Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 19)


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GKB (Radha Rani): ~puts fake smile on~ Waise, jiji… You have a huge heart… You are accepting that headstrong Bengalan… All for your Dev’s sake… Pata nahi kya jaadu kar diya hamare Dev par…
Ishwari: ~feeling uncomfortable~ Everything will be fine Bhabhi… ~Ishwari’s pov~ I hope I haven’t taken any wrong decision…
Ishwari goes inside and starts cooking to reduce her nervousness…

~Sona’s home~
~Doorbell rings~
Bejoy: Sourav, open the door…
Sourav: Baba, I am busy… ~in a soft voice~ eating ~stuffs a huge burger in mouth~ Please open the door yourself…
Dadi shakes her head laughing
Bejoy: See Asha… Look at our son… Instead of helping dad, he’s making me do the work… ~opens the door~ Arre Dev beta… Come in
Dev: Namaste Bejoy baba… How are you?
Bejoy: I would have been fine if I had a better son… What to do Goddess Durga gave me Sourav ~gazes angrily at Sourav~
Dev: Bejoy baba, he’s not that bad…
Bejoy: ~shakes his head~ You sit down Dev babu…
Dev: Ji baba…
Sourav: Baba!!! Look if Sona was here, she would have snatched my burger and would have imposed diet food for a month… Let me enjoy when she’s not there… Waise Dev babu, I am very happy that she’s getting married soon!!! I can enjoy my life… Aha, if couple of hours can be this peaceful, imagine the rest of my life!!!! I am so happy!!
Dev: ~gulps~ Is it that bad?
Sourav: Aur nahi toh kya… No chips… No fries… No burgers… Only fresh vegetables and fruit juices! Having a sister is troublesome… Having a sister, who’s number 1 nutritionist at home? That’s hell… ~sits beside Dev and throws arm around Dev’s shoulder~ All I can say is, good luck bro!!!
Dev looks slightly worried
Sona and Elena enter…
Sona: ~looks angry~ Dada, do you think I’ll let you escape after my marriage? Look at your body!!! Were you just complaining about my diet food? Ma… I will give you a diet chart… Give dada exactly according to the same… For two months… Hi Mr. Dikshit! How come you are here now?
Sourav hits his head… Elena smiles brightly
Dev: ~gulps~ Bejoy baba, may I go out with Sona for some time?
Bejoy: You may… But only for couple of days…
Asha: ~coming out~ Haan Dev babu… Once the engagement date is fixed, you can’t see or meet Sona till then… And the same rule applies, once marriage date fixed too… Okay?
Dev: ~looks shocked~ What? Why? That’s unfair… Rithvik continued to meet Elena after engagement!
Everyone start laughing… Sona looks angry…
Elena: ~looks mock serious~ That was only because we had given you punishments and I thought you might feel awkward to carry all those bags alone… Awww… Look at Dev… He doesn’t want to stay away from Sona… Not even for a sec…
Dev and Sona look embarrassed…
Dadi: Elena! Stop pulling his leg… Dev, go out with Sona… Bring her back safely… Okay?
Dev: ~feeling relieved~ Okay dadi… ~signs with eyes Sona to follow him~
Sona: Ma, baba… Will come back soon… ~takes all the burgers~ Elena, give these to our mohalla kids…
Sourav looks angry… ~Sourav’s pov~ Thank god, I hid the other one in my pocket ~pulls out a little and smiles~
Sona and Dev leave

~Dev’s home~
Panditji: ~enters~ Ishwariji…
Ishwari: Panditji… Please come in… Why did you strain so much? I would’ve come myself…
Panditji: Yeh toh mera saubhagy hai… After all, this is our Dev beta’s marriage…
Ishwari: Haan panditji… Did you see the kundlis?
Panditji: Ji Ishwariji… That’s why I hurried to reveal today… Ishwariji, what I am about to share will be slightly unsusual… But please listen carefully…
GKB enters
Ishwari: Boliye panditji… Sab teek hai na? ~looks worried~
Panditji: Nothing to worry… Actually, after reading the stars, I realized that after the girl entered, Dev’s life changed so much… Am I right?
GKB (Radha Rani): Arey panditji… Not just Dev’s life… Everyone’s lives changed here!!
Panditji: Ishwariji… More problems should be expected on this house…
GKB (Radha Rani): Iska matlab we shouldn’t bring that Bengalan into this house?
Ishwari: Haan… Should I stop this marriage?
Panditji: Nahi… nahi… That would be a mistake… This marriage shouldn’t be stopped at any cost…
Ishwari: ~looks confused~ But panditji… You told that we should be expecting more problems!
Panditji: Ji… That is true… But only the girl will be able to safeguard this family… She’ll be a kawach for this family… Her kundli tells that she will face every problem and emerge victorious… And Ishwariji… You can’t ask for better girl for Dev than this girl….
Ishwari: Really? Panditji… Then, I’ll convey the same to Sona’s parents… ~Ishwari’s pov~ What kind of problems? Bhagwanji… Please keep my kids safe…
Panditji: I’ll give the auspicious dates as early as possible… I’ll leave now….
GKB (Radha Rani): Teek hai… ~GKB’s pov~ I thought I’ll make Ishwari to drop the idea of bringing Sona to this house… This panditji has complicated everything…. I have to do something…
Ishwari thinks

Sona: Mr. Dikshit… Tumi!
Dev: Ms. Bose! Phir se tumi tumi?
Sona: Why did you tell unfair? I felt so… ~looks embarrassed~
Dev: ~suddenly twirls her arm and pulls her close~ Sonakshi, do you know how difficult it is staying away from you? You talk as if you don’t miss me at all!
Sona: ~gazes mischievous~ Who told that I miss you?
Dev: Ms. Khargosh… ~wraps arms around her neck~ Your beautiful lips lie… But your eyes can never lie… And they are screaming that I miss you too much Dev Dikshit…
Sona: ~opens her eyes widely; stammers~ Mr… Dikshit… Ki korcho… ~tries escaping~ What if someone sees us?
Dev: Let them… I am with the most beautiful lady of this entire universe… Ms. Bose…
Sona: Dev!!! Mujhse yeh typical wala romance nahi hota…
Dev: And I have poured all the romantic words I know… ~hugs her tight~
Sona smiles softly

~Dev’s home~
Ishwari: Ria! Call Dev and find out where he is
Ria: Ji ma…
Someone stands watching Dev’s home using binoculars ~Someone’s pov~ The house looks so peaceful from here… Poor inhabitants… They don’t know what is waiting for them… ~laughs crazily~

Gasp! Who’s that? What will happen next!!
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