Piya ke Rang, Rang Deeni Odhani: One shot Devakshi (Part 10)


Hi guys!!! Hope you all enjoyed part 9!! I am dedicating this part to Maria; Sharica; Manya; Aaru; niharika jain, Ali, Princess, Shreyansh, krish, Varsha94, Archi, Niki, Madhuri; Fatarajo; ibtesam; Aniya, Maleeha and of course Erina!!!

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~Dev’s room~
Ishwari: Dev beta! Aa gaya? Where did you go? It’s so late? Is everything alright?
Dev: ~looks slightly shocked~ Ma… ~keeps the photo frame down~
Ishwari: Dev?
Dev: Ma… You didn’t sleep yet?
Ishwari: How will I beta? I wanted to know if you are alright… You left in a hurry and after coming back, you didn’t come to my room…
Dev: Ya I had to do an important work… ~Dev’s pov~ Shall I confess about Sona? Shall I tell her that I couldn’t let go off her? ~remembers Sona’s words~ “The more you delay, the more I feel that I am losing the right to call her ma” And then ma was sick… I shouldn’t hide… But she might fall sick again… Moreover, I have to finish the punishments given by Sona’s family… Till I don’t finish them, Sona won’t accept me…

Ishwari: Dev… Dev? Kahan kho gaya hai? I am asking you something beta…
Dev: ~comes out of his thoughts~ Ma… ~holds her hand~ you sit here first… ~makes her sit on the bed~ Everything’s fine ma… I want to ask you something… ~Places his hand on her cheek~ Do you trust your Dev?
Ishwari: What kind of question is this beta? I trust my Dev… My son…
Dev: Do you have faith in my decisions? Do you have faith that whatever I do, it’s for the good of you, for this house; for us all?
Ishwari: Haan beta… I have complete faith… Why are you asking all these questions now?

Dev: Ma… I know you have so many questions in your heart… I have come to a decision on something… But I can’t reveal what it is right now… Still there’s lot more to be done regarding the decision. Hence I need some time ma… I know last time I hid and you suffered a lot… This time I am not hiding anything… You have trust on me right? Usi bharose ke vaaste… I am requesting some time, a month to be exact… Once I finish the tasks, I will reveal everything… You don’t even have to ask…
Ishwari: But what is it that has to wait? You can share with you ma…
Dev: Ma… Do you trust me that I won’t do anything wrong?
Ishwari: Of course beta…
Dev: Then wait for me to reveal… Don’t ask me any question before that… Ma… will you bless me with success?

Ishwari: ~smiles and places her hand on his head~ My aashirwaad is always with you!
Dev: Thank you ma… For understanding me… ~sees the clock~ Ma! It’s so late… Come on… Go to bed now… ~pulls her arm and takes her to her room~ You don’t take care of yourself at all!
Ishwari: Beta, main teek hoon… ~smiles at her son~
Dev: ~makes her rest on the bed~ Now sleep… No thinking about anything… Okay? Good night ma…
Ishwari: Good night beta!
Dev leaves
~Ishwari’s pov~ What is this decision he’s talking about? Why does he need time? It’s okay… He’ll tell me… He promised me na…

~Sona’s home~
Sona stands outside thinking about Dev’s confession…
Elena: Finally! Dev confessed his love… I was so much worried… But you guys rocked… Such awesome punishments… Dev’s going to have such a hard time!
Asha: That’s true…
Bejoy: But one thing I understood very well from this… Our Sona was right… Dev took decision in a panicked state… He sure loves Sona or he wouldn’t have agreed to our punishments… Thank god, we listened to Sona… Otherwise, we would have made a hasty decision of marrying her off to some guy whom she doesn’t care about….
Asha: Haan Bejoy… Our Sona has become so matured… She understands Dev so perfectly…
Bejoy: See, she’s my daughter that’s why… Understands her partner so well… Warna aap toh… Learn from Sona on how to take care of one’s partner!
Asha: ~looks shocked~ Bejoy!
All laugh

Dadi: I am so looking forward for tomorrow… Will Dev really listen to robin sangeet with me?
Bejoy: ~laughs~ We should see… To be frank, punishments are just an excuse… I want both Dev and our Sona to forget what happened and move on towards happiness… This one month will give them time and space to spend with each other… I know Dev would have suffered equally… I was angry at him for hurting my Sona… But I know he couldn’t have helped feeling that way…
Asha: What surprises me is that why Ishwariji is so uncomfortable with Dev falling in love?
Bejoy: Haan… If I remember correctly, Sona told that Dev’s sister, what’s her name, Naina? No Neha… Haan Neha fell in love with a guy and got married…
Sona enters
Sona: For that, even I don’t have any explanation… Even I am surprised… Usually, moms are extra protective about daughters… But here, Ishwari aunty is so protective and possessive about Dev, she isn’t half protective/possessive about daughters… She worries about them too, yes… But, not as much as she feels for Dev…
Baba, more than that, I am concerned only about one thing… Will it be fine now? I am scared of being diched again… Yes, I wanted to give him second chance… But… I am scared now…

Bejoy: ~places his hand on Sona’s head~ Sona beta, today I saw Dev’s eyes… I could clearly see the amount of love for you… It’s easy to lie Sona… But eyes? They never lie… And today he showed extraordinary courage in admitting his mistake in front of everyone… He could’ve easily taken you to a corner and asked for forgiveness… Nobody would ever know that your relationship went through a rough phase… He could’ve proposed you in a corner… But he didn’t… He not only owned up to his mistake, he also proposed you in front of so many strangers… It takes guts Sona beta…
I understand your hesitation… But don’t worry… This is the reason why we announced punishments for him… After we listened to you, we forgave him long time ago… We don’t want to make it easy for him… But at the same time, we will give total support and courage… Courage to take a decision for himself… We want him to realize that if his sister has right to choose her life partner, then he also has an equal right to do the same…
We are all with you… I promise, all of us together will not only unite you and Dev, but also make Ishwariji understand…
Sona: ~rests her head on Bejoy’s lap~ Thank you, baba…
Bose family smile and look emotional at Sona

~Dev’s home – Dev’s room~
~Dev’s pov~ I am sorry ma… I want to share what it is… But before I reveal you, I really need time… One month to win the Bose family’s trust… Once, I do that… I will share everything…
“First fulfil the punishments… Then Mr. Obodhro, I’ll accept you as my Dev!” ~smiles brightly~ Thank you my Sona! I will work hard to win your trust again…
Mamaji enters
Mamaji: Dev! Dev! What happened there?
Dev: ~comes out of his thoughts and smiles brightly~ Everything’s fine!
Mamaji” ~smiles~ Awww… Didn’t I tell you? Claim your love first? I am so much happy for you… Bless you, beta… Keep smiling like this always…
Dev: Thank you, Mamaji… If you weren’t there, I’d have never realized… Do you know Mamaji it wasn’t my Sona’s engagement… It was Elena’s with Rithvik… What if it was her engagement? Even now I feel scared to imagine that… She taught me a nice lesson…
One more thing too Mamaji… If Neha hadn’t come back and told about her fight with Ranvir, I wouldn’t have realized what I needed in my life… A balance…
Mamaji: That’s true… ~Mamaji’s pov~ Otherwise, you would have never realized that you need both Ishwari and Sona beta…
Dev: I need to make Neha and Ranvir realize too… ~suddenly thinks about punishments ~ Mamaji, but I have a major worry now – one, Sona and her family has given me a huge list of punishments for one month and Sona told he’ll accept me only after I fulfil those punishments!
Mamaji: They’re correct… You should be given punishment! ~smiles~ You will win her trust beta… But what about Ishwari? Did you tell her? Don’t hide this time…

Dev: I haven’t told her yet… First, I need to win Sona and her family’s trust… Then I am planning to… This time, I have requested time from ma… I will tell everything once Sona accepts me… I don’t how I will convince ma… That Sona is the only one for me… But I am determined to do so… This time, me and Sona, together we will convince ma… I will convince ma that as much as I need ma in my life, I need Sona too…
Mamaji: You did correctly beta… I am proud of you… Sleep now…
Dev: Ji Mamaji ~Dev’s pov~ It’s hard for me to sleep… ~thinks about Sona’s smile~
Next day morning,
Dev goes to Neha’s room
~Neha’s room~
Dev: Neha…
Neha: Hi bhai… How are you? Office?
Dev: Never felt this better… Haan, was about to leave…How are you feeling? Are you still angry at Ranvir? Shall I speak to him on your behalf?
Neha: I am fine bhai… it’s okay… You don’t have to…

Dev: Are you sure?
Neha nods
Dev: Okay Neha, take rest… Don’t worry… ~Dev’s pov~ I will do something Neha… I know you are not happy staying away from Ranvir… I know the pain very well… I will ensure that you guys are united again…
Dev comes down… Ishwari sits on the chair for breakfast…
Dev: Good morning ma! Did you sleep well?
Ishwari: Dev, I slept well… After so many days, you are here to eat breakfast… I am so happy…
Dev: Haan ma, I will eat breakfast daily from now on… I am very hungry… Kichu, serve me breakfast quickly… Give me fresh fruits, a glass of milk… Nothing oily for me from now… At least for a month or two…
Ishwari looks surprised… Kichu serves him
Dev: ~sees Ishwari’s surprised look~ I want to get fit ma… I am going to have same diet as you… ~Dev’s pov~ For my Sona… Haan diet se yaad aaya… Ma, I’ll get the diets from the doctor and give it to Kichu… You eat accordingly… Okay ma?
Ishwari: Okay beta…
GKB enters
GKB (Radha Rani): Arey wah! Dev is having breakfast today… Dev beta? From now, no doctorni for jiji?
Dev: Haan mami… I don’t think any other nutritionist will be ready to work for 12 hours in a single home… So I will try making alternate arrangements ~Dev’s pov~ We have the best nutritionist ma… No other person will be able to take care of you the way my Sona does… I will get the diet charts prepared by her… I will request her…
Ma, I am leaving for office… I have huge workload… So I will be late… Don’t wait for me to eat dinner… Okay?
Ishwari: Okay beta… But don’t strain!
Dev’s phone beeps…
Dev checks the message: “All the best! Mr. Obodhro”
Dev smiles to himself and replies: Thank you, Ms. Khargosh…
Ishwari sees him smile ~Ishwari’s pov~ Guess bhaiyya was right… Something was bothering my Dev… After a long time, I am seeing him smile…
Dev leaves

~Dev’s office~

Dev sits in his cabin and calls Tina. Tina enters cabin
Dev: Tina, I need you to collect entire collection of robin sangeet… Sung specifically by Rabindranath Tagore… And present it to me before 4 pm. Okay?
Tina: Robin sangeet? Do you mean Rabindra sangeet? Why sir? It’s Bengali…
Dev: Tina, no questions please. Just bring them… MP3s, CDs… Anything… I need it. It’s top priority.
Tina: Okay Sir.
Tina leaves
Dev smiles to himself and sees the time 10 am…
~Dev’s pov~ It’s still 10 am? When it’ll turn 6? How weird! When we want time to go fast, it moves real slow… But when I am with Sona, it passes so quickly… remembers Sourav’s words“I need you to work on promotional activities on behalf of me” ~feeling tensed~ I need to work on it soon… Where will I start?
Dev starts thinking and searches online

~Sona’s home~
Calling bell rings
Sona: Coming… I am coming… ~opens the door and feels stunned~ Dev!
Dev: Hi, Ms. Khargosh ~gives her the bouquet of flowers~
Sona: Ah… Thank you… ~feels slightly nervous~ Come in… What is that in your other hand, Mr. Obodhro?
Dev: ~looks nervous~ Robin sangeet?
Sona smiles

Ta da!! Dev’s punishment has started!!!
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  1. Amazing. Love the way you present your views.might it be happen in real show

    1. Kalpana

      Don’t know dear… But as per the latest rumors, Dev is going to find out that his mom sent Rithvik’s proposal for Sona… I am missing Devakshi romance…

  2. Good job Kalpana. Loved this punishment track. Please don’t drag it too much, tough. Otherwise it will lose it’s novelty factor. I love the way you are writing, especially the language. It’s not cheesy at all. I have read some other FFs where the romantic scenes become so cheesy so easily that I feel they are written by teenagers. I am sorry I keep comparing you with other writers but as I said, being a teacher I notice that kind of stuff easily. And now that I know your age, I can tell you I am much older than you are so I am sure you will understand why I prefer clean storyline. I have no problem with romance by the way. I am done with teenage romance (aka lovemaking).

    1. Kalpana

      It’s okay Archi… It’s amazing to see you take so much time, to read and appreciate my work… I am open to all kinds of inputs… I feel that it helps in shaping up the story as per the reader’s choice… And for a novice like me, inputs like this is so very useful… Helps me to keep focused! Many writers here have good imagination and probably they’re trying to write what they would love to experience in their own lives… Actually, I feel writing romantic stuff is very tough… What we imagine and feel in heart, it’s so tough to translate the same into words… And to make readers feel the emotions behind it… It’s a challenge in itself… Some people are so natural in writing it…
      I am trying my best to write Devakshi scenes… Hope you enjoy it! I will make sure that I won’t drag the punishment track… But at the same time, we will wrap them all up nicely…
      Stay tuned for part 11!

      1. Awesome! Thank you.

  3. Madhuri

    Awesome. Now comedy start I think so. Update asap

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you so much!!!! Stay tuned for the next part!!!

  4. Sharica

    Amazing. Update soon. Seems to be very interesting in future ☺

    1. Kalpana

      Thank you so much dear!!!! Stay tuned for the next part!!!

  5. was tooo intresting dear …
    luved it !!!
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      Thank you so much!!!! Stay tuned for the next part!!!

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    Di!!u forgot to mention my name?.

    Anyways..great episode!!elena and ritwik??

    1. Kalpana

      Awww… Sorry dear!!! Thank you so much!!!! Stay tuned for the next part!!!

  7. As usual the Epi was awesome??.I am really excited to see Dev doing all the punishments ??.
    And thanks for mentioning me ??.

    1. Kalpana

      You are welcome!!! Thank you so much dear!!!! Stay tuned for the next part!!!

  8. Aaru

    So from now upcoming episodes r gonna be amazing n funny too..

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      Thank you so much!!!! Stay tuned for the next part!!!

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      Awww…. Thank you so much!!!! Stay tuned for the next part!!!

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      Thank you!!!!!

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    Aur kya kehne tmhre ff ke its as usual ?awesome, commendable, lovely and so on??? (bole to y comment box v kam parjayega) . Anyways i loved one thing in todays epi that brought big vala smile on my face jab dev sona ko baar baar “my sona” keh rha tha??. I just loved That ????

    1. Kalpana

      Awww…. Thank you so much dear… It means a lot to me 🙂 🙂 Next part will be available soon!!!

  12. Episode was amazing!!! Now I guess episodes will be funny?
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    Post next part asap?

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      Thank you so much dear!!!! Stay tuned for the next part!!!
      I miss Devakshi scenes in the real show…

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      Thank you so much!!!! Stay tuned for the next part!!!
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      Thank you so much!!!! Stay tuned for the next part!!! Will be available soon!!!

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  18. HEy nice ff & I am a silent reader loved the storyline

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