Piya Basanti Re 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Piya and Kabeer’s romantic moment. Kabeer says he has never forgotten their coffee moments and takes her for a coffee to a roadside shop. Kuch kam…..song plays in the background. They enjoy coffee and part ways.

Savita happily says Ganga that tomorrow Kabeer will come home and she will prepare thepla for him. Ganga says once Piya is married, he will come back. Savita asks her to be at Piya’s marriage and report her about the whole incident. Ganga agrees. Savita then asks her to get Kaber’s room cleaned. Neeta comes and says Aditi, Akshay and Ayesha are cleaning his room. Ganga asks who is Ayesha. Neeta says Aditi’s friend. While cleaning room, Ayesha slips and Akshay holds her. Ganga enters room and sees them in that position

and shouts at Ayesha. Akshay gets frightened seeing he and says Ayesha was about to fall, so she held her. Ayesha signals Ganga to calm down, and Ganga goes out.

Ganga calls Savita/Neeta from Piya’s home on her marriage day and tells she will give live commentary about her marriage. They both get excited. She asks them to pay her mobile bill, and they agree.

Piya is getting ready for wedding. Rekha comes there and asks her how can she marry her brother Himesh even after knowing his true identity and asks her to marry Kabeer instead as she knows even she loves him. Piya says after all these incidents she cannot back off and asks her to return back to her home. Rekha hugs her and leaves. Geeta watches this and gets happy. Guest informs her that baarat has come and asks her to invite them. Geeta leaves.

Savita and Neeta eagerly wait for Ganga’s call. Ganga calls them and informs that groom/Himesh has come and marriage is started. Savita gets excited and says Neeta that she is feeling relaxed now. Neeta says we unnecessarily scolded Piya even after know that she does not love Kabeer, instead our Kabeer is mad behind her. She says we should forgive Piya and gift her something. Savita calls her jeweller and asks her to send her mangalsutra, which she selected the other day.

Marriage rituals start and Ganga starts her live commentary for Savita/Neeta. They both dance in excitement hearing the commentary. Bride applies sindoor on Piya’s forehead and puts mangalsutra in her neck. Pandit announces that marriage is complete now. Ganga informs Savita/Neeta the same and they both get happy that Kabeer will come back home now.

After marriage, Piya takes Geeta’s blessing. Geeta prays for her brighter future. Himesh’s parents thanks Geeta for accepting Himesh even after his betrayal. Dad says Rekha opened their eyes on time and says if she would not have stopped them, they would have let Himesh marry Piya. Geeta is surprised to hear that and asks what is he talking about. Dad calls groom in. Mom apologizes Geeta and says she did not want to do injustice to Piya. Groom shows his face and Piya and Geeta are surprised to see it is Kabeer.

Precap: Piya asks Kabeer how can he marry her without informing her and says your family will not accept me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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