Piya Basanti Re 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Piya getting tea for Neeta/Savit. Savita takes tea cup and pours back tea in kettle. Piya sadly walks out. She sees Mahesh and touches his feet. He blesses her to be happy. Savita asks why did he bless. He says whenever someone touches his feet, he blesses and asks them to think about their son’s problem.

Piya sees Ganga in kitchen and wishes her Jai krishna. Ganga refers her as Piya memsaheb/madam. Piya says she is her locality’s daughter Piya and touches her feet. Ganga blesses her and says it is Geeta’s good upbringing that she has not changed. Savita watches them and says Neeta that Piya has trapped even Ganga now.

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Akshay comes to Kabeer’s room and sees him watching his marriage’s pics sent by Rekha. He asks if he should call bhabhi/SIL. Kabeer says no and thinks he had to see Akshay’s face in the morning instead of Piya and thinks she became busy as soon as she came home. Baa calls Ganga to get her breakfast.

Baa sees Piya preparing breakfast for the whole family. Whole family comes down, sees Piya’s breakfast and say they have business meeting, doc’s appointment. Baa asks Piya not to prepare breakfast for them from tomorrow and says whoever wants to have breakfast, they can, else they will not get food from today. She asks Kabeer to join her in breakfast. Kabeer and Askhay join Baa. Even Mahesh and Jatin join.

Geeta goes to Savita’s rival’s house as a maid. Lady questions if Ganga sent he and if she is Piya Patel’s mother. She asks how does she know…

Aditi is on phone and clashes with Piya who is carrying crockery. She apologizes her. Piya says it is okay and asks Neeta/Savita to not come there until she clears floor.

Savita’s rival lady calls her, congratulates her for Kabeer’s marriage, and says she gave her gift by hiring Geeta as a maid. Geeta is seeing cleaning floor. Savita angrily tells Neeta that their rival lady has hired Geeta as a maid.

Ayesha and Akshay go for a coffee. She proposes him and says she loves him. Akshay happily hugs her and says we will inform your mom about this. Ayesha says my mom is not in country and she has informed her about him already. He says he will inform his family about them. She says already there is a tension regarding Kabeer’s marriage, they will have to wait for some time. He suggests her to call her mom, so that the all 3 can meet his family. She thinks if her mom comes in front of his mom, world war III will start.

Kabeer waits for Piya at his room. She comes after finishing household chores. He gets mesmerized with her beauty. She asks where he is lost. He says nowhere. She thanks him for taking her side in front of his family. He says he is angry on her. She asks why. He says he left his house for her, stayed in locality, even did labor work, then she started loving him. He says my husband is angry on me on first day of marriage and asks him how to console him. He drags her near him and romantically stares at her face.

Precap: Savita says Neeta that we will ask Geeta to stop working at their rival lady’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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