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The episode starts with Mahesh informing Baa all the incidents happened in her absence. Baa says she wants to meet Kabeer and wants to correct the mistake which they have made. Mahesh says they did not make any mistake. Neeta asks Baa if she wants to fulfill his demands. Baa says we have to understand what is in his mind and says Mahesh when Kabeer was less than 18 and demanded car, he happily bought him a car. Neeta says his demand is illegal this time. Baa says there must be something in Piya, so Kabeer left us all for Piya. Jatin informs that driver has come. Baa says she is not going to bring Kabeer back or force him, she is just going to meet her grandson and know what he wants.


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Piya sadly looks outside her window for Kabeer and does not find him. Kabeer suddenly comes and holds her hand. He takes back her hand and asks why is he here. He says if she wants to know the truth, then she should meet him in the locality as she will herself know what he told about Himesh is true or not. She says why is he repeating the same mistake. He says he can read his eyes and asks her to come at his said place at 10 p.m.

Ayesha comes to meet Akshay at a coffee shop. She asks about Aditi. He says she did not come and says whatever he told on phone is truth. He says he thought she is also a typical rich girl, but when he saw her helping poor, he fell in love with her. Ganga comes there and signals her to slap him. Akshay says they won’t be having any problem like Kabeer as she is rich. He says he has a dream to see her face whenever he wakes up, etc. He looks at her chair and does not find her, as she has already left.

Baa meets Kabeer on a road. He stands bending his head. She asks why is he bending his head. He says he thought she will scold him like others. She says she came to see how he is doing. He asks what did he say. She says he is injured, but without injury, war is not a war. He emotionally hugs her and says for the first, someone told that he is right. Baa tells her encouraging words. He says for the first time, he went out to fight for himself, but nobody is helping him, not even one whom he left everyone for. He says in this fight, he is knowing himself well now. She asks if he will not come back to his Baa. He says he will come back to her soon. She says he reminds her of her husband who never used to keep quiet until he used to achieve his dream. He takes her blessings and leaves. Baa sees Piya following him. Piya stops looking Baa. Baa gets into her car and leaves.

Kabeer meets Himesh and says he lost over him. Himesh asks him to come to the point. Kabeer says if he needs 10 lakhs, he will have to leave his first wife and be loyal to Piya. Himesh says he wants to check if suitcase really has money and gets happy seeing money in it. He says he will do as he wishes. Piya silently hears their conversation from car.

Ganga says Ayesha that Akshay must have told that he loves her, etc., and says her condition will be like Piya’s soon. Ayesha says she will hide her truth of being poor and live like a rich girl in front of Akshay. She says she cannot accept a poor guy like Piya and wants to marry rich Akshay. She says Ganga that even she married a poor man, but he left her for his second wife and she is working as house maid now. She says she cannot back off now and wants to marry Akshay.

Himesh says he loves Piya truly and does not need his money. He throws his money bag and says he does not know how he did get an idea that he is already married. He says he loves only Piya and requests him to leave him and Piya alone and says he cannot buy him with his money and a poor is worried only about his self-respect. He walks from there after his drama. Kabeer is shocked. Piya comes out and says Himesh told his truth and even your truth came out. She did not know he would stoop to this level, says she was believing that he will not lie to her, but to prove his point, he will do anything. Himesh comes back and looks at them anrily.

Precap: Kabeer apologises Himesh and asks him not to punish Piya for his mistake. Himesh asks him to kneel down and apologize.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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