Piya Basanti Re 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Himesh starting his drama and asking Kabeer if she called him to tarnish his image in front of Piya. He asks Piya why did she come here with Kabeer, if she believes Kabeer more than him. He says he will free him now, takes out engagement ring, and asks her to go from there. Piya walks out from there, crying. Once she leaves, Himesh laughs and claps on Kabeer. He says Kabeer he played a good game, but his luck his bad. He came here to take money, but when he heard him repeating same words, he purposefully dropped his phone down and saw Piya’s sandals behind car. He says he gifted those sandals to her and says he will go now and force Piya to apologize me and she will be under my favor for her whole life and she will think I favored her by marrying her even after

knowing her and Kabeer’s relationship. Kabeer holds his collar in anger. He asks him to calm down, else he will torture Piya whole life. Kabeer says he saw many kaminas, but not like him. Himesh says at least he thought he is a best kamina and walks out from there. Kabeer picks his money bag and walks out sadly from there.

Piya sadly walks on the road and reminisces Himesh breaking their engagement and returning his engagement ring. She looks at ring and thinks how will she inform Geeta about it. Kabeer also walks on the road and reminisces Piya and Himesh’s words. He thinks Himesh ruined his game plan and now even if he wants, he cannot help Piya. Piya reaches home. Geeta asks where was she as her marriage is only 4 days away. She sees her tensed and asks what happened. Piya drops engagement ring on floor. Geeta identifies it and asks how did she get it. Piya starts crying, and Geeta realizes that Himesh has broken their engagement.

Ayesha says Ganga that she wants to marry Akshay and asks her to accept her wish. Ganga nods yes, and Ayesha happily hugs her. Ganga gets Savita’s phone call and asks her if she got any info about Kabeer. Ganga says she will go out and check. Savita asks her to go right now.

Himesh brings his parent’s to Geeta’s house and says her that he cannot marry Piya as she believes Kabeer more than him. Kabeer comes there and says it is not Piya’s mistake. He says he came to say him sorry. Himesh says once words are told cannot be taken back. Kabeer says he knows and says he will walk out of their locality and Piya’s life. Himesh says he cannot forgive him. Kabeer asks what he wants then. Himesh says he way you alleged me, I want you to kneel down and apologize. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Geeta tries to stop Himesh, but Kabeer says Himesh is right and I will oblige. He kneels down and apologizes Himesh, while Himesh smirks. Ganga watches everything from the window. Piya thinks why Kabeer is insulting himself for her sake. Himesh says Kabeer he forgave him and asks him to return back to his home. Kabeer sadly walks out from there. Himesh says now Kabeer got a lesson, says he will marry Pikya on the day he promised and leaves Geeta’s house with his parents.

While walking on the road, Himesh gets his wife Payal’s call. He asks his parents to walk out, while he will attend office’s call and come back. He picks call and Payal asks why is he still in Baroda when tomorrow is a special day. He asks what is tomorrow. She says it is her birthday. He says he has taken leave from office and will spend whole day with her. She gets happy. He asks her to cut call and says he will meet her tomorrow.

Piya gets sad reminiscing Kabeer apologizing Himesh. Kabeer comes near window and says her that he wanted to tell her something last time.

Precap: Inspector comes to Piya’s house, says he got a complaint that Kabeer is missing and came to question her. Geeta says she does not know anything. Savita comes and says who will know then and says inspector that these mother and daughter forced my son to elope from house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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