Piya Basanti Re 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Neeta and Savita apologizing Kabeer and Piya for their mistake and requests not to go. Neeta says she did it in her son’s blind love. Mahesh asks them to let Kabeer and Piya go if they want to. Savita and Neeta request again not to go. He says he is going as their relationships have changed. Jatin asks how cruel he is to not see his mother and aunt’s tears. Baa asks him to rethink again and not punish her for someone else’s mistake. Kabeer says he will not change his decision. Neeta says she will kill herself, runs into her room and locks door. Everyone pleads her to open doror. She picks rat poison and is about to drink it when Kabeer breaks door and pushes poison from her hand. Neeta requests her again not to go and cries hugging her. She

says today he saved her, but how will he if he is not here.

Piya requests Kabeer to drop his idea and says they both cannot be happy keeping their family sad. He agrees. Neeta gets happy. Mahesh scolds him that he overlooked his mom and aunt’s tears and listened to only his wife. Savita asks him to calm down. Mahesh says it proves that he is not our son now and is emotionally fooling us.

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Piya keeps back clothes in cupboard. Kabeer says he thinks they should leave. She says making relationship are very difficult and breaking very easy, we have to keep family united. He asks why can’t she see her insult. She says he is this family’s beloved son and they are afraid of losing him, we have to get that fear out of them.

Neeta says Savita that Kabeer has become Piya’s puppet. Savita says we have to start thinking as Piya’s saas/MIL now. Neeta asks what plan she has. Savita says we will make her as Shah bahu and keep her so much busy that she will forget her past. If she changes according to their needs, it is good for them, else they can kick her out of Kabeer’s life, both ways they will win.

Aditi says Ayesha that Piya will soon start ruling our house. Ayesha poor girls like Piya are same, her mother is running going to every house to get a housemaid job and does not even have money to get grocery. Piya comes there and asks why is she alleging her and asks who told her about this. Ayesha says maa and then says Ganga maasi/aunt told this. Piya says maa cannot lie, why did she tell that she is not in town and did not even attend function, thinks of going and finding herself.

Geeta opens door on hearing a knock and is surprised to see her money lender who asks her to return his 2 lakhs which she borrowed for Piya’s marriage. She says he borrowed it for 1 year. He says he knows but has an emergency, so she should return it now somehow. Piya sees everything from a distance. Geeta gets tensed seeing her. Piya asks why did she hide such a big issue from her. Geeta says she did not want to trouble her and says she will return money soon. Piya says he asked money back tomorrow. Geeta says she will manage and if she cannot, she will sell this house. Piya asks how can she sell her father’s house and where will she stay then. Geeta says she will go wherever fate takes her.

Piya asks why is she not working and asks what is she hiding. Geeta tells her Savita and Neeta’s demand to not work in their friend’s houses and not to attend their family functions. Piya hugs her and cries.

Precap: Savita says Neeta that Piya has become Kabeer’s tumor and has to ke kicked out of his life. She calls Ganga, tells about her plan and asks her to do as she says.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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