Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 11)


Hi guys!!! Hope you all enjoyed part 10!! I am dedicating this specially to Erica!!!

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Sona’s home~
Calling bell rings
Sona: Coming… I am coming… ~opens the door and feels stunned~ Dev!
Dev: Hi, Ms. Khargosh ~gives her the bouquet of flowers~
Sona: Ah… Thank you… ~feels slightly nervous~ Come in… What is that in your other hand, Mr. Obodhro?
Dev: ~looks nervous~ Robin sangeet?
Sona smiles
Dev walks inside with his heart beating fast…
Dadi: Wow, Dev beta on time! Come on, sit beside me… Did you get the robin sangeet music?
Dev: Haan dadiji… Here ~places the CDs on the table~
Asha comes to the hall…
Asha: Arey Dev beta… You are here… Help me with the vegetables please… Wash them nicely!
Dev: Okay aunty…
Bejoy enters with the newspaper
Bejoy: Dev! Perfect… Since the match isn’t starting today, how about you solve some crosswords with me?
Dev: Huh… Okay uncle…
Elena comes, carrying her handbag…
Elena: Sona! Come on… Let’s go shopping… Rithvik will also join later… Till then ~stops seeing Dev~ DEV!!!! Sona, you relax… I will just take Dev along with me… Come on Dev
Dev: ~nods confused~
Dadi, Asha, Bejoy all start objecting….
Sona sees Dev’s face and laughs out loud… Everyone see her and become silent…

Sona: Dev Dikshi ek aur punishments hai chaar… How nice! Poor Dev… ~smiles softly~
Dev: ~lost in Sona’s smile, suddenly jerks; feeling nervous~ How about you guys decide amongst yourself and tell me?
Dadi, Asha, Bejoy and Elena start discussing hushed tones… They see Dev and continue discussing…
~Dev’s pov~ I am starting to feel like a guinea pig! Why am I so nervous? I am Dev Dikshit… I can do this easily…
Dadi: Okay, first hour – you will sit with me… Then, you can help Asha… Afterwards, do what Bejoy asks you to…
Sona: And Elena’s punishment?
Dev: ~looks at Sona shocked~ Ya… Elena’s?
Elena: We will go this weekend… I’ll get extra time as well ~grins mischievously~
Dev blinks his eyes… Sona smiles at him
Sourav: ~enters~ And my punishment?
Dev: ~looks nervous~ I am working on that… Don’t worry… Soon I will discuss the proposition… ~Dev’s pov~ I have no idea how to do this… Should I announce some scheme and merge it with my business? Dev, don’t forget it’s inner garments business… Not Bluetooth headsets!
Sourav: Very professional… I like it very much… Take your time!
Dev sits and listens to the sangeet… Soon he helps Asha and enjoys solving crosswords…
Sona sees him and feels happy… Dev, catches her eyes looking at him and signs her to join him… Sona shakes head no… Dev pouts…
Dev: ~checks the time~ It was fun… But I think I should leave now… I will come back tomorrow!
Bejoy: Haan beta… Bye… Drive safe….
Dev walks slowly, searches for Sona and comes out ~Dev’s pov~ Very bad Ms. Khargosh! How can you torture me like this?
Dev unlocks the car door and is about to leave…
Mr Obodhro… Aren’t you forgetting something?
Dev smiles and turns
Sona walks towards him and gives him the CDs…
Sona: You can take this with you and get it tomorrow ~gives him and turns to leave~
Dev clutches her arm and pulls her close…
Sona: Dev! What are you doing? Chodo mujhe… ~tries freeing her hand~
Dev: I didn’t catch your arm to leave you again…. Ms. Khargosh, what’s with you escaping me?
Sona: ~smiles to herself~ Well, I did tell you, first punishments and then acceptance…
Dev: ~pushes her towards the car, puts his arms on the either side and gazes intensely~ So happy to torture me huh? Ms. Bose, just wait and watch… This is Dev Dikshit we are talking about… Not just the punishments, I will win your heart again… How will you escape now?
Sona: ~slips down and shakes her thumb~ It’s not going to be that easy! Go home… Mr. Dikshit… You have to do tomorrow again…
Dev shakes his head and smiles and drives away…
Sona goes inside, smiling to herself ~Background music: Tu mujh me mujhse zyada hai~

~Dev’s home~
Ishwari: Bhaiyya, call Dev na… He hasn’t come yet… Don’t know what work is keeping him away from home!
Mamaji: Haan, haan… I’ll call him now… ~Mamaji’s pov~ Ishwari, it’s the world’s toughest task – the task of winning back the love and trust of our loved one
Dev’s phone rings. He cuts the call and enters home feeling very happy… ~imagines Sona’s smile~
Mamaji: See, he’s home…
Ishwari: Dev! Why were you so late? Shall I serve dinner now?
Dev doesn’t reply… Continues to imagine Sona and smile to himself…
Ishwari: Dev! Dev!
Dev: ~suddenly comes out of his thoughts~ Ma… Sorry… I was thinking about work… Serve food quickly… I am very hungry….
Ishwari: Haan haan… Go freshen up… I have prepared aloo parathas with extra butter… Especially for you… You will love them…
GKB comes down and watches them silently….
Dev: Ma… I told no oily food for next few months… I will eat the same food as you… I will give you company…
Ishwari: But beta… It won’t be sufficient for you! You need to eat well!
Dev: Ma, only kids look good as rolu-polu… Not me…. I need to maintain my body and keep myself fit… Kichu bhaiyya, serve the same food which ma ate… I will be there soon…
Dev goes in smiling…
Ishwari: ~shakes her head~ Yeh ladka bhi na… Ajeeb hai…
GKB (Radha Rani): Waise jiji, Dev is smiling to himself for no reason… How come he’s all happy? So many days he was all lost, not eating properly; totally silent… But now, so happy?
Mamaji: Be silent Radha… Don’t you want to see Dev happy? Maybe his day was good at office… Who knows? Let him be happy…
GKB stands speechless
Few days pass by… It’s the first weekend!
~Sona’s home~
Dev, slowly starts getting used to the punishments… He has started balancing the punishments… Like, listening to robin sangeet and simultaneously cutting the vegetables…
Dadi: Dev, play the song called Tobu mone rekho please…
Dev: Ji dadi and starts playing in his mobile ~Dev’s pov~ I wish I could enjoy this music… I am neither able to enjoy the music nor the language makes sense… But Dev focus… You are doing this for your Sona… Remember?
Sona observes his frustrated face…
Asha: Dev beta, remove that dabba from the loft na… It’s heavy and tough to reach…
Dev: Ji aunty… I am coming… ~goes inside to help~
Sourav sits watching TV
Bejoy: See, learn from Dev! He’s so fit! Not like you… If you try climbing the stool, I won’t be surprised even if an earthquake happens, right in the middle of the house!
Sourav: Baba! I am so handsome… Who wants to be as thin as Dev? One should be healthy!
Bejoy stares angrily…
Dadi: Be silent you both! I want Dev to listen to this song and you guys are fighting…
Sourav: That’s why TV is on mute na dadi…
Sona: ~remembers Dev’s frustrated face~ Dadi, is it needed to stretch this robin sangeet punishment?
Dadi: ~smiles mischievously~ Aha! Look at you! Who was so scared about giving second chance? When we gave tough punishments, you were all happy! So soon, your heart melted? Let him finish his punishment properly!
Dev listens to this and smiles ~Dev’s pov~ Ms. Khargosh is so concerned for me? Not bad Dev!
Sona: Teek hai Dadi… ~Sona’s pov~ I need to help Dev… How? ~smiles~ Idea!
Dev sits and listens to the song… Sona comes over and gives him something…
Dev: What’s this Sonakshi… I mean Ms. Bose?
Sona: When you understand the thing you are doing; you will enjoy it better… This is the translation of the song… ~smiles and leaves~
Dev: ~reads the translation and smiles~ No wonder they appreciate Rabindranath Tagore so much… So deep and meaningful… ~Dev’s pov~ This one is meant for us… Thank you, my Sona… You gave me the clue to win the first punishment… Now I know what I should do!
Asha: Dev beta… I need to go to the market… Will you accompany me?
Dev: Dadi, I think I spent one hour… Shall I help aunty?
Dadi: Go ahead beta…
Elena: Wait, I will come too… We will finish first trip of my marriage shopping! I’ll inform Rithvik too…
Dev nods okay
Asha bargains and buys lots of vegetables… Dev walks carrying the bags…
Asha slowly walks near fish market… Dev begins to feel nauseated
Asha: Dev beta, hurry let’s quickly buy the fish for Bejoy!
Dev takes couple of steps… Holds his mouth… Suddenly hands over the bags to Elena and runs away
Elena: Dev, it’s your punishment… ~Turns to see him run~ DEV!!
Elena looks shocked and calls Sona

OMG! What happened to Dev?
How’s he going to fulfil the first punishment successfully?

Stay tuned for the next part!
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P.S This is the song Tobu mone rekho: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9teMCBGS7Q
Translation: http://pilanipoets.blogspot.in/2010/06/even-so-remember-me-tobu-mone-rekho.html

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