Piya Basanti Re 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Kabeer coming near Piya’s window and telling he that he did not to get her but wanted to stop her from marrying a wrong man. He says though it was your pappa’s wish to get you married to Himesh, but you cannot ruin your life. He says whoever you marry, you love only me. He walks out saying this. Piya remembers his words repeatedly that she loves only him.

Neeta and Savita are happy that Kabeer will come home today. Neeta asks Baa to tell Mahesh not to scold Kabeer. Kabeer says if he provokes me, he will. Baa says only she will speak and nobody will.

Piya remembers Kabeer’s words repeatedly that she loves only him. Her inner self/soul says that what Kabeer told is truth and even she knows that. Piya says it is not true and he is just

her friend. Soul asks if she thinks he is her friend, then why she thinks of Kabeer always and says you are marrying Himesh as it is your Pappa’s wish, but if your pappa would have allowed seeing that Himesh is not a right guy. Piya says this is lie. Soul says she cannot lie to her soul and herself. She reminisces her happier days with Kabeer and gets sad. Bin tere Bin tere…..song plays in the background. Kabeer’s family eagerly wait for him till midnight, but he does not turn up.

Mahesh’s family wait for Kabeer whole night and even in the morning. Savita says it is already 9 a.m. and he did come. Ganga comes and happily says she will prepare breakfast for them all and Kabeer. Savita says he has not home het. She says he left locality yesterday itself and calls Desai to check if he is at his house. Desai says he went to his house. Ganga says she is at Kabeer’s house and he has not reached home yet. He says once he sees him, he will ask him to go home. He then asks Piya if she saw Kabeer as Ganga told he has not reached home yet. Piya gets sad.

Neeta alleges Mahesh for Kabeer not returning back home yet. Mahesh says it is not only his mistake. Baa asks them both to stop fighting and asks them to get her grandson somehow. Jatin says we should inform police. Mahesh says Baa he will get her grandson soon and walks out with Jatin.

Geeta tells Piya that she is worried about Kabeer as he has not reached home and not in locality also. Just then, inspector comes and says he got a complaint about Kabeer missing, so he came to inquire about them. Geeta says they don’t know anything about him. Savita and Neeta come there, and Neeta asks who will know then. She says inspector that these mother/daughter duo brainwashed my son to elope and they know where Kabeer is now. Piya says they would have thought before alleging them and says Kabeer was staying here with his wish. Neeta says you trapped him in your love and he lost his thinking power. Neighours see the drama and talk that Kabeer was staying here because of Piya. Piya says Savita/Neeta that their son is not a small kid that she will trap him with a toffee. They are shocked to hear that and did not have expected it from Piya. She says they cannot ignore the fact that he got tired of their overprotective nature and left house. Savita tries to scold her, but inspector stops and says we have to search Kabeer first and takes Savita/Neeta from there. Neighbours talk that Savita/Neeta told right as their son eloped because of Piya. Piya goes and angrily shuts door and windows.

Piya’s inner soul says that she loves Kabeer and is marrying Himesh just for her pappa’s wish.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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