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The episode starts with Kabeer finding money bag under his bedroom. He comes down with the bag and says he found it under his bed. Inspector asks who all come in his room. He says only his wife Piya and him. Inspector asks Piya if she saw someone coming into her room. She says she did not go to her room since long time. Desai checks money and says bag has only 3 lakhs than 5 lakhs. Piya gets her mom’s call and inspector asks her to switch on speaker. Her asks why did she send 2 lakhs when she told she will arrange them. Savita and Neeta smirk and Savita asks why did she ruin he husband’s respect for just 2 lakhs. Piya says she does not know how that bag came to her room and how 2 lakhs reached her mom’s home. Neeta asks her to explain how did she get bag into her

room then. Piya pleads Kabeer that she did not do it. Desai says Kabeer it is his personal matter, so he will leave now, he got 3 lakhs and will collect 2 lakhs from Geeta and asks Kabeer to come to work tomorrow. Kabeer says ok.

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Ayesha reaches home and says Ganga that Piya used wrong way to help her mom. Ganga asks why is she interfering in Shah family’s matter. She says she will soon marry Akshay and will become bahu of that family. She says she has promised Akshay to introduce him to her mom who is coming from Louisiana. Ganga asks her to stop her dream and says Neeta and Savita dramatized money robbery by hiring goons and even they asked goons to hit Kabeer to separate him from Piya. Ayesha says without her help, they would not have hired goons. Ganga says yes she helped them and asks how will she meet Akshay when he knows her well. Ayesha jokes that she will get her plastic surgery. Ganga says she will do something.

Piya comes to her room and sees Kabeer deeply thinking something. Kabeer says how does mom know that bag was under bedcover and not mattress and how did she know that goons hit him when she did not know if I met with an accident or being beaten. Piya is surprised to hear that. He says it proves that his mom wants them to separate and don’t bother to even hurt her son. Piya is relaxed that he is not doubting her. He says why will he for such a pity issue and says he will ask mom why did she do this. Piya says we should not embarrass her and make her realize the value of relationships. He says when she did not spare her own son, why will she change for her. She says she will handle everything and to believe her. He hugs her and says he believes her.

Savita and Neeta get happy thinking Kabeer must have fought with Piya and broken his relationship with her and think of checking personally. Piya comes and asks what will they have in dinner. Savita asks how can she behave normally after such a big issue. Piya locks door from inside and says Kabeer knows you both are are behind all this. They are shocked to hear this. Neeta asks what rubbish she is talking. Piya says he started doubting when you told about finding the bag specifically behind bedcover and Savita specifically asking who hit him. Neeta says it cannot be. Savita says she is just frightening us. Piya asks them to give her one more chance to become their ideal bahu.

Precap: Baa asks Savita to pack her bags and go to her in-law’s house. Her mother-in-law says this is her maika/parent’s house and her sasural is her real house. Savita gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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