Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 2)


Hi guys!!! Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and support! Part 2 is here for you all  It’s a bit long part  Note” ~pov~ means that the character is thinking in his/her mind (To avoid confusion)
Mami: Thank god she left! What she thought Dev will miss her? He doesn’t need at her at all… Came to taunt us all… He’s so much happy now… Everything back to normal now… Sab apne apne jage pe.. Right jiji?
Ishwari: ~feeling uncomfortable~ Yes… If Dev had any problem, he would’ve told me first. He’s fine. He’s happy enough. Soon, he’ll forget all about her.
~ Ishwari’s pov~ “Was Sona right? No… That can’t be… Dev is fine. He looks happy enough. If he had any problem, he would’ve shared… But he never shared when he fell in love… Is Dev really hurting? I am sure he’ll forget her… Chaar din ka pyaar Will he forget her?”
~Aloud~ Bhaiyya… Dev took this decision himself. He’s fine na… He’s happy right?
Mamaji: Don’t think about all this and spoil your health. If anything there, Dev would share. Don’t worry.
~Mamaji’s pov~ “I am sorry behana… What you did, you know it very well… This time whatever you did was wrong. For your health reasons, I am not going to point it out. Sona was right. We are all selfish. Ishwari wanted Dev to be hers only. I am keeping quiet for your health sake. Dev keep sacrificing for us. I am sorry Sona.”

~Sona’s home~
Bejoy: Where’s Sona? Where did she go suddenly?
Sona comes home.
Bejoy: Where did you go Sona?
Sona: Dev’s I mean Mr. Dikshit’s home – to give resignation letter.
Bejoy: Good thing beta. Don’t worry. I know he hurt you bad. Everything will be fine. You will find better guy. I will never forgive Dev.
Sona: No papa. Dev didn’t do anything wrong. That moment, seeing his mom like that, he took this decision. If I was in his place, maybe I would’ve done the same?
Bejoy: But beta. What he did was wrong. Do you still want to give him a chance?
Asha: What if after marriage, he tells mom has problems and says I will give divorce?
Sona: Mom, dad calm down. First let me share why I am telling all this. Papa, you never gave any importance about winning and losing. But one thing you stressed – Don’t give up. I can’t give up now papa. He’s my first love. My life. How can I let him go easily?
Dev doesn’t realize yet. He took decision in spur of a moment. He always takes decision first and then thinks. He took decision emotionally papa. But he was indirectly forced to take the decision. He has to understand now. Every person has different place in his heart. He needs to learn to accommodate everyone. I never asked him to ditch his mom for me. Hell, I always understood his mom’s point of view and always guided him that way. It’s his turn now papa. He needs to understand that he needs both mom and wife.
Yes. He did a huge mistake. He broke my heart. My trust on him has wavered. If he wants me back in his life, he has to prove himself. He has to show that never again he will ditch me. I want to give him one last chance. But yes. I won’t go back easily. I will stay far. And see.
If it doesn’t work out, I promise I will marry any donkey you choose. Till then, I need your support.
Bejoy: You are our smart girl. But promise that you will give fair chance to the guy we choose. Choice will be yours.
Sona: ~smiles~ Deal papa
And they all hug.

Next day morning
Dev leaves home without having breakfast and forgets about seeing mom.
Ishwari: ~Coming down~ Dev… Dev…
Kichu: Memsaab, saab left for office. Long time ago.
Ishwari: Achcha, funny he didn’t meet me before leaving. Did he eat his breakfast?
Kichu: Nahi memsaab. I asked him. He told he wasn’t hungry and went away.
Ishwari: ~Ishwari’s pov~ “You think that he’s all fine and happy. Ask your heart, you will get the answer.” Why am I thinking about Sona’s words? He must have huge workload. That’s why he left. I should do something to fix this problem.

Once for all.
~Aloud~ It is fine.
Ishwari picks up phone and calls the marriage broker. The marriage broker arrives. Mami also comes and sits beside her.
Ishwari: Show me nice profiles. Nice guys who are earning well.
Marriage broker: For Ria beti? I have the best of best.
Ishwari: No. Show Bengali guys. Well settled and good looking. ~Going through profiles~ This guy is perfect. Give this profile to this contact number. Don’t mention that I suggested. Okay?
Mamaji comes down and sees everything. ~Mamaji’s pov~ Behana, now this is unfair. For a moment, I thought you will realize. I would’ve forgiven if you had searched for Dev. To keep Sona away from Dev, you are trying this cheap trick. I am sorry behana. I won’t let you do this.

~Dev’s office~
Tina (Dev’s secretary): Sir, these are the meetings for the day. Mr. Malhotra wants to partner with you and launch new smartphone. Sir, are you listening?
Dev: ~looking all lost~ Ya ya… Go on… That’s correct… ~suddenly jerking~ I am sorry Tina. I was preoccupied. Tell all of them that I can’t meet any one today.
Tina: But Sir….
Dev: ~Getting very angry~ I TOLD YOU THAT I CAN’T MEET ANYONE TODAY!
Tina: ~Feeling scared~ Okay sir. I will postpone.
Tina leaves.
~Phone rings~
Dev: Hello
Mamaji: Dev beta, Mamaji here. Are you free now? I need two minutes of your time.
Dev: Mamaji, tell me what is it? What can I do for you?
Mamaji: Give me Sona’s number. Have to ask her something.
Dev: Sona? Why?
Mamaji: Actually, have some doubt in Ishwari’s diet plan. Till you hire new nutritionist, we have to take care of her health na… So…
Dev: Oh god… Sona quit the job? She never told. Okay… Take down her number.
Mamaji: Thank you… Beta… You don’t worry. We are all here to take care of her.
~Call ends~

Dev calls Tina to his cabin.
Dev: Tina, talk to Dr. Sinha and arrange for a new nutritionist. Tell him its urgent. And deposit Sonakshi’s… I mean Ms. Bose’s salary in her account today. Without fail.
Tina: New nutritionist? Why Sir? Is everything ok?
Dev: Do as I told. ~Dev’s pov~ “How can she not tell that she’s quitting. Are we strangers? We have become strangers now” ~Aloud~ Take care of it immediately
Dev keeps scrolling over in his laptop and sees Sona’s pics…

~Sona’s home~
Doorbell rings and Elena opens the door.
Elena: Who are you? What do you want?
Marriage broker: I am a marriage broker. I got to know from your relatives that you guys are searching for a groom. I have a good proposal. Can I come in?
Elena: Come in
Marriage broker gives all the details about Rithivik and Sona’s family feel happy.
Sona enters.
Bejoy: Sona beta, see we have a good choice for you. Rithvik, a doctor. How about you to meet him?
Sona: Papa! I asked for time… Forgot already about second chance?
Bejoy: Beta you promised that you will give a fair chance. Just meet him once na. It’s not final.
Sona: Okay okay… Only for you guys. But remember I am not giving up yet. Tell that guy I will meet him at The Oberoi at 5 PM.
Bejoy: Yes!

Sona shakes her head
~Dev’s home~
Mamaji keeps pacing in his room. ~Mamaji’s pov~ I need to do this. Somehow, I need to make them realize. But before I take any step, I should confirm whether Dev is happy with his decision.
~The Oberoi Hotel~
Rithvik waits for Sona. Sona comes there and they go in together.
Rithvik: I am glad you could make it. I am Rithvik.
Sona: I am Sonakshi. Mr Rithvik, before we proceed further, I want to share something. I fell in love with a guy and he broke up with me. Whatever happened was in little haste, and I haven’t given up on him yet. I am not ready to move on as of now… I am here for my parents… I need sometime….
Rithvik: Hold on Sona…. I understand what you going through. I have been there… And know how it feels like… It’s perfectly alright…. If not anything, we can be still friends? Marrying; not marrying that’s secondary… I am here to become friends… What say?
Sona: ~smiles~ I would like that very much…
They continue to talk and laugh out loud…
Dev comes there to meet his client and sees them having fun….
After sometime, Rithvik and Sona leave together. Dev sees that and ends his meeting.
Rithvik: Shall I drop you home?
Sona: No it’s fine. I can manage… Thank you! I had a great time with you… Bye…
Rithvik smiles and leaves
Sona waits for a cab ~Sona’ s pov~ Stupid scooty of mine… Aaj hi kharab hona tha…
Sona’s phone rings…
Sona: “Elena… Elena… Wait…. I will tell everything after coming home…
Sona cuts the call, shaking her head
Who’s that guy? Someone asks from behind…
It’s Dev
Sona turns and stares…
Dev: Who’s that guy Sona?
Sona: Dev….

Tada… Cliffhanger!
What do you guys think? Comment below  Will post part 3 then  

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      I have decided to upload part 3 today instead of tomorrow 🙂 keep reading my friends!!!
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