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The episode starts with inspector asking Desai when did he last saw Kabeer. Desai says 2 days ago. Inspector asks if Kabeer has a tiff with anyone. Desai says a machine operator had a fight with him, but he went to his hometown 4-5 days ago and then says Himesh Jariwala had a fight with him and must be behind this. Inspector then goes to Himesh’s house and asks his parents about him. Dad says he has gone out and he does not think Himesh can do anything wrong. Inspector asks him to send Himesh as soon as he comes, else he will be in trouble.

Shah family still waits for Kabeer eagerly. Savita sees Neeta getting drowsy and holds her. Neeta murmurs Kabeer’s name. Jatin suggests Mahesh to take minister’s help.

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Rekha and her family comes with shagun mehandi to Piya’s house. Geeta asks her about Himesh. She says he has gone out and will come soon. Just then Himesh comes, talking to his first wife on phone. He apologizes for coming late. Guest says it is okay as groom always comes late. Himesh’s father informs him about police coming in search of him as Kabeer is missing. Himesh says how will he know where Kabeer has gone.

Piya while getting mehandi on her hands remembers Kabeer. When mehandi designer asks whose name to scribe on her hands, she subconsciously says Kabeer. Designer writes K. Guest sees K on Piya’s name and alerts her. Piya is shocked to see that.

Inspector comes back to Piya’s house and asks who is Himesh. Himesh comes forward. Inspector asks dad why did not he send Himesh. Himesh asks to speak to him. Inspector says he has to come to police station with him. Himesh asks what is his mistake. Inspector says Kabeer is missing and we doubt that you are behind him going missing. Himesh asks how can he allege him. Inspector says he said he is having doubt and as per our information, you are Kabeer’s biggest enemy. Himesh’s mother says inspector he cannot arrest her son on his marriage day. Inspector says he knows, but what about the parents whose son is missing and don’t know if he is alive or not. Piya gets tensed worried hearing that and shouts nothing can happen him. Inspector says he knows she is Kabeer’s good friend, but as an inspector, he is just telling a probability. Geeta thinks if Piya also loves Kabeer and then thinks this must be not true. Piya goes into her room, and inspector drags Himesh with him.

Piya says Geetha nothing has happened to Kabeer as she senses everything even if Kabeer gets a small cut. Geeta asks Piya to look into her eyes and asks if she loves Kabeer. Piya stands silently. Geeta says she wants to know the truth and asks why is her lips trembling and her neck bent, says people bend neck when they do wrong and she knows her daughter is not wrong. Piya says she does not know if she loves Kabeer or not and she also does not know if she is doing right by marrying Himesh. She says she has many questions now and has to find out herself as she cannot marry Himesh with questions and without meeting Kabeer, she can’t say anything. Geeta says she does not know what she will do after meeting Kabeer, but she has to remember that getting her married is her papa’s promise and she values promise a lot. She says she has to realize that Kabeer and she are completely different and says her life is this locality, Himesh, his family, etc. She asks her not to let her head down with her decision and starts coughing. Piya gets worried and gives her water. Geeta after drinking water asks her to think well before taking any decision.

Himesh in police station says inspector that he is mistaken about him and he does not have any connection with Kabeer. Inspector asks him to give his Himesh. Himesh thinks his secret of first marriage will be known if inspector checks his mobile and hesitates to give it. Inpsector slaps him and says he has murder and kidnapping charges on him and forces him to give mobile. Himesh tries to drop mobile on floor, but inspector holds it on time and says every criminal tries to break his mobile here. He asks where was he yesterday. Himesh says he was in Heera nagar with his friend. Inspector then asks constable to go and check with Himesh.

Piya informs Desai about inspector arresting Himesh on Kabeer’s kidnapping charges. Desai says he is tensed about Kabeer and asks her to tell him about the progress.

Precap: Kabeer says Desai that Himesh is trapped in his net now and inspector who is his childhood friend will teach a good lesson to him, now Himesh will stop thinking about harming Piya. Piya comes there and claps, alerting Kabeer and Desai.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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