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The episode starts with Kabeer marrying Piya and coming home back. Whole family is shocked to see him married to Piya. Neeta and Savita ask how can he do this to them. Kabeer says though they don’t want to accept Piya, she is their bahu. Neeta says Piya can only be her servant and nothing else. Kabeer says he came back as hehad promised Baa that he will come back in 48 hours. Baa comes and says house’s bahu/Laxmi cannot go back like this and has to be greeted inside. She asks Ganga to get aarti thali. Mahesh asks Baa how can she allow this. She says when she does not interfere in his business issues, why is he interefere in her house issues, looks at Savita and Neeta and says she has not given house’s decision taking power to anyone till now. Neeta tries to interfere

and Baa says when Piya came in here as servant, she told that whichever house Piya goes in, that house will be lucky and now we are lucky to have her as our bahu. Mahesh tries to interfere again. Baa says whoever has any obtion can leave her house. Mahesh, Neeta, Savita, Jatin walk into their rooms angrily.

Ganga brings aarti thali. Baa perfors aarti on Kabeer and Pikya and welcomes them in. Geeta hides behind tree and emotionally watches everything. Baa sees her and she thanks her and leaves. Baa then asks Piya to keep her feet in red colored water and enter house. She does same.

Jatin tries to console Mahesh, but Mahesh asks how can he keep quiet seeing all this. Savita says let us leave house and see if Baa loves us or Kabeer/Piya.

Akshay says Aditi we should accept Piya as our bhabhi/sister-in-law. Aditi asks him how can he accept their servant who used to wash their utensils and cook for them as their bhabhi. He says she studies with us also. She asks if he will accept a servant’s daughter as his wife. He thinks and then says yes. She says he is telling this as he is in love with Ayesha. He says when she will fall in love, she will realize.

Ayesha argues with Ganga that she should forget that they are poor. Ganga asks if she can get grocery without money. Ayesha says no and asks what we should do now. She asks her to bring some cold water for her.

Baa asks Piya not to worry as soon everyone will accept her. Piya asks how can she not worry when whole family is against her. Neeta on the other side asks Savita how can she leave her alone and go like this and help her fight get Piya out of Kabeer’s life. Baa says Piya that she will have to work hard in uniting her family. Piya says she will try her level best in uniting Shah family. Neeta says Piya will be successful in breaking our family if we separate like this and we should not let this happen. Baa blesses Piya to succeed in her mission.

Precap: Piya and Kabeer dance sensuously on Kya Ye Pyaar hai…. song… on their wedding night.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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