Piya Basanti Re 1st November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Himesh telling Geeta not to worry as he will marry Piya now for sure. His parents also say the same and ask Rekha to take care of Geeta. Himesh says Piya that Kabeer is not in our locality, everything will be fine, he will fix their marriage date soon. Piya gets sad hearing Kabeer left the locality at her request. Bin tere, bin tere…..song plays in the background. She reminisces her happier moments with Kabeer. She searches Kabeer at the roadside bench, where he used to sit, but does not find him.

Aditi scolds Akshay for professing his love for Ayesha. She says already we are tensed with Kabeer’s problem and now yours started. He says his case is different as Ayesha is rich. She says Ayesha is already angry on you for some issue and you gave

her a shock. He asks her to speak to her. Aditi calls Ayesha and invites her for a coffee at evening. She agrees. Ganga asks if she wants her to also to get heart attack like Geeta and says we poor people have only respect as our wealth and if we lose that, we can’t live.

Savita says Neeta that Kabeer must have gone to that poor girl’s house again. Baa comes from pilgrimage and serves prasad to whole family. She says Neeta/Savita that she will keep prasad in temple and to feed it to Kabeer when he comes. She sees temple lamps off and scolds Neeta/Savita for not keeping it on. Mahesh says Kabeer left house. Baa gets angry hearing that. Mahesh says before she can tell anything, he wants to tell her the whole incident happened in her absence and tells her everything till Kabeer’s hospitalization.

At the pre-marriage ceremony, Rekha dances on Chalka chalka…..song. Piya sees Kabeer coming there. She imagines dancing with him sensuously on Tujhko hai mujhse rabata……song. Himesh wakes her up. Rekha drags her parents for the dance and they both dance with her. All the guests then dance around Piya. Piya thinks what is happening to her. Himesh gets a call, he informs Piya about it and excuses himself for some time.

Himesh picks call and asks who is it. Kabeer says the one who lost in love. Himesh asks if he called to congratulate him. Kabeer says he called to give him a gift and says he will give him 50 lakhs if he divorces his Mumbai wife and be loyal to Piya. Himesh asks what if he backs off. Kabeer says if he betrays Piya and meets his Mumbai wife, he won’t come back to Baroda. Himesh asks when will he get 50 lakhs. Kabeer asks him to meet in the locality at 10 p.m. It is Desai’s plan to trap Himesh. Himesh asks Kabeer whom Himesh is marrying. Kabeer says it is Piya and he loves her a lot, does not any trouble in her life. Desai gets happy hearing that. Kabeer says Himesh himself will confess about his truth to Priya today.

Precap: Kabeer asks Piya to meet her at 10 p.m. if she wants to know Himesh’s reality.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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