Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 29)


Hi guys!!! So sorry for the delay… Had a writer’s block; then juggling office and house work… Finally, could type the next part…

I am dedicating this episode to all my awesome readers!!! Especially to Juhi (Get well soon my sweetie)
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Rabi comes out of his thoughts… ~Rabi’s pov~ Ms. Teekhi mirchi remembered me… This getup is worth it…
Rabi smiles brightly…

~Devakshi House~
GKB enters house; feeling very confused; looks around and searches the table… ~GKB’s pov~ I did keep the parcel here… Where did it go? I think this must be Sona’s work… But how did the fish seller come? ~
Nikki: ~watching GKB; smiling to herself~ Mami… Are you searching for something? Shall I help in searching?
GKB (Radha Rani): ~jerking shocked~ Kuch nahi… Bas aise hi… I was just checking if the table is cleaned properly… Why are you asking so many questions? I can do anything that I want… ~goes away huffing~
Nikki: Mami… main toh… ~Nikki’s pov~ So I was right… It was mami’s doing… Sona Bhabhi must be more careful now… ~thinking of Rabi~ Waise… Chipku Bose isn’t so bad after all… ~smiles to herself~

~Devakshi room~
Sona hums to herself; keeps ironed clothes into Dev’s wardrobe… Sona takes a shirt and frowns… ~Sona’s pov~ Yeh Mr. Obodhro bhi na… He has wardrobe full of clothes… How come he has only dull and boring colours? I should take him out for shopping… ~looks around the room~ Maybe even change the bedroom colour… ~picks phone~ Mr. Obodhro told that he will call… No call yet…. Very bad… ~pouts and keeps the shirt inside~
Sona slowly takes Dev’s photo frame on the bed side table… ~Sona’s pov~ Here I am waiting for your call; and you are laughing…. ~smiles suddenly~ Why do I love you so much? I don’t even feel like getting miffed with you…
Sona is lost in Dev’s thoughts….
Somebody coughs from behind…
Sona jerks and turns…

~Dev’s office~
Dev sits in his cabin after finishing first meeting for the day…
Tina enters the cabin…
Tina: Sir, this is the agenda for the rest of the day… Mr. Malhotra is waiting to meet you… There are three meetings after the next meeting…
Dev: ~blinks his eyes~ So many meetings??? When will I go out with my Sona?
Tina: ~coughs slightly~ Sorry sir…
Dev: ~realizing what he said; composing himself~ Tina, please reschedule all the meetings… I will tell you when I can meet them all… Please note…
Tina: ~nods~ Okay sir…

~Devakshi home – Devakshi room~
Sona: ~turns slowly~ Ma? You need anything? You could have called me na…
Ishwari: It’s okay… I wanted to tell that today evening is your mooh dikhayi… Please get ready well before time… And I want don’t any goof ups… ~gives her jewellery box~ Wear this and come…
Sona: ~taking the box~ Okay ma… Don’t worry… It will go on smoothly…
Just then, Sona’s mobile rings; sees Dev calling and by mistake presses answer instead of reject… Sona doesn’t notice it…
Ishwari: ~nods~ And Sona…. Tomorrow’s karwachauth… Bhabhi will be fasting… I wish that you do too…
Sona: Okay ma… This is my first karwachauth after marriage… I never fasted before… If you guide me, I will do it too…
Ishwari: If you never fasted before; then you don’t have to … It’s okay… I wished that you do… for my son’s long life… But it’s okay…
Sona: Nahi ma… If that’s your wish, I am ready… After all, I should learn the customs and practices of this house na… And if it’s for Dev, I’ll definitely do it with full dedication…
Ishwari: Are you sure? Because, early morning you will get to eat a little and then all day you can’t eat or drink anything…. Only after seeing moon, you can… Will you be able to do it?
Sona: I will… For my Dev… I will…
Ishwari: ~slightly taken aback at “my Dev” ~ Teek hai… And stay away from Dev till you break the fast… ~Ishwari’s pov~ Let me see if you can control your hunger…
Sona: Okay ma… Ma… I understand that you wished to get a Brahmin bahu for Dev… And I also understand that you are still adjusting with me… I promise that I will try my best to fulfil my duties…
Ishwari: ~looks shocked’ composes~ Okay… Get ready on the time… ~Ishwari’s pov~ It’s not going to be easy Sona… Try all you want… My Dev is perfect… There is nobody like him in this entire universe… You will never be perfect enough for him…

Ishwari leaves the room
Sona takes the phone and realizes that Dev was listening to everything…
~On call~
Sona: Hello? Dev? Sorry… Sorry… Ma had come… I thought I had cut the call… Looks like I didn’t… Sorry…
Dev: Sona what was that? Karwachauth? We both don’t believe in God… why should you fast?
Sona: Dev… It’s not always about what we want and we believe… Ma wishes that I fast…. I need to learn the customs of this house na… See Dev, she would have wished for a Brahmin bahu… She’s adjusting with me… Shouldn’t I make it easy for her to accept me? Besides, it’s for the lambi aayu of my pati dev! Aren’t you excited?
Dev: But what’s the need Sona… I thought ma accepted you…. Even if you wish to win ma’s heart, what’s the need for fasting? Lambi aayu… How is it even possible? And we both have to stay away from each other as well…
Sona: Ohhhh… That’s why my pati dev is objecting… Mr. Obodhro, if I don’t learn all these rituals; what will I do in future? As the bahu, I need to carry forward the customs…
Dev: You are right my Shona…. Once our choti Sona arrives; grows old, she needs to learn all these things….
Sona: ~smiles softly~ What if chotu Mr. Obodhro arrives?
Dev: No problem, you can impart the same to our bahu….
Sona: Dev!!!! I just became the bahu!!! And you are thinking about our bahu???? I thought you wanted only choti Sona?
Dev: Kyun nahi… I want to plan everything… I want a choti Sona… But if chotu Mr. Obodhro follows, I have no problem…
Sona: Dev! Tum bhi na… Shochi pagol… Dev, then shall I go ahead with fast?
Dev: ~laughs~ Sure…. Sona, please be ready… I am booking couple of seats at our favourite restaurant…. We will have dinner out…
Sona: Dev…. Not possible…
Dev: Why??? Karwachauth is tomorrow…
Sona: Today’s my mooh dikhayi…
Dev: Oh no… I totally forgot… I will leave early Mrs. Khargosh…
Sona: ~smiles brightly~ Okay Mr. Obodhro…
Sona cuts the call; places the mobile on the table… ~Sona’s pov~ Dev bhi na… ~thinks of his words~ But if chotu Mr. Obodhro follows, I have no problem… Ek dum pagol… ~blushes suddenly~

~Dev’s office~
Dev keeps away the phone… ~Dev’s pov~ Karwachauth…. I never liked ma fasting… Now, Sona following the steps… Ma didn’t force her… Yet she wants to… Why should only ladies fast? ~thinks of their conversation on choti Sona and chotu Obodhro~ I wouldn’t mind at all… But I really want a beautiful and gorgeous baby girl… My baby Sona… ~smiles to himself~

~Devakshi room~
Sona gets ready; feels slightly nervous…
Ishwari: ~comes in~ Please cover your head well with the ghoonghat…. Make sure that it doesn’t slip easily…
Sona: ~covering the ghoonghat~ Ji ma… ~Sona’s pov~ Oh god… Ab kya kya sambalun? I hope everything goes smoothly… ~walks slowly; gripping ghoonghat in one hand and pleats in the other~
Ishwari and Sona come down… All the ladies, mami, Mamaji, Nikki and Ria watch Sona…. Nikki and Ria rush to Sona’s side; help her get down…
Sona is made to sit down…
Slowly, mooh dikhayi rasam begins…. Dev comes home, right when they lift Sona’s ghoonghat…
Sona lifts her head; sees Dev smiling at her… Sona smiles brightly…
Lady 1: ~to Lady 2; slightly loudly~ It’s so strange… Ishwari is so carefully in selecting everything; especially for her son shravan Kumar, Dev… How come she selected a Bengalan as bahu?
Lady 2: ~to Lady 1~ It wasn’t in her hands… Remember? Dev decided it…
Lady 1: Phir bhi Bengalan?
Dev clenches his fist…. Ishwari looks uncomfortable…
Mamaji: So what? Our bahurani is well educated and independent… We are so proud of her…
Sona: ~smiling softly~ Bengalan… I want to tell something today…. Shri Rabindranath Tagoreji; who wrote our national anthem was a Bengali…. Shri Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay; who wrote our national song, Vande Mataram was also a Bengali and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who lead our entire nation during our independence, was a Bengali too…. If I continue like this, you will find a huge list of Bengalis in many fields… You know what’s common in all of them? Their love for their country and their respective work…. They always told country first…. I am a firm believer of the same… I am an Indian first… Then Bengali… A proud Bengali…
Everyone look on silently…
Sona: ~continues~ All of you are Brahmins… I know that Brahmins value education above anything… My baba has ensured that I am educated well… And that I am financially independent… And you know, I had heard somewhere that Brahmins are good only in providing education and can’t be good businessmen… But my husband broke that myth by becoming one of the top industrialists of the country… I am extremely proud of him… ~gazes at Dev~ When he can break the myth, I can also do the same… I am not a Brahmin bahu; maybe I am not as perfect as ma is… But I will give my best to become one…
Dev: ~smiles~ And I will be there with you… In every step…
Ishwari looks on silently
Mamaji: ~claps~ Wah bai… Wah… See, our bahurani is so special… Now I can see why our Dev fell in love with our Sona…
The ladies smile…
Lady 1 and Lady 2: We are sorry beti… We shouldn’t have spoken that way… Here’s our nek…
Sona smiles and accepts…
Mamaji: Radha, shall I give you proper muhurat? Go ahead… Give Sona our nek…
GKB: Hmph… ~gives nek~
Soon everyone leaves….
~Devakshi room~
Sona removes her jewellery; looks at herself in the mirror…
Dev: ~hugs from behind~ How’s my sweet khargosh? How was your day?
Sona: It was good… How was your yours?
Dev: Uff… So many meetings in a day…
Sona: Ooohh… Dev, I am excited and worried about tomorrow…
Dev: Why my darling wife?
Sona: I have to wake up early and eat food… After that, I should remember not to eat or drink anything…
Dev: True… That’s difficult…But you don’t have to…
Sona: Dev… ~turns towards him~ I want to do it… Out of my will…
Dev: Then, I know my Sona can do it… ~lifts her chin~ Because, once my khargosh decides, she will do it… I have faith…
Sona smiles brightly….
Dev kisses her forehead and hugs tight…. ~Dev’s pov~ I am so proud of you my Sona… Tomorrow, I have a surprise for you… Hope she’ll like it…

What’s the surprise?
Will Sona be able to complete her fast successfully?
Next part/ episode will be extra special!!!!
Comments please!!! (Even the silent readers)

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  1. Raya

    Nice.. Hope mami and ishwari doesn’t mess with the fast and everything goes smoothly like much muh dikha.. Post next soon

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you so much!!!! Working on the next part!!!

  2. AnShIta

    The thing I like best about your FF is that things aren’t always on the negative side? At first, I was scared if the same would happen,as it’d happens in the serial during the mooh dikhayi? However, then did I realise that this is written by our dear Kalpana di, which means, there’s a lot more than you can even think of!☺️☺️☺️
    I’m so badly waiting for the next update! Oh Gosh! What’s gonna happen? How is Sonakshi’s fast gonna turn out? What is so special about Dev’s gift? Actually, what is the gift? So many questions are to be answered and hopefully, their answers will be disclosed in the next part??
    Loved the way how Sonakshi proved the importance and status of Bengalis??
    But di, the credit sure goes to you as whatever is amazingly said by Sonkashi, is amazingly thought of by you!?????
    Vaise di, if you wouldn’t mind, could I learn your age? The fact that you go to office surprised me??
    Badly waiting for the next one! Post sooooon!
    Loads and loads of love to you!??????

    1. Kalpana

      Awww Thank you Anshita!!!! Me… I am 25-26 years of age 🙂 🙂

      1. AnShIta

        Oh….then you’re more than the double of my age…I’m still 12??????

  3. Manya

    And I think Dev babu is also fasting?????
    Post soon and Di a longer one plzzzzzz??
    And I am enjoying a lot bcoz u r doing absolutely correct with that Ishwari or should I say Pisswari???
    Love love ❤️?❣

    1. Kalpana

      Yup i will dear… Working on the next part 🙂 Thank you so much dear 🙂

  4. I love the positivity of your story. I am so tired of the actual show now that I have stopped watching. I just read the written updates. And I might stop that too soon. Too much negativity and possessiveness of Ishwari are killing the show. I understand it is hard for a mother to let go so easily but normally mothers still try to let go because they know that they themselves were bahus once. But this show has crossed the limit. I feel like Ishwari is acting as if she is the wife of Dev. Come on woman, think of the days when you were a newly wed.

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you Archi!!! True… So much negativity… Next spoiler? Dev and Sona planned honeymoon for 15 days… Ishwari worries about that and falls sick… Honeymoon plans canceled… Dev taking care of Ishwari… Sona upset…. It’s like eternal chakravyuh… Why so much negativity, i really don’t know… Working on the next part dear… Thank you for your lovely comments!!!

  5. Ali

    Amazingly Awesome
    I want to see this son a in actual serial. Ur ff is always worthy to read.

  6. Ria

    Hey Kalpana di,
    Well, this episode was fabulous. I loved it to the core. Frankly, that Moog dikhaayi speech was just out of the world. It was really amazing. By the way, I guess the upcoming surprise is that Dev would be fasting for Sona as well. Just a guess. Hope you get to post soon.

    Loads of love.?

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you Ria sweetie 🙂 Working on the next part…

  7. Aaru

    Maza aa gya..Ishwari ki bolti band ho gyi?

    1. Kalpana

      🙂 I wish something like this happens in this real story!!!! Working on the next part dear…

  8. Super Episode. Loved it. ??

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you dear!!

  9. Awesome episode dear

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you!!!

  10. Sneha1

    Very nice… Ur writing skills are amazing…..

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you dear!!!!

  11. Amazing!!! U write so well!!
    Loved the episode..
    Post next part

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you Niki… Working on the next part 🙂

  12. Very much delayed epi…
    But epi rocked …
    I am a silent reader

    1. Kalpana

      Sorry Neena… Was slightly busy… Working on the next part!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

  13. nice episode ,
    hello everyone i am also one of the silent readers.
    your ff is really superb.

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you vandana!!!! Working on the next part!!!

  14. Erina

    Awesomeeeee epi kali… ?????

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you Erina!!!

  15. Gr8 gr8 gr8 curt answer by Sona
    In real serial Sona ko vo GKB kitne baar Bengalan bolti hai mere fist use ek tight punch?? marne ka man krta hai
    But aaj jab Sona ne ye baat kahi tab mere munh pr ek badiii.. si smile Dev ke size ka apneaap hi aa gaya
    It was tooo… good??
    Aur dev kitna supporting hai
    And Choti Sona aur little Mr obodro ke baare me sun kar I M tempted to see future episodes ?
    And I am super duper excited about Sona’s next test…
    And one question ki kya tumne real series jaise Sona ka weak womb vala disease bhi include kiya hai???
    If socha bhi hai na to pls ye khayal apne story se nikal phenk dena na pls..
    I have 100% believe on Sona’s calibre to be first and perfect in all her exams.
    but 0% on Pisswari and her custom made customs but 1000% believe on my dear dear Kalpi Di..
    And the bestest part was Sona saying
    MY DEV…
    Pisswari ke expression on hearing this ke baare me soch kr I’m smiling out wide…???
    Di awsm episode it was nut post the next one a little big no..
    Cz apke episodes padna band karne ka man hi nhi karta. ..
    And thank U so so much di for Ur warm wishes and hope its doing its magic cz my pain has reduced much wounds are drying and I M feeling much better
    I M even going to school (though Mumma and doctor has said not to…)
    Cz I’m very boored being at the bed…
    Post next one ASAP..
    Luv u loads Di and Double of it for Ur awsm episodes…

    1. Kalpana

      Hi Juhi 🙂 Awesome that you are healing nicely…. No dear, i have decided to drop the “weak womb” track… I don’t like it… Sona is a nutritionist…. I am pretty sure any doctor would be careful about self… Sona is a strong lady… And stupid writers of krpkab…. Why insult Bengalis so much? I always felt that there isn’t a field that doesn’t have Bengali… See The Voice India Kids… Or any music show… So much talent…

      Thank you so much dear!!!! Get well soon… Working on the next part…. Will post as early as possible!!!

    2. Kalpana

      Juhi… Have uploaded part 30… Check it out…

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    Amazing!! Awesome!!! Superb!!! What to say yaar!! I’m speechless!! It’s so nice… Post the next Part soon!!!
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      Working on the next part dear… Nope… I started a blog,… But didn’t know what to post… So didn’t continue 🙂

  18. Angel20

    Are you a blogger??

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    1. Kalpana

      Thank you sweetie!!! Working on the next part… Down with cold… Will post soon….

  20. Junee

    Kalpana , i relish your writeups and they are truly a treat for me! The way you handled muh dikhayee if only our makers did it that way , We would have pleasant memories! Keep it up Kali ! When is the next one??? Eagerly waiting for the next.I usually end up reading the same one written by you again and again!

  21. Kalpana

    Thank you so much Junee!!! Your comments make me so so so happy!!! I want to write… Down with cold n fever… So unable to concentrate… Will post soon..

    1. Junee

      Get well soon Dear! Take care! I hope you recover very fast! Cheer up!!!????

      1. Kalpana

        Thank you sweetie!!!

  22. Kalpana

    Hi guys!!! Finally, I am all well… Typing the karwachauth special episode… Thank you so much for waiting patiently! Will upload as soon as possible!!!

    1. Junee

      ????Now i shall enjoy only your writeups becoz i refuse to watch the nonsense by Ishwari and other Dixit inmates ! So i will only watch after they stop showing nonsense! No regrets becoz i will have your story to enjoy!
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      1. Kalpana

        Junee… Have uploaded part 30… Check it out!!!

  23. Junee

    Thanks Kali!!

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