Piya Basanti Re 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Piya and Geeta getting shocked to see Kabeer as groom. Himesh’s mother says she is happy that Kabeer married Piya instead of Himesh and says Himesh never corrected him at all. She says Geeta that Kabeer saved your self-respect by marrying Piya and reminisces the moment before marriage when Kabeer goes to Himesh’s house to apologize his parents. Dad says Himesh left house without informing us. Kabeer says we can bring him back and I will search him in railway station. Mom says he has to marry Piya now save Geeta’s dignity and respect and says it is god’s wish. Kabeer says he has to talk to Piya before that. Rekha says you love Piya and want her to be happy always, if her marriage stops, Geeta will die in shame, says it is god’s wish

and he should not think much. Kabeer agrees.

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Piya asks Kabeer why did he take such a big decision without her permission and says we and our families are different and says your family don’t like me and my mother, they insulted us a lot in front of you and asks Rekha why did she force Kabeer to marry her even after being her childhood friend. Kabeer says she should understand that we both are tied in a relationship now, says Geeta that he does not know what he will do from now, but he can assure that he will keep Piya happy. He says Piya that even if my family does not accept us, I will be with you always. He says it is a fate that we did not look at each other even after being in same class for 4 years, and it is fate that Geeta got a fracture and you came to our house, it is god’s wish that we unite and asks her to give her hand in his hand. He says he can face any challenge for her love, extends his hand and asks if she would like to walk with him in life’s journey where there are both sorrows and happiness, ups and downs, etc. She looks at Geeta, gives her hand in Kabeer’s hand and emotionally hugs him. Kabeer gets happy. Mahive aaja re… serial’s title track… plays in the background.

Ganga breaks vase while clean it and apologizes Baa and Neeta/Savita. Baa says it is okay and asks her to clear glass strands. Neeta tensely looks at floor. Baa says Ganga will clean it. Neeta says breaking glass is bad sign. Baa asks they are in 21st century and should not believe in superstitions, says thinks break and we should not bother about it.

Piya’s bidayi starts. She starts crying and hugs Geeta. Geeta also says that she is giving her daughter to him now and he is responsible for her happiness now, to take care of her from now. Kabeer promises her he will take care of her in every phase of life. Desai congratulates Kabeer and Piya and takes them with him. Geeta farewells them emotionally.

Ganga says Neeta/Savita that by now, Piya’s bidayi would have happened. Savita says now our Kabeer will be free and come back home. Baa sees door closed and asks them to open it to welcome Kabeer. Savita says she wants him to get surprised to see such a good decoration. Shah taunts that they are behaving as if their son is returning after winning a battle. Door bell rings. Savita runs to open it excitedly, but stops saying that she will go unconsciously in happiness after seeing him and asks Akshay to open door. Akshay opens door and everyone is shocked to see Kabeer as a groom. Neeta goes to receive him happily and asks why is he dressed as groom. Savita says he must have attended Piya’s marriage, so he is wearing this dress. Kabeer calls Piya and see comes and stands next to him in a bridal dress. Whole family is shocked to see that.

Precap: Savita and Ganga say Kabeer that marriage not only happens between boy and girl, their family should also accept them and say that Piya can only be their servant and not bahu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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