Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 22)


Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 22)

Hi guys!!! Thank you so much for such lovely comments!!!!! Sorry for the delay!!! Like I said, I am introducing 3 guys for my ff. I want to give a little character sketch for them! In brackets, I have given the actors for better imagination 

Sharan Bose (Shravan Reddy): He’s cousin brother to Sona, from dad’s side. Bejoy’s elder brother’s only son. Profession: Lawyer. Smart and hot! Rather deadly combo… Fun loving and charming to ladies. Believes that lawyers are superior.
Sidhanto Banerjee (Sidhant Gupta): He’s also a cousin brother to Sona from mom’s side. Asha’s brother’s son… Usually very cool, but can lose temper if provoked… Lives life on the edge… Profession: Police Officer. Got selected through sports quota… Believes that police do all the work, but lawyers take total credit…. Fights with Sharan, but in heart loves Sharan as if he’s real brother….
Rabi Bose (Ravi Dubey): He’s also a cousin brother to Sona from dad’s side… Bejoy’s younger brother’s son… The mischievous of the three… Very charming and a total ladies’ man… Acts as a peacemaker between Sharan and Sidhanto! Profession: Private investigator. Very daring and quite skilful in changing his appearance and dialect…

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~Sona’s home~
Bejoy and Asha discuss on marriage arrangements…
Bejoy: This way, we can never get it done on time!
Asha: Haan… Shochi… How will we four of us do everything?

“Who said there are only four people to do these arrangements?”
Bejoy and Asha look at the door, sees three guys standing with their bags; smiling brightly…
Sourav: Perfect!
Bejoy, Asha and Dadi smile
Bejoy: Rabi, Sidhanta and Sharan?
All the three smile and take aashirbad from Dadi, Bejoy and Asha…
Rabi: ~doing fist bump with Sourav~ Our sweetest Sona getting married!!! How come so suddenly?
Sourav: Don’t ask… It’s a big story… ~reveals Dev-Sona’s relationship~
Sidhanto: So much happened???? And we didn’t have an inkling!!! Where’s Elena? She hid from us all ~looks angry~
Sharan: Exactly!!! Let Elena come, we will pull her ear…
Dadi: Maybe because, it was a punishment?
Rabi: Punishment? Kis liye?
Dadi: All three of you missed her engagement na?
Sharan, Rabi and Sidhanto look sheepish…
Sidhanto: I was busy with training…
Sharan: I had a case hearing…
Rabi: And I was investigating for Sidhanto… ~imagines his investigation; shudders~
Dadi: See? How will she share then? I hope you guys are ready to face the punishment!
Sharan, Sidhanto and Rabi: Let her give toughest of the toughest punishment! We are ready! ~All three imagine the last time, feel worried inside~
Dadi shakes her head and smiles
Sharan: For now, we are very thrilled! Our favourite sister Sona is getting married… How will we stay there? As soon as Sourav told, we came!!!
Bejoy: But, we just got to know about the dates… How did you guys come here so fast from Kolkata?
Sidhanto: ~smiling widely~ I got a posting here…. So, I had packed quickly and landed here today…
Sharan: Even I thought I’ll start my private practice here and shifted…
Rabi: And when these both are here, what will I do at Kolkata? So, I shifted my base too…
Asha: Khoob bhalo! You guys just arrived… Take rest for some time…
Rabi: We can rest later… First, give us the list of works to be done.
Rabi and Sharan read the list, while Sidhanto makes list of guests…

Dev: So, first we need to talk to our panditji…
Sona nods
Dev: ~calls Ishwari~ Ma, give me our panditji’s number… Give na ma… I will tell later… ~recites the number and Sona saves it in her mobile~ Okay ma… I will come home soon… ~cuts the call~
Sona: ~gives the number~ Speak to panditji….
Dev: ~nods; calls panditji~ Panditji… I am Dev Dikshit… I would like to speak to you… Want to meet you… Okay Panditji… ~cuts the call~ Let’s go to the panditji’s house…
Rithvik: ~nods~ We will follow you both in my car…
Dev: ~smiles to himself~ Okay…
Rithvik and Elena leave
Dev: ~starts his car; gazes at Sona~ Chalein Ms. Khargosh?
Sona: ~smiles~ Okay Dev!
~Panditji’s house~
Panditji: Dev beta, please come in… Please sit down…
Dev enters along with Sona, Rithvik and Elena
Dev: Namaste panditji! How are you?
Panditji: By God’s grace, everything is fine… Is everything alright? I shared the auspicious dates with Ishwariji…
Dev: Really? Panditji… We came to discuss about something. We are facing a huge dilemma…
Panditji: Bolo beta… What is it?
Sona: Panditji, ma… I mean Ishwari aunty wishes this marriage happens according to their traditions…
Dev: And Bejoy baba, I mean her family wishes that this marriage happens according to Bengali traditions…
Elena: We don’t want to hurt anyone…
Rithvik: After discussing a lot, we came to a conclusion… A decision…
Panditji: What is it?
Sona: Panditji, actually all the pre-marriage and main marriage traditions are almost similar in both the traditions… But, according to our Bengali traditions, there are three marriage rituals which are so important to us… They hold huge significance… We want to include those three rituals… Rest all, we are okay with Dev’s family traditions…
Panditji: What are those rituals beti?
Sona: Panditji, when you call dulhan to come, our brothers carry the bride on a wooden stool called pidi or piri… And take seven rounds around the groom… That is to ensure that the relationship is for eternity ~gazes at Dev~ Then, we are supposed to exchange garlands three times and finally, we are supposed to gaze at each other…
Dev: Is it possible to include these rituals? That way, everyone will feel happy…
Panditji: ~smiling~ You kids made me very happy today… In today’s world, the current generation look for ways to mock the traditions. They look for shortcuts to escape any form of tradition… ~places hand on Sona’s head~ But you, not only understand the significance of the rituals, you are even asking me to include more rituals…
Any ritual done to bless the couple on a blissful marriage, ensures that the husband and wife are together for eternity can be included… There’s no harm in it… However, please be careful that the rituals are done in a way that the marriage happens within the auspicious time… Okay?
Dev and Sona smile brightly
Dev and Sona: Ji panditji…
Everyone smile happily and leave the house

~Outside Panditji’s house~
Sona: Dev!! One more thing we forgot…
Dev: ~looks worried~ What else we forgot Sona?
Sona: Dev! The food!
Elena hits her forehead…
Sona: Dev, your family is vegetarian… And we… We are non-vegetarians… We will be expected to serve non-veg food… Especially fish… It is very integral part of our cuisine… Even baba would want it… What shall we do now?
Dev: ~grabs Sona~ Sona… Sonakshi… Ms. Bose… Calm down… Sona, food is food… There can be no discrimination… We will do one thing. I will arrange for vegetarian menu…. Will speak to the caterers and arrange for separate place for vegetarians… And your family can arrange for whatever your relatives like. We will ensure that both stalls are kept separately…
Sona: ~gazes intensely~ Are you sure Dev? Ma… ma manege na?
Dev: ~cups her face~ I will convince her… It’s my responsibility… Sonakshi, your family and relatives are my family too… Right? Trust me… I will take care of it…
Sona: ~looks emotional~ Thank you Dev…
Dev: ~smiles mischievous~ I never knew that khargosh get scared too…
Sona: ~looking slightly angry~ I wasn’t scared….
Dev: You? I was talking about rabbits… Ms. Bose… ~smiles brightly~
Sona: ~gasps~ Dev! ~punches slightly on his chest~
Dev: Ouch… This khargosh is so violent too… ~hugs her close~ Sonakshi, I promise, every trouble, every pain shall face me before it can even step close to you…
Sona smiles and hugs him tight
Rithvik and Elena watch Devakshi and smile to each other

~Dev’s home~
Ishwari keeps the phone, looks puzzled…
GKB (Radha Rani): Jiji, see these sarees… Which shall I wear for Dev’s wedding?
Ishwari: ~suddenly jerking~ Bhabhi, these sarees are so old… How you think of wearing these for Dev’s wedding?
GKB (Radha Rani): ~with sorrow~ Jiji, how can this garib ki beti have costly and rich sarees… I have to manage with what I have na? ~shows couple of bangles and one necklace~ And I will wear these for the marriage… I have to purchase clothes for Vicky too… How can I spend on myself?
Ishwari: Bhabhi, are you stranger to us? We will go shopping. I will get best of best of sarees and jewels for you… For Vicky too… Don’t worry… ~looks worried~
GKB (Radha Rani): ~puts fake smiles on~ You are so generous jiji… Jiji, you do look worried… Is everything alright?
Ishwari: Haan Bhabhi… It’s just… Dev asked for panditji’s number… He told that he wants to speak to panditji… When I asked why… He told I’ll tell later… I don’t know why he wants to meet…
GKB (Radha Rani): Jiji… That is really weird… Waise jiji… I shouldn’t tell this but… What if that Bengalan convinced Dev… To do this marriage according to Bengali traditions? Maybe that’s why, he went there?
Ishwari: ~looks away~ Bhabhi, Dev aisa nahi karega…
GKB (Radha Rani): ~puts fake smile on~ Haan jiji… You are right… ~GKB’s pov~ Why should Dev visit panditji… Kuch na kuch toh hai…

Goon 1: Boss, I have done as you told… ~shows badge~
X: ~laughs loudly~ Excellent…
Goon 1: Shall I start from tomorrow boss?
X: Go ahead… Leave now…
Goon 1 goes out
~X’s pov~ Mr. Dev Dikshit ~gazes at Dev’s family pics~ You must be very busy in marriage preparations… I know you will be fully lost in your happiness… Enjoy this time Dev… Kya pata, kal yeh moka mile ya na mile…
I wish I can snatch that happiness now… Par kya karein… Sahi time pe sahi war… Warna sab bekar… ~laughs loudly; sings Gumnaam hai koi…~

Next part will have Devakshi marriage!!! Will this X let it happen?
What do you think about Sona’s cousin’s brothers?
Comments please!!

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    But still a amazing episode?????❤️??? and waiting to see what’s next and also that X man?

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you so much dear!!!! That’s why it took time! I had to develop their characters… Working on it dear… Will update as early as possible 🙂

  2. Aaru

    Luvly episode..next one soon plzz..

  3. Awesome

  4. Wow amazing!!!!! So those three new guys are Elena’s brothers??

  5. Erina

    Awesome kali as always nd seriously i missed ur ff a lot. Plzzz post soon Egarlyyy waitingggg
    With loads of love

  6. Yashfeen

    Cool lines..”.sahi tym p sahi war warna sb bekar”it ws really nyc..I love to imagine ur ff..its seems so realistic….n d three entry add mre fun in ff..bt u dnt post soon….plz b punctual in ur post..plzzzzzz

  7. Manya

    Super duper hit Kalpana Di❣????????❤️??but who is this ‘X’????I think mr Gujral,Khatri or Dev’s father???post soon

  8. Dhira

    Spellbound awesome amazing and exciting episode I loved the entry of three brothers and their bound superb
    Dialogue was superb awesome
    Post soon

  9. It was just awsm as always. …..
    Too gud keep It up

  10. And u asked wat is khoi so khoi is actually dhan(paddy seeds)roasted in a pot directly without taking out the cover
    In some places in Hindi its called Lai
    It feels somewhat like thermocol balls (To me)
    U did nice to add sona’s bros
    For lifting piri uthane ke liye char bhaion ki zaroorat hoti hai
    Pr hamari miss dietician ke liye aka sourab hi eksho (sourav alone is equal to hundred)
    Ravi of jamai raja is super duper actor
    And his dialogues are like ummmmmaa….?
    Shravan is damn damn hooo….t ?
    But who is siddhant and he is in which serial and in which role? Pls tell so that I can visualize the episodes…
    One more thing.. R u gonna put their luv story also or focus on devakshi(main kitni stupid hoon cz vahi to leads hain) and Elwik (Elina+Ritwik)?
    Hey do something take leap latter (after little Mr.obodro or little Miss.khargosh)or change Nikki pr uski aur Ravi ki luv story toh banti hai(in background only)
    Cz real show me Elina ko dekh dekh ke thodi boor si ho gayi hoon and Ritwik thoda passive type and Nikki is a sweet chilli type and Ravi is also a mittha chura (sweet dagger)toh unki takrar then pyar will be awsm… wat say?
    Make them meet during shadi or shopping or while doing marriage preps etc
    Cz shadi ke rituals me devakshi toh busy ho jayenge toh hamare smiling☺?? aur blushing??? ko bhi barkarar rakhne ke liye bhi toh koi chahiye na….
    One more thing that are the villians in blood relation with Dev/Sona?
    Again telling ki all these are just suggestions from my side
    If u like add and if not then also its ok
    Do as Ur planning. ..
    Anyway I’ll luv your post…
    Sorry for sooo… long comment
    Pakka mere comments padte padte thak jati hogi
    Pr kya karoon you write so well ki I can’t resist commenting
    Luv u and Ur episodes
    Post soon and thoda bada na…
    Itne achhe story ko padna band karne ka man hi nhi karta…..????

    1. Kalpana

      Juhi 🙂 I have planned different things 😉 working on Part 23… Will upload by tomorrow 🙂 Loving your comments so much!!!

    2. Kalpana

      Juhi, I forgot.. Sidhant Gupta acted in Tashan e ishq in Zee… As Kunj Sarna.. Later he quit…

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  12. It was worth the wait. Great episode. I didn’t expect this (the new characters and their sketches). Awesome! Can’t wait for the next episode. Please post soon.

  13. Kalpana

    Hi guys!!! Thank you so much for you lovely comments!!! I am still working on Devakshi marriage 🙂 its going to be in two parts!! Will post as early as possible! Love you all!!!

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