishwari… At the same time, he’s not able to forget Sona…
Nikki: Mamaji, that’s bad… Very bad… Bhaiyya is in so much pain… And we don’t even know? Now, come to think of it, bhaiyya doesn’t look very happy nowadays… He’s very silent… Like he used to be before he fell in love with Sona di…
Mamaji: That’s why I want your help… We need to unite Dev and Sona… We can explain Ishwari… And make her understand…
Nikki: But Mamaji, will ma agree? What if she falls sick again?
Mamaji: I too kept quiet till now because of that… but Ishwari sent a Bengali guy proposal to Sona’s home indirectly… If Sona’s family request her to move on and marry that guy… Sona is a lovely girl…. She might agree for her family’s sake…
Nikki: No! Bhaiyya and Sona di are meant for each other… They love each other so much… We have to unite them… Mamaji, Sona di will be angry now at Bhaiyya… We need a plan… By that, we should unite Dev bhaiyya and Sona di and even convince ma…
Mamaji: Haan, you are right… We need to hurry before Sona’s marriage gets fixed…
Someone comes in…
If you are going to plan something like this, at least close the door! Or ensure that nobody else is listening!!!
Mamaji and Nikki turn around…

Oops!!! Who was that? Will this cause problems? Will Devakshi unite?
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    1. Kalpana

      Thank you so much dear!!! Your comments are so valuable… Find out today!

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    1. Kalpana

      I wish too 🙂

  4. Sumi1998

    Wow it was superb
    N I guess she is Ria or Neha
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  6. Aaru

    I think d person will b Neha or Ria..coz it can’t b Ishwari n Radha rani n Vicky will not help at any cost!! Superb episode n I’m waiting for d next one..

    1. Kalpana

      I am equally excited to write!!!

  7. I hope it’s Neha. Good job Kalpana. You are putting in words all the viewers’ sentiments perfectly. Keep up the good work.

    1. Kalpana

      Wish they reunite Devakshi!!! Missing their beautiful romance in the original track… Thank you so much dear!

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