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The episode starts with Geeta telling Piya what Neeta and Savita told and she had no other go but to accept their conditions. She then jokes with her to tell what is happening in her life after marriage and says she has become memsaheb now. Piya smiles.

Piya comes out of house and sees Kabeer entering Ramakanth Desai’s house. Desai says he found a job for him. Kabeer gets happy and asks where is it. Desai says he is giving him job and says he needed a loyal employee like him. He asks howmuch salary he needs. Kabeer says he does not know as he did not work before. Desai jokes if every employer gets an employee like him, employer will be happy. He then says he will give him 15,000 rs monthly to work from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Kabeer happily agrees. Desai gives him 5 lakhs cheques

and asks him to withdraw money and keep it in his house, he will come later and take it from there and gives him bag to carry money.

Kabeer comes out of Desai’s house and sees Piya standing there. She says she is proud of him. He says until exam result comes, he will not get a job, so he will work for Ramakanth for some time and shows her 5 lakhs cheque. She gets happy. He hugs her on the street. She says people will watch. He says never mind, he is jamai of this locality. Piya pulls his nose and says it is custom of our locality. Ganga sees them in that position.

Ganga informs Savita and Neeta about Desai giving job to Kabeer and Piya and him hugging on street. Savita says Piya has become a tumor for Kabeer and they have to get rid of her from Kabeer’s life. She tells her a plan and asks her to help them. Ganga asks her to rethink about it. Savita says yes and asks Neeta if she is with her. Neeta says to get back her son, she will do anything.

Ayesha and Akshay enjoy tea in a restaurant and become romantic. He holds her hand and says he does not want to leave it. She says what will he do when she will work. He says he cannot stay away from her anymore and asks her to give her mom’s phone number. She thinks he will have her mom’s number saved already as Ganga maasi and says her mom is coming next week and he can meet her directly. He gets happy. She thinks from where she will get London return mom in 1 week.

Kabeer comes out of bank after withdrawing 5 lakhs. Goons attack him and elope with money bag. Akshay comes there with Ayesha and asks who are they. Kabeer asks him to stop them, but goons escape in their van. Akshay then brings injured Kabeer home. Baa and whole family members get tensed seeing him injured. Even Piya gets tensed. Baa asks Piya to get water. Piya goes to get water. Neeta asks who hit him so ruthlessly. He says not to worry, he saw robbers’ faces, he will find them soon. Desai comes there with inspector and says it is a matter of worry, robbers snatched money from you and you are telling not to worry. Kabeer says he is innocent. Desai says he trusts him a lot and says when a boy can forgo his father’s 200 crore worth property, why will he steal 5 lakhs. Neeta asks how did robbers know about money and says someone must have informed them. Kabeer says only Piya knows about it. Inspector says he will take Kabeer and just take statement. Neeta asks Piya to prepare tea for Desai and inspector while Kabeer changes his dress. Kabeer goes to his room and is shocked to see money bag under his bed.

Precap: Neeta/Savita allege that Piya is behind the robbery. Piya says Kabeer she is not.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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