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The episode starts with Inspector asking constable to take Himesh to his friend’s house and find out if he is telling truth. Akshay, Mahesh and Jatin come there, and Akshay angrily tries to beat Himesh and asks what did he do to his brother. Mahesh and Jatin console him and send him out. Inspector asks Mahesh and Jatin not to worry as he is handling this case personally and asks them to inform Savita and Neeta also.

Desai suspiciously walks into house and asks a man if he is alright. Man is none other than Kabeer. Desai says his plan is working. Kabeer says inspector who is his childhood friend will teach a lesson to Himesh and Himesh will forget thinking of harming Piya. They both clear someone clapping and it is Piya.

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Savita gets a call from Jatin who informs that Askhay hit Himesh, she says he did right. Akshay comes home. Aditi asks why did he hit Himesh. He says he would have killed Himesh if dad would not have stopped him. He then hugs Ayesha and cries.

Desai sees Piya and says Kabeer she must have followed him and came here. Kabeer says Piya that she is thinking wrong. Piya holds his hand and drags him out of Desai’s house. Whole locality gathers seeing that. Kabeer asks her to not misunderstand her and wait for some time until truth comes out. She asks what truth and says she does not want to hear his fabricated truth, says he has stoop to such low level that he is doing all this to prove himself. She says she repents the day when she become his friend and says Himesh had not even stepped police station and he is behind bars because of you. She says she is ashamed of him and takes him to police station to tell truth.

Inspector asks Mahesh to calm down until the truth is out. Mahesh says he just wants his son back and does not want to listen to any truth. Piya comes with Kabeer and says Mahesh here is your son, says Kabeer with his inspector friend trapped Himesh to marry me. She asks inspector if he has also forgotten his self-respect like Kabeer. Geeta asks her to stop, but Piya says she will not and says that Kabeer himself started one sided love and came and stayed here and she never loved Kabeer.

Constable comes with Himesh and says inspector that he is telling truth. Himesh asks Piya what is happening here, when did Kabeer come and why are you in police station. Piya requests inspector to release Himesh and walks out with him. Himesh thanks Piya and says if she would not have saved him, these rich people would have ruined his life. He says he did not know Kabeer can stoop to such low level, looks at Mahesh and Jatin and smirks.

Piya comes home with Geeta, Geeta asks if she is fine. She is fine and says now nobody can stop her and Himesh’s marriage.

Inspector asks Kabeer what is he thinking. Savita, Neeta, Baa come there and Neeta says there is nothing to think, Kabeer has to come home with me. Savita asks her to come home, nobody will question him. Kabeer says he will not, says you are right I troubled you people a lot. Daadi says you are our house’s lamp and without you it is dark everywhere. She hugs him and cries. He says he will come back and needs only 48 hours of his life. Savita asks why. He says in 48 hours, Piya will marry and then he can peacefully come back.

Precap: Himesh says his first wife that after 4-5 day, he will come back and they can go and enjoy in Lonavla, asks if she has even complaints now. She says already complaint has been lodged and signals at his parents, Piya and inspector.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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