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The episode starts with Aditi hearing Piya and Baa’s conversation and getting annoyed. Savita packs her bags. Neeta asks how can she leave her alone in this tough situation. Savita says what she can do when her mom asked her to leave. Aditi comes and says it is not Baa, but Piya’s idea and says Piya provoked Baa to send them home. She says she will confront Piya how can she do this. Savita asks her not to do anything. Once she goes, she says Neeta that they can change Baa’s decision with their plan.

Piya gets bag for Aditi to pack her clothes. Aditi asks her to stop her drama and says since she came to this house, everyone is fighting with each other and now she has to leave her own house. She says she know she provoked Baa to send them out. Piya says she did

not. Aditi says she heard them talking. Akshay comes and asks Aditi to stop misbehaving with bhabi. Aditi says she is not our bhabi and she is the one who provoked Baa to send us out of house. Piya says she do not think that she did anything wrong. Aditi asks her to get out of her room and locks door from inside.

Kabeer reaches Desai’s office for first day’s work. Desai asks if his papa agreed to work under him as every father wants his son to take over his seat. Kabeer says he wants to learn work from grass root level. Desai says that is good and says once he learns work, he can use experience in his dad’s company and earn crores and jokes not to forget him then. Kabeer says never. Desai gives him municipality tender papers and asks him to file tender by 11 a.m., asks if he is nervous. Kabeer says yes. He says it is good to be nervous as it will teach him to win.

Neeta walks downstairs with Savita to see her off, slips and falls down. Doctor nurses her sprain. Savita takes doc out and gives her money for telling lie. Doc says she helped her many times and it is her turn to help her. She goes back to Neeta’s room. Piya gets food for Neeta. Baa and mother-in-law come there and MIL says she can come home after Neeta gets well. Savita says Piya is there to take care of Neeta now and she will go home back. Baa asks her to rethink about it. She says she wants to go now, apologizes Neeta for not being with her in her tough time and asks Piya to take good care of Neeta. Baa says if she really wants to go, she can.

Aditi and Akshay meet Ayesha at a hotel. Ayesha tries to provoke Aditi by badmouthing about Piya that all poor people are greedy and are same. Akshay gets angry hearing that and asks he cannot believe she is the same Ayesha who donated her grocery to them and walks out storming from there.

Piya calls Kabeer, but he does not pick call. She then calls Desai who tells he has gone on an important meeting and asks if anything is important. She says nothing and cuts call. Baa comes there and asks whom she is talking to. She says called Desai to inform Kabeer about Neeta, but he has gone on an important work, so she did not inform about Neeta. She is worried that Kabeer may scold her for not informing him on time.

Precap: Kabeer scolds Piya for not informing him about Neeta’s fall. She she did not want him to leave his meeting in between. He says he left meeting as his mom is important to him than anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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