Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 12)


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Asha bargains and buys lots of vegetables… Dev walks carrying the bags…
Asha slowly walks near fish market… Dev begins to feel nauseated
Asha: Dev beta, hurry let’s quickly buy the fish for Bejoy!
Dev takes couple of steps… Holds his mouth… Suddenly hands over the bags to Elena and runs away
Elena: Dev, it’s your punishment… ~Turns to see him run~ DEV!!
Elena looks shocked and calls Sona
Dev throws up everything… ~Dev’s pov~ Oh God! The fish… The seafood… What would Asha aunty think of me?
Asha: Dev beta? Are you okay? Ki halo?
Dev tries speaking but the smell of the fish provokes his stomach again…
Sona rushes there…
Sona: Elena! What happened to Dev? Is he alright? Nothing happened to him na? Why are you silent?
Elena: Sona! First, let me ~points at Dev throwing up~
Sona: OMG! ~realizes that it’s fish market and hits her head~ First, get a bottle of water quick! And we have to move him from here… Or he’ll keep throwing up….
Elena gets a water bottle from somewhere…

Sona: Dev… Dev! First, drink this water… Hold your breath for some time… ~slowly feeds him water and rubs his back~
Dev gulps little water and spits out; tries to hold his breath a little…
Sona: Come, let’s go ~holds him slightly and they walk towards the car~
Asha and Elena follow behind, all worried… Rithvik reaches there!
Rithvik: What happened? Elena, Shopping?
Sona: No time to explain… ~takes Dev’s mobile, suddenly realizes~ Here Rithvik, ~gives him Dev’s mobile and car keys~ dial driver’s number and ask him to come near the office complex, which is little far from here… You drive there and wait… Tell that you are Dev’s employee… Dev’s leaving in his client’s car and he’d call later to pick him up! Okay? And give your car keys… We will sit in there… Come fast!
Rithvik: ~looks confused~ Okay
Rithvik leaves in Dev’s car

Sona ~makes Dev sit in Rithvik’s car~ Ma, did you buy any lemon?
Asha nods and hands over the bag…
Sona: ~gives the lemon to Dev~ Here, keep sniffing this… You will feel better
Dev: ~sniffing lemon, slowly feeling better~ Thanks Ms. Bose… But why did you send Rithvik like that?
Sona: Mr. Dikshit… I know you very well… I bet, nobody at your home knows about this one month wala punishments… You know about my driving skills very well… What explanation will we give your driver when he comes to pick you up here? If Ishwari aunty gets to know about your condition right now, it’ll be goodbye Ms. Bose… Instead of doli, parents will be lifting my arthi!
Dev: ~covers her mouth and stares at her~ Sonakshi!
Sona: ~brings his hand down~ I didn’t mean to insult aunty… You don’t have to cover my mouth for that…
Dev: ~pulls her close~ Sssshhh… I didn’t cover your mouth for that… Ms. Khargosh… Neve, I repeat, never ever talk about your death! ~gazes at intensely, feeling slightly angry~ And Mamaji knows about us and these punishments!
Sona: ~feels slightly nervous~ Okay….
Elena coughs slightly… Sona and Dev move apart…
Elena: You should thank me Sona… See if I hadn’t asked Rithvik to come here… We couldn’t have escaped…
Sona gazes at her angrily
Rithvik comes back and they all go home; he drops them at Sona’s home and leaves

~Sona’s home~
Sona makes Dev rest on the bed and comes out…
Asha and Elena stand talking to each other
Sona: Ma… Seriously? Why didn’t you tell me that you are planning to go to fish market today?
Asha: It’s the weekend Sona… And why are you tensed? I thought he’ll be fine…
Sona: Ma, his name is Dev Dikshit? I hope he looks better while the time he has to leave…
Dev feels better, slowly walks out of room; listens to Sona and smiles….

~Dev’s pov~ My Sona cares for me after all… Thank you Sona for your love… I promise, I’ll never break your heart again…. This is Devrath Dikshit’s promise…
Elena: Awww… Look at Sona… See how concerned she is! She’s already behaving like Dev’s wife!!!
Sona looks angry and starts chasing Elena around the house….
Finally, Asha manages to stop them
Asha: Sona, I think I should apologize to Dev… And will tell Bejoy that no fish till Dev finishes his punishments…
Dev: That’s not fair… Please don’t stop eating fish because of me! I can handle it soon…
Asha: Dev beta… Why did you get up? I am very sorry… I didn’t realize that the fish would have such an effect on you…
Dev: You call me beta, yet you apologize… Am I a stranger? You are like my own ma… Please don’t stop eating fish because of me aunty…
Asha: ~smiles~ Call me ma then…
Dev: ~smiles brightly~ Asha ma…
Dadi: If you guys are done with emotional moments, I am going to steal Dev for the robin sangeet session…
Dev: ~smiling~ Come on Dadi… And I have something for you… ~gives her a collection of CDs~ Dadi, I know you love listening to robin sangeet in Rabindranath Tagore’s voice… But, try these… I have collected the same songs recorded by different artists including Kishore Kumar…. And I have these translated lyrics… I am all ready to listen to robin

sangeet now…
Dadi: ~smiles happily~ Perfect! Sona beti, Dev has successfully passed my punishment… I expected him to snap or run away… Not only he managed to find the same songs sung by other artists but also he has translation of the songs… It may not contain the pure essence of Bengali words, but it’d do…
Dev leaves with Dadi…
~Sona’s pov~ I know you can do it Dev… I hope that these punishments bring you closer to my family; more than ever…
~Dev’s home – Neha’s room~
Neha, Nikki and Ria are talking to each other…
Nikki: Neha di, bhaiyya has really changed a lot now… He’s smiling so much and so much happy… I guess our plan worked… But bhaiyya didn’t tell us anything! So bad…
Neha: Ya… For his sake, I am staying away Ranvir…
Ria: Funny thing is that office timings are the same… At home, he has mentioned that he has work, but what work, don’t know…

GKB listens to this from outside… ~GKB’s pov~ Plan…. What plan? Even I felt that something’s suspicious… Dev, Devdas se phir se Dev Dikshit kaise bangaya? I should find out…
Mamaji sees her
Mamaji: Radha, what are you doing here? Listening again? You will never change…
GKB (Radha Rani): Haan haan… Keep chasing me away like this… One day you will regret it…
GKB goes away…
Mamaji enters Neha’s room
Mamaji: You girls should be careful… Just now I saw your mami standing outside… I don’t know how much she had listened…
Neha, Ria and Nikki: WHAT???
Nikki: Sorry Mamaji… We were thinking about bhaiyya…
Mamaji looks outside and comes back
Mamaji: Dev’s fine… He’s trying to earn back Sona’s trust… He has one month to fulfil the punishments… Once everything’s done, he’ll reveal…
Nikki: Wow! Not bad… I know that bhaiyya will win for sure!
Neha and Ria: Definitely!!!
Mamaji smiles

Two weeks pass by
~Sona’s home~
Bejoy: Ha, finally! The ODIs have started! India vs New Zealand! Dev, remember till the match finishes you are not moving from here… Okay?
Dev: Okay uncle… ~smiles brightly~
Sourav: This is going to be exciting!
Sona watches them ~Sona’s pov~ Dev… This is going to be a real challenge for you! You will see soon~
Bejoy: Come on… Hit a four! Yes… That’s a four
Dev watches TV, suddenly gazes at Sona watching him; smiles at her and moves slightly to the right…
TV shows India 4-1
Bejoy: WHAT!! A wicket already!!! ~turns towards Dev~ DEV! You moved? I told you not to move! Sit in your original position and no moving!
Dev looks shocked and moves quickly…
Sona: Uh oh!!!!

What Dev’s gonna do now?
Stay tuned for the next part!!!
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