Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 21)


Hi guys!!! Have planned so much exciting stuff further!!! I am so grateful for all your lovely comments!!! As always, I am dedicating this to all my readers!!!

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~phone rings~
Dev: Hello… Ms. Bose… See, you miss your Dev a real lot…
Sona: No… nothing like that… Actually, baba was asking if you will accompany him for shopping…
Dev: Shopping? Bejoy baba ke saath?
Sona: Haan… I will be there as well… To buy traditional Bengal dhoti for you… ~stammers slightly~ You… know… for our wedding…
Dev: ~slightly nervous~ Sure… Message me the timings… Sona… I am going to have my dinner… Will talk to you later… Love you Sona…
Sona: ~blushes softly~ Sure Mr. Obodhro… ~cuts the call~
Dev scratches his head nervously ~Dev’s pov~ One side Ma… Other side Bejoy baba… Both will obviously wish that marriage happens according to their respective customs… Me and Sona? We just want to marry each other… How will this wedding happen now?
Dev goes out feeling slightly tensed….

~Next day~
~Dev’s office~
Dev paces around thinking about the customs and traditions. Just then, Tina enters.
Tina: Sir, these are the files that you requested.
Dev’s still lost in thoughts…
Tina: Sir?
Dev: ~suddenly jerks~ Tina… The files? Leave them on the table… I have an important work to do… Hence I am going out…. Handle any emergency. I’ll come back later.
Tina: Okay Sir.
Dev leaves

~Sona’s hospital~
Sona: Madam, your BP levels are so high. You need to work on your diet. Only medicines shall not help. First, control salt intake in your food. Here’s the diet chart… Come back after a couple of months. I will check again.
Patient: Okay Doctor
The patient leaves
Sona: Next ~keeps reading the reports~
Dev: ~enters~ Doctor… I need your special medical attention… It’s an emergency!
Sona: Emergency? I would suggest that you get admitted to a hospital, Mr. Dikshit… ~lifts her head~
Dev: Ms. Khargosh!
Sona: Mr. Obodhro!!! What are you doing here? I am working!
Dev: Sonakshi… A big problem has cropped up… We need to leave immediately…
Sona: ~looks worried~ Is ma alright?
Dev: ~smiles a little; looks slightly worried~ Ma is fine… Actually, my health is slightly worse…
Sona: Dev… Ki holo? What is it?
Dev: I don’t want to discuss it here… Let’s leave… We will call Elena and Rithvik, on the way…
Sona: ~sighs~ Alright… ~calls Dr. Sinha~ “Doctor, I need to leave on an important errand, any emergency, ask Dr. Shilpa to handle please… Okay” ~cuts the call~ Let’s go
Dev leaves, with Sona following behind…
~Dev’s home~
Ishwari: Kichu! Start with cleaning the entire house… Ask the servants to start with store room…
Kichu: Ji memsaab…
Panditji: ~enters~ Ishwariji….
Ishwari: Panditji, please come in… Sit down please… Kichu, bring water…
Panditji: ~sitting~ Ishwariji, these are the best auspicious dates – one day after tomorrow and other date, next Friday…
Ishwari: Panditji… So soon? So many work there? Please suggest some other date na…
Panditji: Ishwariji, no shubh muhurat for one year… Besides, the sooner the marriage happens, the better it is for this family…
Ishwari: Teek hai panditji… I will inform the girl’s parents… Or they will face difficulties…
Panditji: Ji… Achcha Ishwariji… I’ll leave now…
Panditji leaves
~Ishwari’s pov~ How will I manage all the responsibilities? Why do I feel anxious? I should inform Bejoyji…

~Coffee House~
Sona and Dev arrive
Sona: Dev… You were totally silent in the car… At least now you tell… What is the matter?
Dev: Actually…
Elena and Rithvik arrive…
Elena: Hi!!!!
Sona: Hi guys!!! Sit down quick… Dev! Share quickly…
Elena and Rithvik take their seats.
Dev: Ms. Bose… We managed to convince our parents for our marriage. But forgot one main thing. Till Nikki referred to it jokingly, it never crossed my mind!
Sona: Kya?
Dev: How this marriage will happen? One side my ma wants it to happen according to our customs and traditions. Other side… I am pretty sure Bejoy baba wants the marriage to happen in traditional Bengali style…
Sona: Haan… Shochi! Even I forgot about it! Now, what shall we do?
Dev: That’s why I called you here… Once I made a mistake of deciding for both of us… I don’t want to repeat the same mistake and lose you again ~scratches his head, looking nervous~
Sona: ~smiles softly~ Not bad Mr. Obodhro! You learned very quickly!!
Rithvik: Guess, this is a lesson for me too!!
Elena: Awww… Very smart! My chona ~blows kiss to Rithvik~
Sona: Guys! Focus!
Elena: Idea!! Marry first according to Dev’s house customs… Then according to our customs… Nobody will object then!
Dev and Rithvik: Haan!
Sona: No! Remember, a key step in marriage is kanyadaan? If I get married, I will no longer be kanya… I mean unwed girl… Besides, the argument will start which style marriage to be done first! Think something else…
Dev sighs
Elena: Ya… That’s true… One more idea… Why don’t you go for court marriage?
Dev: If I had to marry Sona that way, I would’ve long time ago… We worked so hard to convince our parents…
Sona: Ya and I want to marry with rituals…
Rithvik: Dev, convince your ma to agree for Bengali wedding….
Sona: No… She agreed to our marriage… That would be pushing it too far!
Elena: Then, you need to convince our Bejoy baba…
Dev: No! He must be having so many dreams regarding Sona’s marriage… Already, he adjusted with the fact that I am not a Bengali… If we ask him to adjust again, it would be pushing it too far again…
Sona looks emotional seeing Dev’s concern about her baba…
Elena: Then, only option… Elope and marry in some mandir…
Dev: Worst option! I am not eloping with Sona… No way… I’ll claim her rightfully in front of the entire universe… ~gazes determined at Sona~
Sona smiles, feeling proud of Dev
Rithvik: Then, we are back in square one!
Dev: Let’s think…
All 4 start thinking

~Sona’s home~
Bejoy: ~on call~ Ji… Ishwariji… It’s too soon… Ji…. Ji… We will manage it… Okay… Thank you… ~cuts the call~
Bejoy sits worried
Asha: Bejoy… Ki holo? Everything okay?
Bejoy: Haan… Ishwariji, told that the auspicious dates are day after tomorrow and next Friday… Otherwise, we will have to wait till a year…
Asha: That’s too early… How will we invite everyone? So many arrangements to be made…
Dadi: Bejoy, Asha… Don’t worry… Everything will go smoothly… One year is too long…
Sourav: Haan!
Asha: Bejoy, did you speak to Ishwariji about what customs we will be following? Our customs or theirs?
Bejoy: I didn’t and she didn’t mention either… I would prefer our customs being followed…
Asha: Oh no… What shall we do now?
Bejoy: Asha, we trusted Sona’s judgement and we saw she was right… Dev babu proved himself… Once again, it’s in Sona’s hands… Let’s see…
~Coffee house~
Rithvik: I feel stumped! What can we do that both the families agree? What is one way that can ensure that this marriage progresses smoothly?
Elena: ~shakes her head~ Had two cups of coffee… Yet, nothing seems to be working! I only feel hungry like Sourav dada…
Sona: Elena!
Dev: Neha had it so easy… Why should it get complicated during mine? Heaven knows!
Sona: Neha… Neha! ~thinks of all the rituals during Neha’s marriage; thinks something and smiles~ Perfect Idea!
Dev, Rithvik, Elena: What idea???
Sona: ~feeling little self-conscious~ Stop looking at me like that… Elena, do you know what are our rituals?
Elena: Ya, a little… Pre-wedding rituals we have – Aashirbad; Gaye holud and Dodhi mongol!
Dev: Kya?
Sona: Shush Dev! And Elena, main wedding rituals?
Elena: Main wedding rituals – Bor jatri; Bor boron, baran dala… Then, I think the yagna and marriage?
Sona: Now, do you understand?
Elena and Rithvik: HAAN! Nahi….
Sona hits her head….
Dev: Hello!!!! Somebody, will be kind enough to explain what’s going on here? Ms. Bose!!! Aren’t you forgetting something? Translation please…
Sona: ~smiles softly~ Okay… Okay… What I am trying to tell is… Elena, you attended Neha’s wedding right?
Elena: Ya… So?
Sona: What is common in both the customs? Gaye holud – I mean the haldi and mehendi functions? There no problems?
Dev: ~nods~ Haan… That will happen normally…
Sona: Then main wedding rituals: Bor jatri – kinda baraat, Bor boron, baran dala – baraat swagat and related customs? That also can be done in anyway…
Elena: Haan… The wedding altar can be decorated… Even Potto Bastara… I mean the new clothes given to the groom… That will be there in even in their customs na?
Sona: ~nods~ And the regular wedding rituals… Sampradan… I think they do ghat bandan there… Yagna, saptapadi/saat phere? That is also common in both the customs? The mantras uttered by panditji… be it in Sanskrit or Bengali, the meaning and purpose will be same na? Finally, the mangal sutra and sindoor…
Elena: Yes!
Sona: Only things that enhances our Bengali rituals are Saat paak; Mala badal and Shubho Drishti!!
Elena: ~finally understanding~ You mean… A cultural union!!
Dev: ~looks curious~ What are those?
Sona: Saat Paak – where bride’s brothers carry her on a wooden stool called pidi/piri and take complete seven rounds, around the groom… The bride will keep her eyes covered with two betel leaves… She isn’t supposed to look at the groom at first! Then, mala badal ceremony – once seated, the bride and groom, exchange garland three times… And finally Shubho Drishti – when finally, bride and groom can gaze at each other…
Dev: ~gazes intensely~ Like this? ~smiles mischievous~
Sona: ~blushing suddenly~ Dev! Tumi!
Dev: ~covers her mouth~ Sonakshi! Phir tumi tumi! ~cups her face~ One thing is for sure… My Sonakshi will be the most beautiful Bengali bride ever!
Sona and Dev keep gazing at each other; lost in their world…
Elena and Rithvik cough slightly…
Sona and Dev, suddenly realize and smile sheepishly…
Rithvik: But I have to admit! Dr. Bose, Smart brains!!!! I am impressed!!
Elena ~looks at Rithvik, mock angrily~ Really?
Rithvik: ~composing himself~ Less impressed than you of course!!!
Elena: ~smiles brightly~ That’s better…
All laugh!
Sona: So, we have to follow only three more rituals…
Elena: What about the wedding attire?
Sona: I’ll dress up as traditional Bengali bride and Dev can wear his sherwani! But only problem is, how will we convince Ishwari aunty… I mean ma
Dev smiles listening to Sona referring to his ma as ma again…
Rithvik: We should tell this plan to someone whose words nobody rejects easily…
Dev: Who? Sona’s Dadi? Or my Mamaji? They support us…
Sona: No, they may not be able to convince baba and Ishwari ma easily…
Sona and Elena: ~gaze at each other; thinking and smile~ Panditji!
Dev: Correct! If we can convince panditji, nobody will reject this!
Rithvik and Elena hi- five each other as Dev and Sona side hug each other; feeling very happy

~Sona’s home~
Bejoy and Asha discuss on marriage arrangements…
Bejoy: This way, we can never get it done on time!
Asha: Haan… Shochi… How will we four of us do everything?

“Who said there are only four people to do these arrangements?”
Bejoy and Asha look at the door, sees three guys standing with their bags; smiling brightly…
Sourav: Perfect!
Bejoy, Asha and Dadi smile

My awesome lovely readers!!!! It’s wedding time for Devakshi!!!
Who are these three guys?
Stay tuned for Devakshi marriage!

P.S. Only clue that I would give now is – I am introducing 3 guys for my ff… These three from now, will have a huge role to play!

P.P.S I am not a Bengali (South Indian (Tamilian)) … Have seen a couple of Bengali weddings on TV… One ritual that really caught my eyes was Saat paak… I used Google for more info… I love understanding the significance behind various customs… I hope I have understood the significance correctly…
Comments please!!!

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    Post soon ??

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you so much dear!!!!! Yup, working on the part 22!!! Will post soon!!!

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      Thank you so much sweetie!! Working on the next part 🙂 Sorry for the delay… Will update soon!!

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    Awesome as always my kali. What to say but seriously when they r discussing about which custom to follow i was so much involved my self in it that i also started thinking with them but got solution from sona only. I thinked ki u r typical bengali bala but when i read ki u r tamilian i was totally shocked. U seriously described so well dear ki feel hi nhi hua ki u have searched aur watch in tv only. ?????????????????????nd plzzz y jo v ho inhe positive rkhna aur ya post soon exiciteddddddddd nd equally Egarlyyy waitingggg

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      🙂 🙂 Thank you so much dear 🙂 Working on the next part! Will update soon!!!

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      Loads of exciting moments further 🙂 🙂 Working on the same!! Will update soon!!!

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      Thank you Riyaa 🙂 Enakkum romba romba santhosham 🙂

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    Osum kalpana…too gud ur work is as usual great apart tat ur effort in giving details is simply impressive..ur search regarding d rituals is wrth appreciating….u r nt jst entertaining with ur ff bt also enhancing our knowledge abt diiff culture…Cool wrk…keep posting, eagerly waiting fr d nxt one…

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you so much dear!!!! Working on the next part!!!! Will post soon!!

  7. Awesome episode. Hats of to u

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  8. Amazing Kalpana I love ur ff!!! And u put in so much effort!! Wow?????

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  13. Thank u so much kalpana
    Yeh bahooooo……..ot accha tha
    Matlab koi serial eisa karne ka kabho soch bhi nahi sakta tha
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    Hats off to Ur imagination,knowledge and may I say luv 4 me ?(Just kidding )
    Cz tumne mera request rakha
    Ur awsm kalpana
    Totally awesome…
    Luv u luv devakshi
    Bas eise ache ache episodes dete raho. .

    1. Kalpana

      Juhi… I have always loved learning about different cultures 🙂 And I fell in love with Bengali wedding, the bridal makeup… I think I saw for the first time in a pop song by Euphoria band… Kabhi aana tu meri gali – (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DH2sQ_je5v8) That’s why i had planned to integrate the customs in my fanfiction 🙂 And when you requested for the same, I thought I’ll surprise you with the episode 🙂
      I feel so happy to write about all these rituals 🙂 I wish they show a Bengali wedding… On TV…
      I will upload the next part soon…
      P.S, the ladies do hooolu sound with the finger on the mouth during wedding na? Is that to block any unwanted noises… Like death procession sounds, evil sounds etc.? Have I understood that clearly? Cause in our weddings, we have a musical instrument called nadaswaram to do the block any unwanted noises during the groom tying mangal sutra…

  14. Maine mummy se poocha about ulu sound
    There is basically two reasons for it
    Humans are social organisms so whatever we do we inform,call and in a way take permission from others
    Jab koi Indian war hota hai tab we blow conch(shankh)to call or inform others mainly the opposite party that we are gonna fight Similarly ulu sound is to call  (ahvahn)others that ok we are celebrating something or there's something auspicious going on here and all be a part of it
    She said its made cz pehle ke times me rural ladies invited others for the marriage cz then there were no formal invitation card, phone etc
    Secondly it's sound cleanses the environment and make everything shubh
    Ulu sound is also made during puja or festivals like bhai dooj etc

  15. There’s another ritual in Bengali wedding in which the groom holds the bride from behind and they make an anjali of khoi(donno wat its called in Hindi or English )
    to the fire after wedding
    In this ritual u can put some devakshi masti??
    There’s also a part in the wedding in which the siblings of bride and groom stops the groom from entering the room (u know which 1?)Sometimes 4 the whole night! !!this is called “Bashorghor”
    Both are not allowed to meet each other as per rule but the bride and(or) groom bribes some lalchi sibling who act as messenger and finds ways in which both can meet

  16. This is the mooooo…st fun ritual as elders are strictly not allowed in this ritual Only smalls are allowed
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    1. Kalpana

      Juhi 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much!!!! Anjali of khoi? Is it rice? The siblings stopping sound so much fun 🙂 🙂 And nice collection during ur sis marriage 😉 🙂 Tareef kabhi zyada ho sakta hai bhala???? 😉 😀
      You are equally awesome dear!!!!

      1. Hey post soon no…
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        And khoi is actually dhan(paddy seeds)roasted in a pot directly without taking out the cover
        In some places in Hindi its called “Lai”
        It feels somewhat like thermocol balls(To me)?
        Post soon..?

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