Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 20)


Hi guys!!! Have planned so much exciting stuff further!!! I am so grateful for all your lovely comments!!! As always, I am dedicating this to all my readers!!!
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~Dev’s home~
Ishwari: Ria! Call Dev and find out where he is
Ria: Ji ma…
Someone stands watching Dev’s home using binoculars ~Someone’s pov~ The house looks so peaceful from here… Poor inhabitants… They don’t know what is waiting for them… ~laughs crazily~

Dev closes the car door and walks towards home…

Someone watches Dev and leaves humming Gumnaam hai koi song…

~Dev’s pov~ My Sona… Finally, we are going to be Devakshi forever… ~enters home, smiling to himself~
Ishwari: Dev!!! Kahan reh gaya tha? I have so much to do…
Dev: ~jerks~ Ma… What happened? Why are you taking so much tension?
Ria: Bhaiyya… It’s our only brother’s wedding na?
Ishwari: ~smiles~ Kichu… Is everything ready?
Nikki: ~comes out of the garden~ Haan… ~side hugs Dev~ So much shopping to do!!! But I have a huge doubt!
Dev: What doubt?
Nikki: What style of marriage is it going to be? Our traditional style? Or in Bengali style? I am so excited for Bengali style!!! It’d be something new for us… I will ask Sona di about all the customs!!! And accordingly will do shopping for my outfit!!!
Dev: ~smiles brightly~ Even I am looking forward for that! ~Dev’s pov~ My beautiful Bengali bride… Sonakshi…
GKB (Radha Rani): Hai Hai… Bengali shaadi kyun hogi? We are guy’s side… Marriage will happen according to our customs and traditions ~GKB’s pov~ If I let it happen….
Nikki: Mami… we have seen our marriage customs na… Don’t you think it’ll be exciting to watch a Bengali wedding?
Ria and Nikki start discussing among themselves…
Dev: Ma… I’ll come soon… ~smiles and goes to his room~
GKB (Radha Rani): Jiji… Did you see? Bengalan hasn’t stepped into the house yet… But see, she’s controlling everything! Jiji… Even now we have time. There are so many gorgeous girls… You just nod your head… I’ll queue them all for you…
Ishwari: ~feels uncomfortable~ Bhabhi… Aisa kuch nahi hai… My Dev’s marriage will happen according to our customs… And did you forget what panditji said? This marriage has to happen… ~Ishwari’s pov~ I’ll talk to Dev… Tell him that marriage will happen according to our customs…
GKB (Radha Rani): Hmph… Bhalai ka toh zamana hi nahi raha…
GKB goes away…
Ishwari goes to Dev’s room…

Someone (X) twirls the paper weight; smiles when hears the sounds of footsteps
Someone (X): Did you get the information I asked you?
Goon 1: Ji Boss! These are the entire details of Dev Dikshit’s family… ~gives the details and photos~
Goon 2: Boss!!! Here are the details on Dev Dikshit’s business….
Someone (X): ~sits in the dark; smiles sinister~ Bahut khoob! Now you can leave…
Goon 2: Boss… That’s all? When shall we start the shubh kaam?
Someone (X) gets angry
Goon 1: ~nods no at Goon 1~ Boss… Forgive him… He’s too curious…
Someone (X): ~smiles suddenly~ It’s not the time yet… ~plays with Dev’s photo~ Sahi time pe sahi war…
Warna sab bekar… Go now… I will call you guys when needed…
Goon 1 and Goon 2 leave quickly
Someone (X) sings Gumnaam hai koi and laughs crazily
~Dev’s home – Dev’s room~

Ishwari: ~enters~ Dev… I wanted to talk to you…
Dev: Haan ma… Please tell…
Ishwari: Our panditji will soon give the auspicious dates for the marriage… We have to invite so many people… And shopping? You are so busy with your work!
Dev: ~smiles ~ My lovely Ma… Why are you so tensed? I’ll give the responsibility of managing entire marriage to Tina… She will take care of everything… From sending invitations to sending gifts… You just give me or Ria all the details and we will inform Tina… You don’t worry…
Ishwari: How can I let Tina to do everything? It’s my son’s wedding… I should invite personally…
Dev: Ma… You invite close relatives personally… All other work Tina can handle…
Ishwari: Par…
Dev: Ma… You are Dev Dikshit’s ma… You will not strain…. All you have to do is to sit and give orders… Okay?
Ishwari: ~smiles~ Teek hai… Teek hai… I won’t strain myself… Happy? Achcha Dev… I was thinking about what Nikki and Mami said… ~smiles slightly uncomfortable~ The marriage will happen according to our customs na?
Dev: ~looks nervous~ Ya… It will ma…
Ishwari leaves peacefully
~phone rings~
Dev: Hello… Ms. Bose… See, you miss your Dev a real lot…
Sona: No… nothing like that… Actually, baba was asking if you will accompany him for shopping…
Dev: Shopping? Bejoy baba ke saath?
Sona: Haan… I will be there as well… To buy traditional Bengal dhoti for you… ~stammers slightly~ You… know… for our wedding…
Dev: ~slightly nervous~ Sure… Message me the timings… Sona… I am going to have my dinner… Will talk to you later… Love you Sona…
Sona: ~blushes softly~ Sure Mr. Obodhro… ~cuts the call~
Dev scratches his head nervously ~Dev’s pov~ One side Ma… Other side Bejoy baba… Both will obviously wish that marriage happens according to their respective customs… Me and Sona? We just want to marry each other… How will this wedding happen now?

Oops… What will happen next?
Stay tuned for more!!!
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  1. Awesome. But I keen to see what will dev do. Thanks for updating it earlier

    1. Kalpana

      You are welcome dear! Working on the next part!!! Will post it tomorrow 🙂

  2. Manya

    Di yeh kab shuru Hua kab Khatam Hua pata hi nhi Chala?Plzzzzz next time lengthy plzzzz and epispde is interesting ?Excited to know what will Dev do?And who is the someone??eagerly waiting post soon ❣??????❤️???

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you so much dear!!! Working on the next part!!! Will post tomorrow 😀

  3. Awesome . Excited

  4. Again awesome vala epi kali nd even i’m also qurious to know what dev will do know. Seriously i’m loving this dev as well as u nd ur ff too?????????. Plzzz post soon Egarlyyy waitingggg nd equally exiciteddddddddd

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you so much dear!!!! Will post the next one tomorrow 😀 Working on it!!!

  5. awesom! epi! Waiting fr the marrge seq, really exited to c the fut epi. Plz! Post it soon)

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you so much dear!!!! Will post the next one tomorrow 😀 Working on it!!!

  6. This was really short episode. Please write a longer one next time. I would say, Dev and Sona should opt for court marriage if both sides are adamant on wedding according to their own cultures.

  7. Aaru

    Jo sab ko khush rakhna chahte h..log unhe hi dukhi kr dete h..poor Dev!!??

  8. Amazing epi!!!! Waiting for Devakshi’s marriage.. Post the next part asap!!?

  9. Vinya

    Awwwwww so cute….I loved the last part a lot…..update the next episode soon…. I’m waiting….. Keep writing and keep smiling ☺

  10. Angel20

    Why so short???
    Abhi to chalu kiya tha padna… Aur abhi khatam??
    Chalo theek hai maaf kiya.. Now coming to the episode!
    It was fabulous.. I mean dev firse duvidha mai!!????
    Aur vo kon hai Jo unhe dekh raha hai stalk kar raha hai! Please kuch bura mat hone Dena..
    I hope you don’t mind me talking in Hindi??
    Please please please please post the next one soon!!!!!
    Love you❤

    1. Kalpana

      Awww… Sorry dear… Will post slightly bigger one tomorrow 😀

  11. U r giving day by day superb episodes ❤️❤️??…….I think shyd woh x khatri hai…….??……Baqi wedding style ka naya masla ?…….aab dev u have to handle everything ?

    1. Kalpana

      Stay tuned for the next part!!! Thank you so much!!!

  12. Very awsm… storyline ke saath awsm fun diya romance ka tadka lagaya and now thrill and suspense 2
    Ur 2 good…no so good dear and a very special thanks 4 dedicating this epi to me ( actually I ‘d never expected this much ) pr such me thank u so much for being a saviour during my exams
    Mai kai baar real episode ke updates dekhti nhi hoon pr i never miss ur ff episodes
    Just bcz mere sst exam the I missed this one and could not comment but thank u sooooooo… much
    And hame aur bhi episodes jaldi chahiye
    Just kidding. ..
    Ur doing too…. gud keep it up

  13. It’s my chota sa request
    Do something pr kya devakshi marriage a mixture of Bengali and Gujarati marriage (Dikshit is Gujarati I think)or non Bengali style better to say
    Cz I am a Bengali and Hindi serials ke plot Bengali hi kyun na ho pr shadi hamesha vahi conventional tarike se hota hai
    Mere di ki shadi Bengali aur Gujarati customs ke mixture se hui hai and guess wat?It was super se bhi upar vala fun tooo… much and mai iss ff se itni attach go gayi hoon ki I will be soooooooo…. hpy if iss ff me bhi vo fun factor rakhna chahti hoon
    And if u can’t no problem but try na once…..
    Luv u and Ur epis
    Devakshi forever. ..

    1. Kalpana

      Juhi… Ya dear… Even i have seen that… Stay tuned for the next part and let me know how it is 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much dear!!! I love writing this ff 🙂 And I loved dedicating it you!!! All the best for your exams 🙂 Keep smiling!

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