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The episode starts with Kabeer taking Piya to his room. Piya does not enter in. Kabeer asks if she is afraid and says even he is afraid, says he lived in this room since childhood, but today he is feeling like he is going to enter a new world where she is with him and they will decorate their dreams and will face all the difficulties in life. He promises that he will not leave her at any cost and forwards his hand. Piya smiles and gives her hand in his and he takes her in. She thinks Kabeer is tensed and she has to relax him. He thinks the same. He asks her to go to washroom if she wants to. She enters in.

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asks Savita to relax and sleep now as it is already night. Neeta says now Piya and Kabeer are together in room, tomorrow everyone will know that Piya is their bahu.

Piya comes out of washroom. He starts making her feel relaxed by telling that she can use his cupboard as it is empty, but sees it full with his clothes. He then empties it and says she can keep her clothes in it. She can use AC if she feels hot, can use dressing table, jewelry box, bed, etc. Piya silently hears him. He cleans bed and then comes closer to her. She gets nervous. He says he did not think their perfect life’s beginning will be imperfect like this. She calls his name, he places his finger on his lips and asks her to dream about them and their small world. They imagine dancing sensuously on Kuch khaas hai…shayad ye pyaar hai…song….Piya comes out of imagination and stops him from coming near him and says she does not know how to tell him. He says she can tell him without hesitation. She says we love each other, but our families are angry on us and she does not want to start her new life with their irk, so until his family accepts her as their bahu, they should not consummate marriage. Kabeer says he always wanted his wife to be a bahu and then beti/daughter of this house and he is happy that she fulfilled his dream, he accepts all her conditions. Piya smiles and hugs him. He keeps pillow between bed and they sleep.

In the morning, Piya starts pooja after bath. Baa sees her and calls bahu. Piya gets happy and touches her feet. Baa blesses her and asks if she woke up so earl. She says it is her daily habit. Baa says now my other family members are not accepting you, but soon their will accept you. She says she wants happiness of this house and she has promised until she unites all family members and they accept her as their bahu, she will not consummate her marriage with Kabeer. Baa says she always wanted a bahu like her and says let us do aarti togethher. Piya starts aarti with bhajan. Savita and Neeta hear her voice and get irked. Piya finished aarti.

Savita says Neeta that from first day itself, Piya is luring Baa with aarti and pooja. Neeta says how will we tell society that kabeer has married a servant’s daughter. Piya gets in with tea and touches Savita/Neeta’s feet, but they don’t even look at her. Piya gets hurt emotionally.

Precap: Baa says her family if they are not having breakfast thinking Piy has made it, then they are thinking wrong.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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