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The episode starts with Piya and Kabeer finding the ring in water. Kabeer gets the ring and is happy. Savita says it is good that Kabeer won the game else Piya would have controlled him. Baa taunts Savita on incomplete relations and love. Kabeer makes Piya wear ring. Savita says she has much work and goes. Baa asks Kabeer to go to his room and she will talk to Piya. Kabeer asks Akshay will he come or need special invitation. Baa talks to Piya asking is she happy, as her face is smiling but not eyes. She asks her to share things. Piya says I m sad for being away from Maa. Baa asks her to share things without hesitation as she is always with her. Baa asks her to go and take rest in her room. Piya goes to her room. Savita and Neeta are stunned seeing the room decorations of Piya and Kabeer. Piya

comes to her room and sees the decorations smilingly. Piya re plays in BG. Kabeer comes and arms around Piya. She says its very beautiful. Kabeer asks her what magic she did on everyone to become their lovely bahu.

Piya tells Kabeer that she did not do anything. Kabeer says your eyes are saying you don’t want to tell about your and mummy’s talk. Piya recalls Savita’s words that she can’t start a married life with Kabeer. She says she married him for her love and wants to become a strong link for relations to unite them. She asks him to support her and not question anyone about this. She asks him for this gift. He promises her that he will stand with her in all her tries. He says he has another surprise.

Mahesh is angry on Savita. Neeta and Jatin calm him. Neeta says about Kabeer’s mistake to be rectified. Savita says we know Piya is wrong for our family, but we need time to rectify it. Neeta says she will make them agree, how will we stop Piya and Kabeer. She asks did you see his room, the way he decorated it and Piya is not so simple. Savita says she knows where to puncture Piya and Kabeer’s love story, smiling evilly. Mahesh and Jatin talk over Kabeer’s marriage as Mahesh is worried that if people know about Kabeer’s marriage, it will be big problem. Jatin asks who will trouble us, what is the matter. Mahesh tries to hide the matter. Jatin asks him and Mahesh tells the whole truth. Mahesh says this is true and this secret is not known to anyone. Jatin says you should have told Kabeer. Mahesh says he did not know Kabeer will give this shock, we will be ruined totally. Piya asks Kabeer for the surprise. He gives her a box. She likes the bangles. He says it is from his hard earned money and he wanted to gift it for his Piya. He tells about last time and she recalls his hard earned money falling on ground.

She asks about his work. He tells driver did not come and he heard dad saying he will give him 3000rs and he earned it. He gives the remaining amount in her hand saying its his first earning after marriage. She counts it and asks about accounts. Kabeer gives all account. He says he went in auto rickshaw and she worried.

Kabeer and Piya have a romantic talk. He asks her to make bangles sound to call him. Muskurane ki wajah plays in BG. Kabeer romantically hugs Piya. She tries to go but Kabeer gets close. Piya stops him. Kabeer tries to kiss her and stops as someone knocks the door.

Savita asks Piya to become their bahu first and then Kabeer’s wife. Neeta reminds het to keep all her promises. Baa comes saying Savita.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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