Piya Basanti Re 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Savita telling Neeta that even if Kabeer knows they are behind his attack and robbery, he will understand that they did it for his betterment. Neeta says what if he does not. Savita says Piya is just trying to frighten us and we should not get into her clutch. Her mother-in-law comes there. Savita says she will come back to her home soon. MIL calls her out and says she has not come home in 6 months and she wants her family back at home. Savita says her maika/mother’s family needs her in this tough situation. MIL says her maika is her temporary residence and she has to come back at any cost. Savita says if she is forcing her, then she will not come back. MIL says she is not asking her to come back for some days and wants her house to be filled with her family

members and walks out. Piya hears their whole conversation.

Kabeer comes down after getting ready for office and takes Baa’s blessing, saying it is his first day of work. Baa blesses her to succeed in life. He takes Mahesh’s blessings, who stands silently. Baa asks Mahesh to bless him. He blesses. He takes Jatin’s blessing and then says Neeta till now, he took her blessings for every exam and wants her blessings for his first job also. She blesses him. He then takes Savita and her MIL’s blessings. Baa says she is proud of him and tells her husband’s famous lines.

He walks out. Piya coughs and stops him. He asks why did she cough. He says one should not stop when someone goes for work, so she coughed. He says he did not want to stop, but since she gave him green signal, he wants to kisses her. He is about to french kiss her when she keeps wallet in between and asks him not to day dream. He takes wallet and sees it is empty. She gives him money. He reminisces he gave her this money after marriage and asks why is she giving it to him. She says she stays at home and does not need money. She then gives him lunch box. He starts laughing. She says she thought outside food will spoil his health and is even costly. He takes lunch and tries to kiss, but she says Baa is coming. He gets afraid and turns but does not find her. He laughs and leaves for work.

Piya at kitchen sadly remembers Savita’s MIL requesting her to come back home. Baa comes there and asks why is she tensed. Piya tells her the incident happened. Baa comes out and asks Savita to pack her bags and leave for her MIL’s house. SAvita is shocked to hear that. Baa says for a girl, her in-laws house is her real house. Aditi says they are staying here since many years, why should they leave it. MIL says it is her uncle’s house and she has to go to her own house. Aditi gets irked, says she will not go anywhere else and walks out. Savita asks Baa why she wants her to go out when there is trouble brewing at home. Baa asks what problem. Piya serves tea to everyone. MIL says Jatin she told her decision and it is up to him, he should accept it or not. Savita asks Jatin to explain mom. He says he cannot interfere his mom’s decision and says mom will be alone there, and we can come back here after some days.

Precap: Savita says Neeta that Piya is trying to separate us and played her trump card, now she will play her cards.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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