Piya Basanti Re 22nd November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Savita telling Neeta that Piya will forget her past now of being maid and will move ahead now. Jatin’s mother comes with gift. He gets happy and shows her to Mahesh. Savita gets irked seeing her. Whole family greets her in. Jatin introduces Piya to his mother. Savita says Neeta that her MIL will start taunting her again that she trapped her son.

Baa asks Savita/Neeta to start the rituals. All guests start giving their gifts to Piya and Kabeer. Another guest asks where is Piya’s family. Savita signals a lady to speak. Lady says Piya’s mother is dead and she is her aunt. Piya shockingly gets up to speak. Savita asks her not to speak anything, hugs her and says not to interfere in this drama. Piya says but… Savita says she is now

Shah family’s DIL and daughter, so she should stop crying and continue the ritual. Piya silently sits. Another guest asks Piya if she is not from Baroda. Aunt says she is from Surat, says her father was a big jewelry businessman and Piya’s father worked under him and become ghar jamai. Piya says she is telling wrong, her papa was not diamond businessman but a real diamond. Neeta tries to interfere, but Piya stops her and says let me tell the truth. She says her papa was in army and died while fighting for the country, she was very small when he died and her mother worked as a housemaid to bought her up. Ganga interferes, but Piya stops her also and says she cannot start her new life with lie and says her mom is still alive and works as a house maid, she is proud of her mother and whatever she is today is because of her mother and she will not forget about it. Guests start talking about it, Neeta and Savita get embarrassed. Piya runs to her room.

Aditi comes to Piya’s room and asks how dare she is to insult her family. Piya tries to speak up. Aditi says she is ashamed that her bhabhi is a housemaid’s daughter and if she is proud of her, then she should go and stay with her. Ayesha also scolds her for spoiling Shah family’s name. Aditi says now whole Baroda will allege that Shah family is a lier, soon Kabeer will realize that she is a big mistake of his life.

Guest starts taunting Neeta that she should have controlled her son and says her bahu does not look like a housemaid’s daughter in precious clothes. All guests leave. Jatin takes her mother to his room. Everyone leave for their rooms. Baa looks at both Kabeer who is in hall and Piya who is in balcony.

Mahesh scolds Kabeer that he ruined his family’s respect by marrying Piya, says tomorrow all news papers will have a headline about Shah family’s servant bahu. Savita scolds Piya for creating a drama in front of all guests. Piya says she told truth. Savita says if she would have kept quiet, their family’s respect would have been saved. Piya calls Neeta mummyji. Neeta asks her to stop calling her mummyji as she has lost her right telling this from today. Jatin says we cannot blame Piya as our son is mad in her love and cannot distinguish right and wrong. Neeta stumbles and falls. Baa sees that and shouts. Everyone gather around her.

Precap: Piya asks Kabeer if she did wrong. He says he did wrong by trying to unite 2 different worlds.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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