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The episode starts with Piya entering along with other family members into Neeta’s room who is unconscious. Savita says they cannot give any more tension to Neeta, sends her out of room and locks door.

Mahesh says Jatin that somehow news about Kabeer’s marriage to a maid is not leaked in media and says he is worried that will happen if they will come to know. Jatin says he will not let them know.

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Piya asks Kabeer if he thinks she did wrong. He says he did a big mistake by trying to unite 2 different worlds and walks out. Piya thinks how can he think like that and remembers his promises.


apologizes her MIL for the drama happened in function. SIL taunts her she did not feel bad as it is her mother’s house and not her house, etc. She says Baa that Piya did right today by not hiding her true identity and praises her. Jatin says her mother did not have food yet. Baa requests her to have food and asks Savita to serve food to her MIL. Savita surprisingly asks if she has to serve. Baa says yes. She hesitantly agrees and walks towards kitchen. Piya comes down and says she will serve food.

Kabeer comes down and says his family that he has taken a decision and needs their permission. He stands next to Piya and says he knows many people are unhappy seeing Piya in this house, so he has decided that he and Piya will leave this house. Jatin asks what rubbish he is talking. Kabeer says when he married Piya, he promised to take care of her self-dignity and respect, hence today he is doing the same. Savita asks him not to do that. He says he knows she does not like Piya. She says he is thinking wrong. He says according to her she is right, but according to him, he did wrong by not standing with Piya. He says Piya is Geeta’s daughter and this fact cannot be changed, says he accepted her as his wife with this fact, says if they think he has made a mistake, then he should be punished and wants to go out of house. He learnt from them to fulfill promises and so needs their permission to go. Mahesh gets irked and asks when he has taken a decision why he is making a drama of permission and asks him to go wherever he wants. Baa stops him and he leaves.

Savita says Neeta that Piya is fixed to our family and we don’t know what to do to get her out. She says once Kabeer goes out, he will not come back and asks Neeta to stop him somehow. Neeta nods yes.

Kabeer packs Piya and his bags. Piya says we should not leave this house. Kabeer says he is part of his family and taking care of her respect is his responsibility, so they should lave this house. Piya agrees.

Ayesha informs Ganga about Kabeer leaving Shah house because of Piya’s insult and says if they leave, it will be good for her and Shah family will have to accept her for Akshay. Ganga scolds her for having such a wrong thinking. Ayesha says Piya is living a lavish life and left her mother in a poor locality, says once she becomes Shah family bahu, she will keep her also there.

Kabeer and Piya gets down with their bags to leave. Neeta apologizes Piya for her mistake.

Precap: Neeta tries to suicide by taking poison.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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