Piya Basanti Re 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Kabeer going to kiss Piya. Someone knocks the door. Kabeer opens the door and Savita comes smilingly. Kabeer asks does she have any work. Savita says she wants to know her bahu Piya. Kabeer asks her to take rest and sleep. Savita takes Piya. Kabeer gets sad. Savita and Neeta give list to Piya. Neeta says, it is not easy to forget her past so she has to try to change herself from beginning. Neeta says she made list to help her. Piya reads the list to do jogging and yoga. Neeta tells the schedule for tomorrow. She talks about Mu dikhai rasam. Savita says about a friend’s party at night. Piya asks where is Kabeer’s name in list. Savita says first become their bahu and then Kabeer’s wife. Neeta asks her to keep all promises. Baa comes and says Savita. She

says she knows something is fishy by the way they accepted Piya as their bahu. She scolds Neeta and Savita says it is her suggestion and not Neeta’s mistake.

Baa says it is Mahesh’s hardwork that we have money at home. Savita asks about her fate. She says they are trying to correct Kabeer’s mistake. She says Piya has no problem. Baa asks Piya not to agree as she has self esteem. She asks her to talk to her and then accept their conditions. Neeta says she also showed capability to become bahu.

Piya tells they have not given any wrong demand but they are teaching qualities of Shah family. She says she wants to learn and adapt it. She says she is not compromising her self esteem but trying to become Shah family’s self esteem. She asks for her advice and support. Baa hugs her and goes out. Piya asks can she go now. Piya comes to her room teary eyed. She closes the door as Kabeer watches her. He turns showing annoyance. He says he does not have to talk to her. Piya recalls his advice to sound bangles to tell her heart. She makes bangle sounds and Kebeer reacts smilingly. He guesses she is apologizing and asks for promise this won’t happen again. He opens arms and Piya hesitantly folds hands to apologize. Kabeer says he knows the high wall between husband and wife but he promises he will not question her again about her decision. He leaves on her to decide about taking their relation ahead. Piya hugs him. Aaja Mahi plays in Bg.

Baa asks Piya to do morning aarti. Piya does aarti. Savita and Neeta take Piya for jogging. Ganga asks Ayesha where is she going. Ayesha says she is going to meet Akshay. Ganga asks she can’t go as she works in that house. She says if she tells something wrong, they will be insulted. Ayesha says she won’t work in Shah house. Ganga says you are getting good food because of Shah family. Ayesha says she feels ashamed when she works infront of her. Piya comes from jogging and gives juice to Savita and Neeta. Neeta asks her not to do this work and call Ganga for work. Baa says Ganga did not come till now.

Savita asks who will cook food and calls Ganga. Piya goes to cook food. Ganga tells Ayesha to let her go today. Ayesha refuses and Ganga coughs to say Savita she is unwell. She says she will come tomorrow. Ayesha praises her acting. Ayesha asks her to do acting infront of Akshay. Savita says Ganga is coughing and said she can’t come. Neeta says its mu dikhai rasam. Savita says what about breakfast now. Piya presents the food. Savita asks why did she made it when they said she should not do. Piya says she did everything in list and made food in free time. She says she is ready to learn new things but it does not mean she forgets good habits.

Savita tells Neeta that no one knows Piya’s truth. Neeta says Piya will get new identity.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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