Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 14)


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Ishwari: Dev!
Dev: Arey Ma… How are you? How was your day? I am so hungry… Will you serve me dinner? I will go freshen up..
Ishwari: I am fine beta… Dev… Is everything okay? I tried calling you… Your mobile switched off and called office, they told you left at 5… If you are daily leaving at 5, why so much delay in coming home? What is going on beta? Everything fine?
Dev: ~stands startled~ Ma…
Ishwari gives a questioning look
Dev: Ma… Woh…

Ria: ~entering suddenly~ Ma… Did you forget that your son, our bhaiyya is a business tycoon? He has so much work on his head… We employees have fixed timings… But bhaiyya… He didn’t build this empire just like that na? Remember, how much you were also so proud? Actually, many business people give meeting times after normal office hours… Because, all those people have their own business to run too… Right? I daily see him working so hard…
Ishwari: I know beta… I was just concerned about him… Sorry beta…
Dev: Ma… Why asking sorry and all… Don’t I know your heart? Did you forget what doctor said? No taking extra stress…
Ishwari: ~smiles~ Teek hai… Teek hai… Don’t get angry now!
Ria: And what is this? Bhaiyya is so tired and hungry… You are asking so many questions? Bhaiyya, you go and freshen up… I am very hungry… We are all waiting for you… Come fast…
Dev: Haan ok… ~Dev’s pov~ I am sorry ma… For hiding this from you… Should I tell her everything? Will she accept whatever I am doing? What to do?
Ria: I will call Nikki and Neha di too… After a long time, we will all sit together for dinner!!
After dinner, Dev goes to his room…

~Dev’s room~
Dev paces around slightly tensed ~Dev’s pov~ Maybe I should tell everything to ma…
Ria: Bhaiyya… Don’t even think about it…
Dev: ~stops shocked~ Ria… What do you mean?
Ria: We know everything bhaiyya… Don’t worry about ma… Everything will be perfect…
Dev: How… How do you know… Did you say we? You mean Nikki knows too?
Ria: Bhaiyya, forget about how and all… We will tell someday… I have complete faith in you… Win Sona di’s trust… Then, we can tell ma…
Dev: Do you really think so? I asked one month’s time from ma… But still, I feel guilty in hiding from her… I want to share everything right now…
Ria: Bhaiyya, I had read this somewhere… There’s a thin line of difference between privacy and secrecy… If you are planning or doing something very good; it causes no harm to anyone and you just don’t want everyone to see it, it is privacy… But, if you are planning very bad; it is meant to harm someone and hence you are wishing to hide the plan, that is secrecy! You are being private, that’s all… Once you win the trust, share it with ma… We are there with you… Okay?
Dev: ~smiles~ Okay Ria! I never knew that my little sisters have grown up so much!
Ria” Of course, we are grown up! And we are very grateful that after our loving brother always take care of us… Our every happiness… Keep smiling bhaiyya!
Dev: With my sisters’ support, I am sure I’ll win this challenge! ~Dev’s pov~ The challenge… I should start working on Sourav’s challenge! Thank you Ria!
Ria smiles and leaves the room.
Dev: ~thinks of Ria’s words and remembers Neha~ ~Dev’s pov~ Stupid me, I was so focussed in my challenge… How can I totally forget about Neha and Ranvir? Don’t I know how difficult it is to stay away from the one you the love most… Should I talk to Ranvir? No… I should do something to bring them closer again ~thinks of something and looks determined~ Perfect! I’ll do that tomorrow!

Next day
~Dev’s office~
Dev: ~calls Tina~ Tina, I need you in my cabin right now.
Tina: ~entering quickly~ Yes sir. What is the agenda for the day?
Dev: Tina, I need you to assemble a team and ask them to study inner garments business thoroughly. I need a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities) analysis. I also need the list of key players. I also need to know how the smaller businesses function. This is on the priority basis. Understand?
Tina: ~looks shocked and clueless~ Inner garments business? Why sir? If you don’t mind me asking, are we planning to expand our operations? But it’d make sense to expand our operations to a similar or allied business.
Dev: Tina…

Tina: I am sorry sir. I know, I just follow whatever you ask of me. It’s just I couldn’t stop myself from asking this time. I am sorry. I will do it immediately.
Dev: Thank you Tina. Our staff might not have enough expertise in the field. Feel free to recruit people from outside for this purpose. This will be a short term project.
Tina: I will start working on this project now. ~starts to leave~
Dev: And Tina.
Tina: Yes, sir do you need anything else?

Dev: Book a table for two in Hotel Woodland Deluxe for the lunch. Around 12-1 pm. Come back after 10 mins. I will give you some write-up, please send a person to deliver this to a waiter there ~gives her a huge letter~.
Tina: Okay sir.
Tina leaves
~Dev’s pov~ Now, I’ll send a couple of messages and concentrate studying on inner garments business…
~Dev’s home – Neha’s room~
Neha’s mobile flashes
Neha: ~reads the message~ “Meet me at Hotel Woodland Deluxe for the lunch, around 12-1” ~Neha’s pov~ Bhai wants me to meet at the hotel? Why? Maybe he wants to talk about Ranvir… I am only pretending… How will I keep up the fake anger?

~Neha’s sasural~
Ranvir: ~reads the message~ “Meet me at Hotel Woodland Deluxe for the lunch, around 12-1” ~Ranvir’s pov~ Oh no… Is Dev going to scold me for hurting his sister? How will I hide the truth that our fight is fake? I hope I can avoid insulting him…
At 12PM
Neha: Ma, I am going out… Will come back soon.
Ishwari: Be careful beta… Come back soon. Okay?
GKB (Radha Rani): Guess she’s feeling very sad… Go ahead Neha… ~GKB’s pov~ Where is she going now? I should find out…
Neha nods and leaves…
GKB (Radha Rani): Jiji, I’ll go to temple and come. I want to collect the Prasad.
Ishwari: Teek hai Bhabhi
GKB quickly follows Neha
Neha: ~to the driver~ Driver, Hotel Woodland Deluxe
GKB listens hiding
Driver: Ji memsaab

Neha leaves
GKB (Radha Rani): I should follow her quickly ~goes out; hires auto and follows~
Neha leaves
~Hotel Woodland Deluxe~
Neha: ~arrives and looks around~ ~Neha’s pov~ Bhai hasn’t come here yet.
Manager: Madam, are you waiting for someone?
Neha: Yes… I don’t know if there’s any reservation… Any reservation in the name of Mr. Dev Dikshit?
Manager: Yes, madam. Table no. 12. Please be seated. Waiter, please show the madam.
Neha nods and goes with the waiter.
Ranvir comes; asks the manager and he is guided to Table 12.
Ranvir: Neha! You here… I was expecting Dev… He sent me a message to come here.
Neha: ~looks surprised~ Ranvir… Bhai sent me a message too… Is he going to talk to us? How will we act?
Ranvir: How long should we keep up with this? I miss you Neha…
Neha: ~smiles~ Even I miss you so much… Only for some more time… Once bhai confesses to ma, I will come back…
Ranvir: ~pouts sad~ Okay…

Waiter: Sir, here’s a letter. I was asked to give it to you. What do you want to order?
Ranvir: Okay. We will order in some time.
Waiter leaves
Neha: What letter? Read na…
Ranvir: Okay Neha… ~starts reading~ “Hi… I know you both are expecting me here. Even I planned to sit and talk to you both. But then I felt it’s better to let you both enjoy some time alone. I don’t know the reason behind your fight. I felt everything will get better if you both spend time together, your fight will get resolved. I hope so. Because… I do know it feels like… Facing anger of loved one…
And Ranvir, I finally understood your stand in not taking any help from me. I have only reserved the table in my name. Paying bill is your responsibility. Enjoy the time together.
Ranvir smiles.
Neha: ~listening to the whole letter; smiles~ Ranvir… I never expected bhai to do this for us. I am very surprised and happy.
Ranvir: Thank god, we could spend time this way…
Neha and Ranvir laugh
GKB (Radha Rani) comes there and sees them together. ~GKB’s pov~ Achcha ji… Now I understand… Is this the plan they were talking about that day? Neha would have got fed up of living in such small house. Guess she’s planning to take over the house along with that poor husband of hers! I’ll tell this to jiji… Let’s see…

Oh no! What will happen next?
Next two parts are going to be maha episodes  Expect more drama!!!
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  1. Sumi1998

    Woow really amazing
    Dev u r so caring…. and this gkb ? y always putting nose in everything????? Also dev n undergarment business ha haa haaa….

    Waiting for maha episodes

    1. Kalpana

      Hi!!! Part 15 will be available soon!!! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Nice..

    1. Kalpana

      🙂 🙂

  3. Angel20

    Where was Sona???
    But the episode was good! Post the Maha episode soon! Very excited for it

    1. Kalpana

      Part 15 will be available soon!! Stay tuned!!!

  4. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee ???❣?waiting for mahaepisodes post soon plzz ?

    1. Kalpana

      Part 15 will be available soon!! Stay tuned!!!

  5. Aaru

    Ye GKB ko sabke phate mein taang adane ki aadat h?? Jab dekho kisi ba kisi ki batein sun rhi hoti h??chugalchotti??
    N aaj kal Dev bohot acche acche kaam krne laga h?? luv u Dev Babu..but I missed Sona in dis episode??

    1. Kalpana

      Watch out for Part 15!!! Was so excited while writing! Stay tuned!

  6. Omg this gkb kabhi bhi nhi insaan bane gi. Episode was fab as usual ??

    1. Kalpana

      Idle mind is Devil’s workshop na? Part 15 will be available soon!! Stay tuned!!!

      1. Please send her to some workshop to learn some real life skills. haha

  7. Kamaal tha yar …..plz upload soon i love your ff…..????

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you so much dear!! Part 15 will be available soon!! Stay tuned!!!

  8. Amazing, nd cuteee dear??. I missed ??sona nd devakshi cute scenes today but really waitingggg for maha epi post soon i’m waitingggg don’t b late dear

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you so much!!!! Part 15 will be available soon!! Stay tuned!!! I was so excited to write!!!

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    Loved it 🙂

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you!!! Stay tuned for the part 15!!!

  10. it was really awwsssmm….

    1. Kalpana

      Part 15 will be available soon!! Stay tuned!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  11. Erika

    read all the parts in one go all were fantastic and awesome update asap

    1. Kalpana

      Part 15 will be available soon!! Stay tuned!!! Thank you much dear!!!!!

  12. Superb!!!!! Waiting for Maha episodes….?

    1. Kalpana

      Part 15 will be available soon!! Stay tuned!!!

  13. Very interesting. Looking forward to next episodes. But please do something with this GKB. Please don’t let her ruin the fun.

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      She’s a spoilsport! Have planned a real lot!!!! Part 15 will be available soon!! Stay tuned!!!

  14. First of all a very big sorrrryyyy for tge late comment.
    Now coming to the story as usual it was a Nice Epi ??.
    I thought dev is going to get caught bt Ria handelled it well n inner garments business that was also awesome ????.
    Hope this GKB doesn’t cause trouble.

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you much dear!!! Part 15 will be available soon!! Stay tuned!!!

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