Piya Basanti Re 8th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Kabeer requesting Baa to give him 48 hours to come back home. He says in 48 hours, Piya will be married and he can peacefully come back home. Neeta/Savita ask how can he think about Piya even after this. Baa says Kabeer that she will give him 48 hours and asks him to come back after 48 hours and not break her trust. She asks inspector to take care of Kabeer for 48 hours and leaves.

Himesh gets a call from his first wife who asks him why did police arrest him yesterday. He asks how does she know. She says yesterday was her birthday and since he did not come to meet her, she called his number, but inspector picked her call. She says she is in the next street of his house. He says he will come there right now, tells his mother that he is going to meet his friend

and walks out. He meets his wife and asks why did she come all the way from Mumbai and says after 2 days, they will go on a vacation to Lonavla, asks if she has any complain even now. She says yes, calls him Himesh and signals him to turn back. Himesh is shocked to see his parents, Piya and inspector standing behind him.

Inspector tells Himesh that he had his mobile for some time and he called most frequently called number and unraveled his secret. Himesh’s wife slaps him, says you wanted to ruin one more girl’s life and says you told lie about your parents, profession, name, everything, says she is ashamed of herself now and warns him not to meet her again, else she will destroy her. Himesh silently looks at Piya and Piya sadly walks out from there. His dad starts slapping him.

Piya walks on road and reminisces how Kabeer tried to tell her truth and she did not believe him and instead insulted him. She reminisces Kabeer drilling road and then giving his first salary to her, she telling him that she is ashamed of herself to have a friend like him, Himesh’s wife slapping him, etc. Himesh’s mom comes and requests Piya not to break marriage as it is her daughter, Rekha’s future’s issue. Dad promises that he will make sure, Himesh will nto trouble her and asks Himesh to apologize her. Himesh apologizes he. Dad asks her to forgive him thinking about her papa’s wish. Mom asks her to think about Geeta. Piya reminisces Geeta telling her that she values her promise more than anything and getting heart attack, etc. Piya walks out from there, goes to Kabeer, and reminisces him telling that he loves her and then even apologizing Himesh for her sake. She apologizes Kabeer and Kabeer hugs he. She apologizes and says she did not realize his value, he tried to fulfill his friendship, but she always insulted him. He says everything is okay in friendship and starts crying emotionally. She says even she loves him a lot, but they cannot unite at all. He asks why is she telling this. She says if we unite, our dear ones will be hurt and she does not want to hurt her dear ones. She says from today I will try to be happy and also wants him to promise that he will be happy. He says he can accept all her conditions but cannot stop loving her.

Precap: Ganga gives live commentary of Piya’s marriage to Savita/Neeta. They get happy that Piya is marrying some other guy, but don’t know that groom is Kabeer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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