Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 23)


Hi guys!!! You guys are so much awesome!!! I feel so motivated to write so much… I am going to post Devakshi marriage in two parts  I am so so so sorry for the delay!!!

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Goon 1: Boss, I have done as you told… ~shows badge~
X: ~laughs loudly~ Excellent…
Goon 1: Shall I start from tomorrow boss?
X: Go ahead… Leave now…
Goon 1 goes out
~X’s pov~ Mr. Dev Dikshit ~gazes at Dev’s family pics~ You must be very busy in marriage preparations… I know you will be fully lost in your happiness… Enjoy this time Dev… Kya pata, kal yeh moka mile ya na mile…
I wish I can snatch that happiness now… Par kya karein… Sahi time pe sahi war… Warna sab bekar… ~laughs loudly; sings Gumnaam hai koi…~

~Dev’s home~
Dev enters home, feeling very happy…
Ishwari: Dev! Where were you, beta? Why did you ask for panditji’s number? Sab teek hai na?
Dev: Ma… Kuch nahi… We wanted to convey something to our panditji… Don’t worry… Ma, it will be a surprise for you…
Ishwari: Kuch nahi? Dev… Achcha teek hai… I wanted to discuss something with you… Tina beti asked about the menu for the marriage… We have to tell the caterers na?
Dev: Ji ma… ~smiles widely~
GKB (Radha Rani): Jiji… Don’t forget to tell Tina beti that menu should be strictly vegetarian… We are Brahmins…
Ishwari: Ji Bhabhi… ~gazes at Dev; gazes back to GKB~ You are right… Will tell her…
Dev: ~feeling nervous~ Ma… I wanted to talk about the same… I was thinking that we will let Sona’s family decide the menu for their side… Our side we can give the list to Tina…
Ishwari: ~looking mildly shocked~ Let Sona’s family decide? You mean non-vegetarian food?
GKB (Radha Rani): Hai hai… Non-veg food in marriage? Dev beta, its abshagun… Our marriage customs are so pure and holy… We do havan there… How can you imagine to pollute it by keeping non-vegetarian food there?
Ishwari: Dev beta… Bhabhi is right… We are Brahmins… It’s a marriage beta… We have so many poojas to be conducted… Havan hoga wahan… Did you forget that we don’t even touch egg? I will speak to Bejoyji…
Dev: Ma… Just like our traditions, our customs and our food preferences are important to us, it’s same for Sona’s family too… Ma… Like we need to take care of our guests, even they have to take care of their guests na? Their family respect is equally important…
GKB (Radha Rani): And our family respect? Wah Dev beta! Did you see jiji? The marriage hasn’t happened yet… That Bengalan has started controlling what has to happen and what can’t…
Dev: Mami… Don’t talk about Sona like that… Ma… Look, we will keep two different stalls for vegetarian and non-vegetarian… Those who want to eat, let them choose… I will ask Tina to arrange for best venue expert… He or she will place the stalls in such a manner that none of our relatives feel awkward to eat… Also, the food stalls shall be kept away from where the pooja happens…
Ishwari: ~looks unconvinced~ Par Dev… How…
Dev: Ma… Sona is coming to his house… She’s going to accept our family and become a family member… Likewise, I want to accept her family too… They’re going to be my extended family… Our extended family… Let us ensure that we take care of their respect too… Please ma… It’s a big day for them too…
Mamaji: Wah Dev beta… See Ishwari… Our Dev understands relationships so well… He values them all… ~places hand on Dev’s head~ Jeete raho beta… Ishwari you should be proud of our Dev…
Ishwari: ~smiles uncomfortable~ You are right… Our Dev is one in a crore… It’s alright… Do whatever you feel right… I won’t stop you… I will take care of rest of the responsibilities now… There’s so much to do!
Neha: ~slowly entering~ Yes ma… Bhai’s marriage will happen with so much of fanfare…
Dev: ~smiles brightly~ Neha!!! ~side hugs her~ Thank you for coming…
Neha: It’s my Bhai’s wedding! Who can dare to stop me?
Ria and Nikki: Neha di!!! ~hug her tight~
Nikki: Now, we can go shopping!!!!
Ishwari looks at her kids, wipes her tears with her saree pallu… ~Ishwari’s pov~ Hey Bhagwan… Please keep my family happy like this … Suddenly thinks GKB’s words “Did you see jiji? The marriage hasn’t happened yet… That Bengalan has started controlling what has to happen and what can’t…” Why do I feel so uncomfortable? Even Dev is taking her side more… Did I make a mistake by saying yes?
Neha: ~gazes at Ishwari~ Ma… Everything alright?
Ishwari: ~nods nervously~ Haan haan… I was think about how much work pending…
Dev: ~smiles widely~ Ma… You don’t take tension… Everything will be done on time…
Ishwari: ~nods and smiles~ You kids enjoy… I have work… ~Ishwari’s pov~ Gazes at Dev’s happy face… I should do this for my Dev’s happiness…
Ishwari leaves
Neha: ~gazing at Ishwari leaving~ Bhai, I will come wait… ~follows Ishwari~

~Ishwari’s room~
Ishwari paces around nervously
GKB enters
GKB (Radha Rani): Jiji… Don’t you think our Dev is changing so much? If before marriage this case, imagine jiji, what will happen after marriage?
Ishwari: Bhabhi…
GKB (Radha Rani): Jiji… I had to warn you… After all, this house gave me a roof when we were homeless after the fire accident… I have a moral duty… Waise jiji… It is not too late… This marriage can be stopped now too… You just have to tell me…
Ishwari: Bhabhi… It’s too late… Besides Panditji told…
GKB (Radha Rani): Arey jiji… Just trust me… I will take care of that Bengalan… You don’t worry… And panditji’s work is like that… Scaring people… I won’t let that Bengalan step in this house again…
Neha stands outside and listens to this shocked ~Neha’s pov~ remembers GKB’s words about Ranvir…. Is mami really concerned about us? Or is she faking it? Why is mami against this relation? I have to find out…
GKB comes out and Neha follows her…

~Sona’s home~
Sona and Elena enter; talking to each other excited…
Dadi: See… Here’s our bride!
Sourav: Ya ya… Pampered bride!!! We are working like donkeys here… And you are enjoying!!!
Sona: ~smiling brightly~ Waise dada, you are right… Seeing your amazing physique, it feels like one Sourav dada equals to 50 donkeys… ~smiles innocently~
Sourav: Sona!!! Ma… Remember my words, when her bidaai happens, I will distribute sweets!
Sona: Dada…. No matter what you tell, I know you love me so much!!!
Someone covers her eyes “Not just him, we all love you too!!!”
Sona: ~touches the hand; smiles~ Rabi??? ~removes the hand~ Sharan and Sidhanto???? When did you guys come here?
Sharan: Our favourite sister getting married!!! How can we not come?
Elena: ~looks angry~ That means, I am not so important… ~pouts~
Sharan, Rabi and Sidhanto: ~hold their ears~ We are so sorry!!!
Elena: Mere sorry won’t be sufficient… You will all get punishment soon ~smiles mischievous~
Sharan, Rabi and Sidhanto gulp; look at each other and nod…
Sona shakes her head and laughs…

~Dev’s home- Vicky’s room~
GKB enters looking angry…
GKB (Radha Rani): That Bengalan!
Vicky: Mom… Why are you so angry?
GKB (Radha Rani): Vicky beta… That Bengalan has started controlling this house now itself… I won’t let her step into this house… What will happen to our dreams?
Vicky: Mom… Whatever you want to do, do it… We need to take over this house… As quickly as possible…
GKB (Radha Rani): Yes, Vicky beta… We gave them shelter when they needed… Even, gave them food… Now it’s their time to give up their house and business for us… Won’t let that Bengalan ruin it…
Neha listens to this from outside… ~Neha’s pov~ So this is the reason…. Ma and Bhai always thought mami and Vicky as our own… And mami was trying to separate us… I won’t let them do this… Bhai and Sona’s marriage will happen for sure…
Neha goes to Ria’s room

~Ria’s room~
Ria: Nikki, tomorrow you need to wake up early! If we need to go for shopping, we can’t go late…
Nikki: Arey Ria di… Why are you taking so much of tension? I am so excited about shopping, that I won’t get sleep tonight!
Ria shakes her head
Neha: ~enters~ Ria, Nikki! Something huge going on here… Mami doesn’t want this marriage to happen…
Ria and Nikki: What????
Neha: ~nods~ We need to keep an eye on her and ensure that this marriage goes on smoothly…
Ria and Nikki nod

~Two days later~
~Sangeet Function – Marriage Hall~
Both the families assemble at the marriage hall for the function…
Bejoy: Please come in…
Ishwari: Namaste Bejoyji…. ~smiles~
GKB (Radha Rani): ~looks around~ Not bad… Decoration looks good enough… Phir bhi… Could’ve been better…
Ria: Mami… Somebody will listen…
Rabi: ~listens to this~ Arey Mamiji… Welcome…. See, you stepped into this hall… Look how bright it has become!
GKB (Radha Rani): ~blushing~ Really? But I am not so beautiful…
Rabi: Arey Arey mamiji… Looks like you don’t see yourself in the mirror at all…. Guess. the girls of your house are so jealous… That’s why they don’t praise you at all…
GKB (Radha Rani): Sach mein? ~looking so pleased~
Rabi: Aur nahi toh kya? ~points at Nikki~ Look at her, the nose is so crooked… But you mami… If you look so gorgeous now, I only can dream, how gorgeous you would have been during your youth…
GKB (Radha Rani): ~blushes again~ Chal Badmash!
Ishwari: Bhabhi, chaliye…
Ishwari and GKB walk away
Nikki: ~places hands on her hip; looks at him angry~ If your “sweet talks are done”, would you mind introducing yourself?
Rabi: ~smiling mischievous~ As bright as the Sun, I am Rabi Bose… Sona’s cousin…~winks at her~
Nikki: Bright as Sun? Ha… What a joke!
Rabi: And you Miss Pretty Lady?
Nikki: Pretty lady? You just made fun of my nose! And now calling me Pretty Lady?
Neha: Nikki!! Come fast…
Nikki: Ji Neha Di!! ~looks back at Rabi~ Stay away from me!!! ~walks away~
Rabi Bose: ~smiles~ Nikki… Or should I call Miss Teekhi Mirchi? ~Rabi’s pov~ Nobody escaped Rabi’s charms till now… You look beautiful even in anger… Rabi, you have a perfect challenge in front of you…
~Other side of the hall~
Ria talks to someone over phone and by mistake, leans over a decorative pillar…
Ria: ~realizing; rushes to the other side; tries pushing~ ~Ria’s pov~ Oh God!
Sharan: ~sees Ria~ Hey watch out!! ~comes and helps her~
Ria: Thanks!
Sharan: ~gets slightly angry~ You wear specs… Yet, you couldn’t see?
Ria: ~gets angry~ Look, I didn’t do on purpose! I didn’t realize… I am sorry for the inconvenience caused! There was no need to mock my spectacles this way… ~walks away~ ~Ria’s pov~ Why did I get angry so much? I am always so composed… Many people have mocked my nerdy looks… Yet, why did I feel bad, when he told? Calm down Ria…
Sharan: ~feels guilty~ Ma’am wait… ~Sharan’s pov~ I didn’t mean to scold her like that… I felt concerned that the pillar might fall on her… Guess I should apologize to her…
Sidhanto: Sharan bro? Did you see Rabi? We need to start the performances….
Sharan: ~suddenly jerks~ Yes… There he is… Rabi!
Rabi: Yes… Let’s the function begin… ~snaps finger and all the lights get switched off~
Sharan, Rabi and Sidhanto begin their dance performance on Jashan-e-ishqa…
Everyone look surprised….
~Nikki’s pov~ Not a bad dancer…
Sourav: ~claps~ Next, it’s our parents turn… ~pulls Bejoy and Asha~
Rabi: ~pulls GKB and Mamaji~ How can you stand and watch?
Sidhanto: And this couple too ~pulls Elena and Rithvik~
Asha: Arey…
Dev: And ~pulls Neha and Ranvir~ You can’t escape too…
Sharan plays Tune maari entriyaan…. All the four couples dance
Devakshi feel so happy seeing the dance…. Ishwari claps happily….
Dev: Bejoy baba, Mamaji! We never knew that you both are so romantic!
Rabi: And Asha chachi and Mamiji… ~blows a kiss~ Mashallah!
Asha and GKB blush
Dadi smiles
Rabi: ~claps~ See… Even they dance so well… I bet these girls can’t dance!
Ria and Nikki: Achcha? Let’s see who dance well!
Nikki plays Kachi Kaliyan song and there’s dance competition…
Sharan pulls and twirls Ria; pulls her close… Both lost in each other’s eyes… At the same time, Rabi pulls Nikki close… Both lost in each other’s world…
Sidhanto imagines him dancing with his girlfriend, Aparajita….
The song stops… Sharan – Ria; Rabi – Nikki move away…
Sourav: Now, it’s our lovely Sona and Dev’s turn…
Dev and Sona look at each other… Sona smiles brightly…
Sona: Okay… But everyone should join us! Deal?
Everyone: Deal!
Sona whispers to Elena and they start dancing to Nachde ne Saare… Neha, Ria and Nikki join… Dev, Rithvik, Ranvir, Sharan and Rabi too start dancing with them…
Dev keeps gazing at Sona…. Sona blushes
Mamaji: ~smiles seeing the dance; suddenly pulls GKB aside~ Radha! Where is Vicky?
GKB (Radha Rani): He told he’ll come… He has some work… He will be come soon… Don’t worry…
Mamaji: Nalayak… Today is such a big day!
GKB (Radha Rani): At least, today you don’t scold him…
Mamaji walks away
GKB (Radha Rani): ~calls Vicky~ Where are you? Come fast… Before everyone starts noticing, come soon… Really? But what is the plan? You mean, the property will be ours? Really? Make sure this plan works…. Whatever has to happen, should happen before this marriage… Before the Bengalan steps inside the house… Or it’d be too late… Achcha achcha… Don’t get angry… Nobody is listening…. Then, take your time… I will manage here… ~cuts the call~
Sidhanto listens to this ~Sidhanto’s pov~ Before the marriage… What are they planning? Property issue… Bengalan? Guess this mami doesn’t like our Sona… Guess, I should speak to Sharan and Rabi…
Sidhanto goes away from there…

Vicky: Hmmm… The plan is good… I am ready… But, remember this… I need the property and business… In my name… Only then, I’ll give the support
Someone in shadow: Yes… All the papers are ready… Once our work is done, the papers would be yours…
Vicky places hands on his hips and laughs

Looks like Vicky is planning something! Will Devakshi marriage happen?
What will happen next?
Comments please!!!!

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      Hi Varsha… I did mention in the previous episode… Shravan Reddy as Sharan Bose; Sidhant Gupta as Sidhanto and Ravi Dubey as Ravi Bose!!! Working on the marriage track dear… Will post soon!!!

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