Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 33.2)


Hi guys!!! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! No internet at all… So, had to keep on postponing the work… Hope everyone remembers me ~wink~ ~wink~

All Parts here

Dev: I love you Mrs. Dikshit…
Sona: I love you too Mr. Dikshit…
Dev: Now let’s go!
Sona: Yup… Paris, the city of love… We are coming…

Day 1
Devakshi quickly have their breakfast and start their journey around the city…
Dev: ~feeling peaceful; pulls Sona close and throws arm on her shoulder~ So Mrs. Khargosh… Where are, we going first? Have you decided?
Sona: ~cuddles to Dev~ Firstly, we will visit Love locks bridge… We can’t lock any of the love locks now, but it’s a beautiful bridge… We can admire the waters…
Dev: ~looks surprised~ Love locks bridge is one of the famous attractions of Paris… Why can’t we lock the love locks anymore?
Sona: Well, apparently, the locks have become so heavy; that there was a danger that the bridge would collapse. So, Paris officials decided to remove the locks last year… And now they are making the bridge wall, more “lock proof”. I mean no grills to lock… Do you know last year, they had removed 45 tonnes of padlocks?
Dev: ~whistles~ Wow… That’s surprising…. But that’s okay… We can always look around… Or we can even go back to our cosy room ~winks at Sona~
Sona: ~pats his chest~ No going to room this fast… First, we will start with the Love Locks bridge… Then we will go to Notre Dame Cathedral… Okay?
Dev: That’s wonderful… ~kisses Sona’s hair~ Then, since we travelled so far, we will retire early… Tomorrow, we will visit other places… Okay? ~gives puppy dog look~
Sona: ~pulls Dev’s ear~ Retire early? Ek dom badmaash! No problem… But one night, there will be night tour of Paris!
Dev: Night tour?
Sona: Yup… Before we go back, we should see the City of Love as City of Lights!!! I have booked tickets for night tour for two hours…
Dev: ~hugs Sona~ Okay wifey! As you say… So, 10 days and minimum 2 places each day… Excellent plan Mrs. Khargosh!
Sona: ~smiles~ Let’s start then… Wait…. ~rushes; takes her handbag and puts video cam in~ We will record every place we visit; except where it is prohibited of course… That way, our family will see Paris tour too… What say my pati Dev?
Dev: Excellent idea, wifey…. Let’s go!
Devakshi walk towards the metro station and board it…

Pont de l’Archevêché – Love Locks Bridge!
Devakshi reach the bridge and slowly walk to the bridge.
Dev: ~whistles slowly~ The place is so clean… No locks at all!
Sona: Yeah, sad… But what to do? The bridge almost collapsed due to the weight of locks… Hey, we can do something. How about we close our eyes, make a wish and blow it to the river?
Dev: Not a bad idea Ms. Bose!
Sona: it’s Mrs Dikshit for you! ~pulls Dev’s ear and smiles~
Sona walks over to the bridge railing and closes her eyes ~Sona’s pov~ I wish this moment lasts forever! I don’t have a lock to lock away our love… But I have a big wish… Please ensure that we love each other like this for eternity… I wish that we grow old together… I also wish that we always support each other irrespective of the situation
Dev steps close; wraps around Sona and closes his eyes. ~Dev’s pov~ Grant all her wishes… I just want us to grow old together; watching our kids grow…
Sona blows her wish and opens her eyes…. Dev does the same…
Devakshi smile at each other; both thinking “You will never know what I asked for”
Sona: ~recording the whole view; then talks to the camera~ We are here at the Pont de l’Archevêché aka Love Locks Bridge!!!
Dev: ~peeping from side~ Minus the love locks… ~smiles brightly~
Sona: Such a beautiful view… What can be a better place than starting here? Our next visit shall be Notre Dame!!!
Devakshi slowly leave the place and walk towards Notre Dame Cathedral…

~Notre Dame Cathedral~
Devakshi visit the cathedral and look around… Recording everything….
Sona: ~looks excited~ Dev, look there… Those gargoyles!!! I always wanted to see them… I still remember the book – The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Dev: Gargoyles… They look very weird and horrible… Mrs. Khargosh, you have such a handsome husband… All you wanted to watch was the gargoyles????
Sona: ~smiles~ Nahi my pati Dev… You know these gargoyles were built as water spouts to prevent damage to the building by deflecting rainwater from the sides of the building. But, later they built drain pipes and these became just ornamental figures.
Dev: Wow… ~hugs Sona~ Looks like my wife has done complete detailed study!
Sona: Of course, Mr. Dikshit ~smiles brightly~
Dev: Let’s eat now… I am very hungry!!!!
Sona: Let’s go….
Outside the cathedral; in little distance; there’s a lone man playing guitar (for money). People drop few coins in the box in front of him…
Sona: Look! ~points the guy; pulls Dev’s arm~ Chalo… ~turns off the videocam~
Dev: Sonakshi!!!!
Sona: ~ checks her mobile; to the guitar guy~ Excusez-moi! Nous aimerions danser ici. (Shall we dance here?) Pardonne mon francais… (Forgive my French)
Guitar guy: ~smiles~ Please…
Dev looks clueless… Sona starts playing Nashe si chad gayi on her mobile and starts dancing…. Dev smiles and joins her…
Soon, a huge crowd gathers there; watching Devakshi dancing and some record their dance…. The guitar guy places his box on the other side… The crowd cheer them loud…
Devakshi dance happily and once the song ends; they stop and bow to the crowd… The crowd drop huge amount of currency notes and coins in the box and leave happily…
Dev takes the box and hands it to the guitar guy.
Guitar guy: MERCI!!! MERCI-BEAUCOUP!!! ~bows to them~
Dev: Don’t mention ~smiles brightly~
Sona: Au revoir!!!
Sona grabs Dev’s arm and both walk away happily…
Dev: ~kissing Sona’s hair~ Every day is a special day with you Sona… I have never danced this way before.
Sona: This is just the beginning Mr. Dikshit!!! Now, let’s eat!!!
Devakshi walk towards Mon Vieil Ami, a vegetarian restaurant.

~Devakshi Home~
Ishwari sits in Devakshi’s room; touches Dev’s photo…
Mamaji: ~enters~ Arey Kachori! You are here? I have searched everywhere at home… And you are here…
Ishwari: Bhaiyya… Pata hai, when Dev was small; he refused to go on a school trip… Because, he didn’t want to stay without me… But today…. Has my Dev changed bhaiyya? Am I really not important for him?
Mamaji: ~sits, holds Ishwari’s hand~ Kachori…Our Dev is all grown up… He isn’t the small kid… He’s married now… he has certain duties towards our bahu rani too… Right? Give little space to the kids, Ishwari… Let them grow… Ishwari, you got married and left. But, do you what our ma did, after I got married? When I got married, she slowly started involving herself in more of pooja paat… Whenver I had problems, she used to guide me… But far… She used to participate in our joys… But, would still maintain distance… I never understood… One day, I went and asked her “Ma, why are you going away? Why don’t you take care of me, like you used to? Am I not your Laddoo anymore? Do you know what ma said?
Ishwari: ~looking curious~ What did she tell?
Mamaji: Ma smiled and told “Arey Laddoo, you are my gol, matol Laddoo… For every mother, her kid will always be a baby… I asked her “Why this distance then?” Ma again smiled and told “Dekh Laddoo, you are married now… You have a beautiful wife… Haan, she is more demanding than a regular wife; but still… You are grown up now… How long will I take decisions for you? It is high time that you take decisions for yourself; for our house… Decide with your wife… If I don’t move away now, you will never be independent… Achcha, now I am alive and say I can take care of you… I am growing old… One day, I will die… Then how will you take care of yourself and your family?
I was silent… Ma continued “You know, when seeds of the tree fall directly under a huge tree, they don’t grow properly… Because, they are constantly protected by the big tree… The big tree takes away all the sunlight… Though, it protects the small saplings, the small saplings have to be moved away for better growth… Yes, it would be painful… But it is needed… Remember this my Laddoo… One day, even you will be of my age… Know when to be there for your kids and when to maintain distance… That way, everyone will be happy”
She smiled and went away… Kachori, that day, I didn’t grasp the meaning behind her words. Today, when I see your conflict, I understand what ma told… Kachori, we will not be there forever around Dev… Don’t you think, he should learn to be independent? And see, we have a strong bahurani. Hai ke nahi?
Ishwari: Ma, was right bhaiyya… What to do, Dev has always been precious for me… I feel he’s still a small child… Letting him go away from me… How will he be there without me?
Mamaji: But if you, out of your insecurity and dependence, try separating him from his wife; he might come back to you… But slowly, he will feel compelled to stay and not out of love… An obligation sort… That way Dev will go away from you emotionally… Do you want that?
~Ishwari’s pov~
Ishwari: Dev, come… Sit beside me…
Dev: Par ma… Wo Sona…
Ishwari: ~looks upset~ Is Sona only important? Don’t you love me?
Dev: ~reluctantly~ Okay…
Sona: Dev, I know you don’t have time for me at all… Everyone treats I am going away forever… Stay with your ma! ~Sona walks out~
Dev: ~gets up~ Sona! Sona! Don’t go away! ~tries walking to the door~
Ishwari: Dev… Everything will be alright… You come here…
Dev: NAHI!!! Ma… Because of you, my wife; my love has gone away from my life… Hamesha hamesha ke liye… Only because of you! Why did you do it ma?
Ishwari: I… I didn’t do anything… How can you blame me?
Dev: You got me married…. But you never let me spend time with my wife… It’s always about you; duties and responsibilities toward family… I am forever a machine catering to all of your needs… See, I couldn’t take care of my Sona’s happiness! You and mami always taunted and treated her like she was an outsider… Today, she’s gone… Now are you happy?
Dev walks out…
Ishwari: Dev! Dev! Rukh ja beta…
(Imagination ends~
Ishwari: Dev! Dev! Rukh ja beta… Rukho… Please don’t go…
Mamaji: Kachori! Are you alright?
Ishwari: ~slowly realizing~ Bhaiyya… Wo…Dev…
Mamaji: See, soch ke tumare ye haal hai… What if it had happened for real?
Ishwari: Nahi bhaiyya… It can’t happen… He can’t go away from me…
Mamaji: Then, slowly try understanding the young hearts… Look, they are married now… Don’t you feel that they need time and space? They need to understand each other and stay together for rest of the life… This is the time when a foundation of trust is built… If you don’t give them that space, their relationship will not be that strong… And our Dev will suffer the most… How will he choose between ma and wife? Make it easy for him…
Ishwari: I understand bhaiyya… It’s very difficult… But, I will remember what our ma told… It’s not easy; but I’ll try my best…. ~smiles~
Mamaji smiles…

~Some office~
Neha walks out; looking grim…
~Neha’s pov~
Neha: Are you sure ma’am? I can handle all the tasks. I promise to work hard.
Interviewer: I am really sorry Neha… You don’t have the qualifications we are looking for… Try next time….
Neha: Okay ma’am…
Neha sits on the park bench… ~Neha’s pov~ Wish ma had let me study too… I feel so useless now… I feel so disheartened…. ~thinks of Sona’s words~ “Don’t give up” You are right Bhabhi… I can’t give up so easy… I will attend as many interviews as possible. I will get the job. This is just the beginning.
Neha grabs her file; walks smiling to herself…
Someone sees Neha with binoculars and records everything.

~Nikki’s College~
Nikki’s friend: Hey Nikki! The exam time table is on the notice board… It’s starting after Diwali!
Nikki: What???? Oh no… How will I manage???? Bhabhi is out of station!!! I study better when she helps…. Especially, maths and history! Perhaps will ask Elena di…. My bhabhi’s cousin…
Nikki’s friend: That’s sad… At least, you have someone to help you out… I don’t have anyone to depend on…
Nikki: Don’t worry… I will do something…
Nikki’s friend nods her head and they both walk away…
Someone sees Nikki and her friend with binoculars and records everything.

~In the evening~
Manager: Neeta (Rhea), give this suitcase to Mr. Malhotra of Finance Department. Don’t delay…
Neeta (Rhea): Okay sir…
An employee observes this closely…

~Night around 10~
Vicky waits for everyone leave to leave the office…
Security guard: ~enters~ Sir, are you going to stay back?
Vicky: Yes…. You stay outside and don’t disturb. I need to work on these ~shows his table~
Security guard nods and leaves…
Vicky waits till the guard leaves and slips out of his cabin. Quickly enters Dev’s cabin and starts looking around ~in his bluetooth~ Yes, I am in… Will tell once the task is finished.
Vicky starts searching the shelf.

Devakshi return to the room after a stroll (India is ahead by 4 hours and 30 minutes).
Sona goes in to freshen up… Dev smiles thinking about the day…
Sona: ~coming out~ Dev, go freshen up… We will call ma… Then, we can have dinner na?
Dev: Definitely! ~goes in~
Sona quickly changes into a beautiful dress and gets ready…
Dev comes out and looks mesmerized seeing Sona…
Sona: Shall we call ma now?
Dev stands speechless…
Sona: Dev… ~waves hand~
Dev: Huh? What did you tell now?
Sona: ~smiles~ Ma? Shouldn’t we call ma now?
Dev: Oh ya…. ~still looks dazed~
Sona: Dev! Ki korcho tumi!!!! Ek dum budhu ram… I will only call… ~takes phone from Dev’s hand and video calls Nikki~
~On Call~
Nikki: Hi Bhabhi!!! How are you? How’s Paris? Did you see Eiffel Tower? What did you eat? Did you go on shopping? How’s bhaiyya? How…
Sona: Are rey… Nikki! Calm down… We saw love locks bridge and Notre Dame Cathedral today… Tomorrow, we are planning to visit art galleries and maybe Louvre museum too…
Nikki: Wow Bhabhi!!!! I am so excited!!! Where’s bhaiyya?
Dev: ~suddenly jerking~ Nikki! How are you? How’s ma?
Sona: Haan Nikki, call ma na…
Nikki: Sure! Ma!!!! ~Nikki pulls Ishwari to her room~ Ma, see bhaiyya and Bhabhi…
Ishwari: Dev… Sona… How are you? Did you eat?
Dev: Ma! We missed you all so much… Especially you… Hain na Sona?
Sona: Haan ma… How are you? Did you take your meds? I hope you aren’t straining.
Ishwari: I am fine beta… I took the meds… What about your food there?
Dev: Ma, don’t worry… Sona has made a list of vegetarian hotels and ensures that all our meals are only vegetarian. In fact, she hasn’t touched any non-veg food…
Sona: Ma… You don’t worry… I will ensure that Dev gets good and tasty vegetarian dishes.
Ishwari: Thank you, beta… You too eat well… And take care of yourself too…
Dev: ~smiles~ Ma… We are going to have dinner now… Shall we call tomorrow?
Ishwari: Teek hai Dev… Eat and sleep well… Okay?
Dev: Ji ma…
~Call ends~
Dev: I missed ma so much… Now, I feel so happy….
Sona: Haan… Even I was missing the family… ~Sona’s pov~ For the first time, ma asked whether I ate and asked to take care of myself… Is she slowly accepting me? ~jerks~ Shall we go out for dinner now?
Dev: ~gazes at Sona lovingly; pulls her close~ Dinner? Should we? How can someone look so gorgeous? Are you planning to kill me with your beauty?
Sona: ~blushes; composes~ Dev! That’s so cheesy!!!!
Dev: No I am serious… ~pulls her even close~ It should be made illegal to look so beautiful… I really don’t want to step out of our room now…
Sona: But… Aren’t you hungry?
Dev: Achcha baba… We will eat and come back quickly… Chalein Ms. Bose?
Sona: ~smiles~ Let’s go…. And it’s Mrs. Dikshit for you…
Dev laughs as Sona smiles…
Devakshi go out for dinner…

~After an hour~
~Hotel Room~
Dev: ~unlocks the room; enters~ That was an amazing dinner… Very happy…
Sona: ~follows Dev~ Right!!! Now, we can quickly change and retire for the night… Tomorrow, we have loads to see and so many places to roam…
Dev: ~locks the door; walks slowly towards Sona~ Retire? So soon? Mrs. Khargosh, we are on our honeymoon… Do you think I will let you escape here? At home, you always have so many excuses – kabhi ma… Toh kabhi ghar ke kaam… Now, none of your excuses shall work…
Sona: ~gulps~ Dev… ~steps back~
Dev: ~steps closer~ Yes Sona…
Sona quickly moves to the other side of the bed…
Dev: Sona!
Sona: Catch me if you can Mr. Dikshit…
Dev chases Sona; finally manages to grab her….
Dev pushes Sona over the bed; looking mischievous falls over her…
Sona: Dev!
Dev: ~places finger on her mouth~ Sssshhh…
Dev, slowly removes her earrings… Sona blushes at Dev’s touch…
Dev lifts Sona’s chin and gazes intense… Dev leans in slowly…
And they didn’t sleep that night….

And that was Day 1 at Paris… Looks like our honeymoon couple loved it…. What will happen next?

Instead of two parts, I have decided to post a detailed honeymoon of Devakshi… Say two or three more parts… What do you guys feel?
Comments please!!!!

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      2. Crepes are not pancakes. They are more like dosas (thin). Pancakes are like uttapam. I love crepes – especially savory kind. One time in California I found a great crepery where they had about 20 different kinds of crepes and I only ate the savory ones while my kids went crazy over the sweet kind. I am sure in big cities in India you can find the crepes. Great for breakfast. Good luck! Post soon.

  21. Junee

    Indeed crepes are thinner but the constituents are similar to pancake and yes pancakes are thicker! Crepes are similar to bengali ” patishapta’ which we have it with gud snd they have it with maple syrup but always loved the ones with the chocolate sauce and strawberry ?

  22. Awsm episode Di…luved it???
    Fall Fractured right hand
    So lately read this..
    Typing with left hand
    And thus small comment??
    Post nxt soon

    1. Kalpana

      OMG!!!!! Are you okay???? Missed you so much here…. Me working on the next part…. Get well soon…

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