Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 3)


Hi Guys!!!!!!!!! Since you guys are so awesome, I decided to upload next part today itself 🙂
Those who missed, here are the first two parts:
Part 1: Part 1
Part 2: Part 2

Sona: Dev…
Dev: Who’s that guy Sona?
Sona: Whoever it is… Why are you asking me that?
Dev: ~Pulls her close~ I have every right to ask… You can’t let someone take my place in your life…
Sona: Leave me Mr. Dikshit… Which right are you talking about? You lost the right when you decided to break up with me…
Dev: Sona… ~Releases her~
Sona: It’s Dr. Bose for you. 3 things – First, who are you to question me? My family, friend or boyfriend? None… Second, why should I tell you who I am meeting? Third, if you can decide to break up with me for your mom, I can move on for my parents’ sake
Dev: Sona… U can’t do that….
Sona: Of course I can… I am no longer your girlfriend. I can move on if I choose to… What is your problem Mr. Dikshit? You broke with me and now you behaving as if I ditched you!!!
Dev: ~Pulls her close again~ I love you dammit! I can’t see you with someone else… Aag lag gayi hai poore badan pe… I can’t control…
Sona: Leave me Dev… Wow! What do you think of yourself Dev? When you wanted, you bring into life… When not needed, chuck me out! Tumi ekdum impossible Mr. Dikshit! Do you even realize whatever you saying? Do you know much it hurts?
That day, you broke up with me… Treated like I was a fly in your tea… Ungli daala aur nikal diya… And today claiming that you love me?
First sort your life Mr. Dikshit! What do you want in your life? Do you know what’s your problem? You take decision first and then think… Aisa nahi hota hai Mr. Dikshit… I am a human being… Not a mobile manufactured in your company… That today used and tomorrow thrown away… I neither have place nor value in your life…
I gave my life to you Mr. Dikshit! My love isn’t equal to your mom’s love I know… But it wasn’t cheap either… You fell in love with me, brought me into your life. Then you decided to chuck me out… Now why are you behaving this way?
Your mom always made me feel that I was an outsider… Not good enough for you… I tolerated every insult for your sake… Your mom told that she was carefully selected by your dadi for your dad and I am forcefully trying to become your wife and her bahu. She even accused me that I was only ready to become your wife and not ready to take up responsibilities of being bahu… Even then I believed in you… In your love…
Dev tries interrupting… No Sona mom…
Sona: I know Mr. Dev Dikshit… Your trust in your mom is unshakeable… Probably you feel that I am lying now… Do you remember Mr Dikshit, when I convinced Neha to wear lehenga given by Ranbir, you felt proud and declared that I was perfect for family… But that day, in a fraction of a second you blamed me that I am responsible for your mom’s illness… Do you know much it hurts?
Can you hold my hand and not let go? You can’t… Your mom is very important… I never asked you to choose me over her… I never demanded that you listen only to me… Yet I have no place in your life… No matter how much I might try, I am never going to be good enough… I am not perfect enough for your family… You and your family made it very clear…
If I want to move on, what is the problem? I may not be good enough for you… But there might be someone who might need me… Why shouldn’t I move on?
Decide what you want Mr. Dikshit… Only you can help yourself… Goodbye Mr. Dikshit!
Tears fall from Sona’s eyes and she leaves

~Sona’s pov~ I am sorry Dev… I never meant to hurt you… But you need to understand… You need to create a place for me in your and your mom’s life. I pray that you understand… If not me, then for a girl chosen by your mom… A place for your wife…
Dev stands stunned.
~Dev’s pov~ Sona… You are the perfect woman for me… Made for me… Ma couldn’t have insulted you like that… I know my ma… She’s so soft spoken… But what if Sona spoke truth… Ma did tell that she was happy for me and told she accepted us… Yet now… Why do I feel suffocated?
~Sona’s home~
Sona: I am home!
Elena: How was he? Was he stern or fun loving?
Asha: What did you guys speak about?
Sona: Hold on hold on… What’s this? Oh my god… I just met him… He is a nice guy… Friendly… We decided to be friends for now…
Dadi: Bas that’s all? Sona you are so boring…
Sona: Dadi….
All laugh…
~Dev’s home~
Dev walks in all stunned…
Ishwari: Dev aa gaya beta… I need to go out shopping… Tomorrow’s Janmashtami na… I need to finish preparations… Dev sun raha hai?
Dev’s mind keeps repeating Sona’s words “If I want to move on, what is the problem? I may not be good enough for you… But there might be someone who might need me… Why shouldn’t I move on?” He walks away without listening to Ishwari…
Mamaji comes there and sees everything…
Ishwari: What happened to Dev? ~looking slightly uncomfortable~ Koi baat nahi bhaiyya I think too much of work pressure… I will go with driver and come…
Mamaji nods….
Ishwari leaves

~Dev’s room~
Something breaks… Mamaji rushes to Dev’s room… Dev’s hand bleeding… Glass pieces on the ground… Dev walks in trance and manages to step on glass pieces… His right foot starts bleeding…
Mamaji: DEV!!!
Dev snaps out of trance and realizes… Mamaji cleans his wounds and does band aid…
Mamaji: Now I got to know your real feelings… Pretending to everyone that you are fine and happy… But all broken inside… This is Dev Dikshit… Why are you doing this beta… Why are you hurting yourself?
Dev: Toh kya karoon mamaji… I hurt her… My Sona… I promised her that I’ll take care of her… Will never let her cry… But I became reason for her tears… Today she wants to move on…
~Resting on mamaji’s lap~ I love her so much even now… I neither can keep her close… Marry her… Nor able to see someone else taking my place in heart… I have to do this… I can’t lose ma… But without Sona… Zindagi berang hai mamaji… Sona filled my life with colours… Today… My life is empty… I feel lonely mamaji…
Mamaji massages Dev’s head….
Mamaji: Everything will become alright… Tu chinta mat kar…
~Mamaji’s pov~ Ishwari… You always wanted your son’s happiness… Today you gave him the biggest sorrow… Sona beti was right… We never understood Dev… We have always been selfish… But I won’t let that happen… I will get Dev his love… I won’t let him break like this… Even if I have to go against my own sister… I will…
Dev: Mamaji… Mamaji…
Mamaji: Haan Dev… What is it?
Dev: Promise me that you won’t tell mom anything… I can’t risk Ma’s life… Promise me please…
Mamaji: I won’t tell her anything… It’ll be our secret… Just like how we used to keep secrets when you were kids!
Dev smiles remembering past…

Ishwari: Dekhiye na bhaiyya… Dev is saying he’s not hungry. Not ready to eat his dinner…
Mamaji: Dev…
Young Dev: Mamaji, I had heavy lunch at school… Remember Vasu? He’s shifting to Allahabad… His parents arranged for a farewell party… I had so much of cake, biscuits… cold drinks… I am so full
Mamaji: Then don’t force him… You eat and give it to the girls…
Ishwari: Achcha teek hai…
Ishwari goes away…
Mamaji: Dev… You lied to ma… There was no farewell party… Right?
Young Dev: ~bends his head down~ No Mamaji…
Mamaji: Why did you lie? Weren’t you hungry?
Young Dev: I am very hungry… But not much of food left… If I eat, mom will have to sleep hungry… Mamaji, promise me you won’t tell ma… Promise me please…
Mamaji: ~with tears in eyes~ Promise beta. I won’t tell her…

Mamaji comes out of the reverie and smiles at Dev
~Mamaji’s pov~ Now I know what I should do… But I would need help… Who will help me?
Nikki enters just then
Nikki: Bhaiyya! You are home… What happened to you? ~looks shocked~
Mamaji sees her and thinks “Perfect!”

What will happen next???
Comments please!!!

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  1. Manya

    Super duper hit yaar ????❤️???❤️????❤️and another love hero nikki ???and ya post soon ?

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you dear 🙂

  2. Sharica

    Mamaji will take Nikki’s help and try to make Ishwari realize as well as unite Devakshi. May be this time dev babu will take stand for his love.

    1. Kalpana

      Have planned a lot 🙂 Keep reading!!!

      1. Sharica

        Okay! Captain?

  3. read all three in one go….and..as ff….u just making story with dialogues of what we want…and it’s so nice to read…abt sona telling second chance…mamaji trying to help….ishwari thinking of sona words….and not much ritvik and sona conversation…and u r writing what all we want ..and….pls add dev drinking scene but differently…

    1. Sumi1998

      Ya u r right. Kalpana is writing what we want to see in real story

      1. Kalpana

        Thank you Sumi1998 :* Original writers ruin everything by unnecessarily complicating everything… Devakshi forever 🙂

    2. Kalpana

      Thank you krish! I will add the drinking scene 🙂

  4. Angel20

    Your ff is awesome yaar!! Just loving it??

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you dear 🙂 🙂

  5. Well written.

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you 🙂

  6. Sumi1998

    Awesome dear. U just nailed it. I wish sona should speak like as u mentioned here. Pls post next asap

    1. Kalpana

      We all wish that Devakshi unite soon in the original serial… Will the writers see what viewers actually want? I have planned loads 🙂 Let’s see how my story shapes up!

    2. Sharica

      But I don’t agree with it fully. Yes, I know that sona should raise the voice. But in the show she is handling it with patience and maturity which is more important. Because raising voice by speaking in…. I don’t know with way, but the way Kalpana wrote doesn’t seem really to be acceptable. I know that we want to see sona in that avatar but in the show the character is somewhat else whose nature isn’t so like this. It is really good to read in the ff but I think that in the show sona is just doing the right thing. And Ishwari, she is mother of 4 fully grown up children and her one daughter is already married as well. So she should have a little bit of understanding nature as well. But she is so possessive and obsessed with Dev that the others are nothing to her. Even her daughters. The discrimination can be clearly seen as well. I mean, Neha fell for ranveer and Ishwari full heartedly accepted him and got them married. But in Dev’s case she is just over reacting and the other are just worrying about her health. Neha is only trying to make her mother realize. I think in the feeling of possessiveness Ishwari is behaving in a very childish way which is quiet abnormal. And about Dev he takes his mother as a God. And he is behaving typically like the typical andhavishwasi who does anything and everything for his God. And doesn’t realize what is wrong and what is right. And these typical people are really very hard to be changed.

      1. Kalpana

        Yes, I understand….Sona’s nature isn’t like that as per the show… But if a normal human being undergoes so much, one or other day, he/shewill burst… Ishwari was angry at Dev for hiding his love… On whom did she show all her anger? Sona… Sona served Ishwari with loads of devotion…. But Ishwari threw so much of tantrums… Sona always tolerated… She was so understanding… But nobody understood her… That’s why I showed this way…. Perhaps I would’ve reacted this way….
        Only Ishwari is being unreasonable….

  7. Just brilliant keep posting as soon as possible……

    1. Kalpana

      Definitely 🙂 Working on Part 4!

  8. Bole to full on jakassss dear. What a story mind blowing. I fell in love With ur writting skill. Post soon and now i think mamaji nd nikki will shake there Hand together for or devakshiiiii.lots of from my (erina) side Post soon as i’m Egarlyyy waitingggg

    1. Kalpana

      Awww thank you 🙂 I always imagined the plot line in my mind but never thought of writing… I am so grateful for your lovely comments… I will continue writing!

  9. superrrrrrrrrrb very nice,uplod dooon

  10. Varsha94

    Awesome… Gr8 story line from ur view.. I wish mamaji helps in the show. Too… Killer dialogs of Sona… It was like a treat for us.. Coz she jus poured out all the pain she had inside.. Told about all her insults at Dixit mansion…nd stunned Dev … Too good… Upload the next one soon… So In the next one dixit sisters ND mamaji r gonna help Dev.. By makin ishwari realize her mistake.. May b…this s my prediction..for now
    . Gr8 job…?..amazing ????

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you dear 🙂

  11. Kalpana

    Guys have planned a real lot… Originally I thought i’ll post this as mini series within 5 parts… That’s why posted as parts instead of episodes… But now, rethinking…. What do you feel? Make it full series? I want to make you guys happy reading this series 🙂 Totally dedicated to my friends here…
    Let me know!

    1. Sharica

      Of course I have no objection in it and I thin the others also feel the same?

    2. Manya

      Yes plzz do ??????

    3. Of course we neeeeee…..d more..
      Much more episodes or parts as u say
      It’s totally aawwwwsm????? jst luv the way sona ne sabki akal thikane pe la di
      Waiting for more luv ,bursts and patakhas
      Once again gr8ly wrote

    4. Varsha94

      Go on..?

  12. Aaru

    Yeah dear, make it an ff..mamaji n Nikki r d best..

  13. Wow u are awesome
    When will u post next part???

  14. Erica

    Ok I literally started crying when dev cut himself?

  15. Of course we neeeeee…..d more..
    Much more episodes or parts as u say
    It’s totally aawwwwsm jst luv the way sona ne sabki akal thikane pe la di
    Waiting for more luv ,bursts and patakhas
    Once again gr8ly wrote

  16. OMG sooo exicted for upcmg epi..

  17. Kalpana

    Wow… Thank you so much for the encouragement! Still working on part 4 🙂 will upload tomorrow!

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