Piya Albela 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Rahul traps Pooja and blackmails her

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The Episode starts with Naren knocking on the door and thinks he can stand there all night. He finds the door open and goes inside. He sees his photo frame broken and imagines Pooja saying we have no relation. He picks his pic and says I won’t let you go anywhere. He comes to Supriya’s room and imagines Pooja telling her that they have no relation now and she can’t forgive him. He is pained to imagine such things and thinks no Pooja, when I didn’t leave any chances to hurt you then I will not leave chance to get you. Mr. Kapoor sees Pooja coming and acts, says someone he will come with Pooja. Rahul sees Pooja coming and says go to your barbaadi. Naren sits in car and tries calling Pooja. Pooja asks Mr. Kapoor to get down from the railing and says we will sit and talk. Mr. Kapoor says I really

love you…Pooja says we can talk. Mr. kapoor says I can’t get you and says bye. Pooja asks him to stop for her sake. Naren thinks in car that he will not let her go from his life. Pooja asks Mr. Kapoor to give his hand and get down from the terrace railing. Mr. kapoor is about to push her. She is shocked. He then acts and says we wish we can be together always. She says we are always together like friends. Rahul sees them and says Chapter 1 is completed.

Naren comes to Satish’s house and says he needs to meet Pooja. Anuj says my sister will not meet you. Naren says he came to meet her. Rachel says she went to Vyas mansion. Naren says she left from there long ago. Satish goes to police station. Anuj refuses to let Naren go. Naren pushes him and goes. Anuj calls his friends/ goons. Pooja tries to counsel Mr. Kapoor. Rahul eyes them. Anuj’s goons surround Naren. Anuj says until di is found, you can’t go anywhere. Naren asks them to leave him.They beat Naren with hockey stick. Rachel asks Anuj to stop the goons. Anuj and Kusum stop Rachel. Pooja asks Mr. Kapoor to think that she is Mrs. Kapoor. He asks her to say what she will tell that if she is Mrs. Kapoor. She says she will say that she loves him very much and wants to start a family with him. He says he thought about their babies name and tells the names.

Rahul takes the video and smirks. Naren beats the goons then. Pooja asks if he is feeling better. Mr. kapoor says yes. She says she will drop him to hotel room. Rahul comes infront of her and shows the recording.. Naren hits Anuj and is about to hit him again when Satish comes and asks him to stop, Rachel and Kusum come infront of Anuj. Satish asks Naren to go home and says Police is searching Pooja, and they had enough of humiliation. Pooja says it is a crime to record someone personal’s talks. Rahul says really and hugs Mr. Kapoor. Pooja is shocked and slaps Mr. Kapoor.

Mayank tells Naren that he can’t Pooja anywhere. Pooja tells Mr. Kapoor that she didn’t know that he will stoop so low. She then tells Rahul that she took him out on her guarantee. Rahul says everyone will believe on this recording. Naren shouts Pooja and cries. Pooja sees the recording and is shocked. Rahul asks whom she will choose now.

Naren bends down on his knees and apologizes. He proposes for marriage. Surbhi is shocked. Pooja is tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pooja deserve it.. Acting to be too good .. Was too desperate for Naren till last night .. Now back to kapoor .. Hopeless pooja.. N hopeless serial … ?

    1. completely agree ……..hopeless pooja N hopeless serial.loooooooool

  2. Please stop creating mess and let the hero and heroine together fight against evil.When will Naren come to know the one saved him from grave was her and the dancing girl with Kapoor was Surbi.

  3. Too much evils and now every family member will be also against her. At least please make hero heroine come together. Please.

  4. So stupid, i would have had pooja

    realize finally when the sheet pooled at her feet and she stood there naked that this was the end there is no more she can do to save this, she turns her back on Naren and walks away instead of hugging him.

    . go to her room write a brief note of farewell, pack a small bag and drive off to parts unknown.

    . let the vhyas family sort their respective crap out themselves..naren have enlightenment on his behaviour blah blah blah.

    . let Mr. Kapoor jump off the building (im so mad at this character)

    .have another leap, maybe 6 months or another year and we find Pooja teaching or studying or finding herself again…

    .then reintroducing Naren again finally finding her and HIM working to fix what happened to have Pooja fall in love again.

    Lets get this show back to it’s original vision at least.

    1. I totally agree with you, but there is a chance that pooja leaves naran since in the upcoming episodes pooja’s gonna give naren divorce from saving him fron some case and he again looses all his trust and throws her out (from news updates).at least now the writers have a chance to show that such a strong character can lead her life independently..

  5. i very much hates this Mr kapoor ,rahul and surbhi
    when everything become good then again they creats rabish…
    on one side i am happy that naren misunderstanding will bhi clear and on other hand new melodrama is created???
    I very much hate this drama know
    first of all i love this drama due to cute and simple love story of naren and pooja but now ???

  6. yes Cathy and emma you are absolutely right the writers only creating mess nothing else

    1. Jeeya..they fail (the writers) in proper character development leave out the obvious and fail to fill in plot holes so huge you could drive a truck through it.

  7. This show has lost all its charm!!!! All! A strong, intelligent female lead, turned into an idiot trying degrading herself to keep a damn man?!?! Why the women can’t be strong, and keep strong?!?! Why is it Zee writers think we are lowly creatures, just there for people’s constant abuse?!?!?! If its not the mother in law, then it’s the husband, or the father-in-law, or the sister-in-law or the outside creatures who only want people husband/wife!!!!! Zee when will you stop!!!! I have stopped watching the shows one by one by one because of this consistent theme. You just change the name of the characters and have the same storylines!!!! Enough Zee!!!!!

    1. ?????….you’ve said it for me…no need for me to comment. This is just what I would have written…


    Hello everyone… I am back after a long break as I was busy…

    1. Finally naren anger is calmed down for 1 or 2 episodes and than again it will be shown..

    2. I hope naren and mr. Kapoor both find out real truth soon..

    3. Don’t want to see one more villian for seperating pooja and naren, though zee writers have done phd on it..

  9. Cathy I like the storyline you propose my it sounds professional compared to the crap that those writing giving us on a daily basis. I have been giving them storylines too but they are not taking heed. My gosh mr kapoor has become so sickening now and as for his accomplices, rahul and surbhi i dont know what to say of them they are way beyond evil and wicked. I dont know why the writers keep portraying the Indian Women of India to be so ruthless and bold faced always want what another person has down the their husbands or male friends and as for property they are always fighting and killing for that too; to tell the truth I am so fed up with all these serials going one way all the time; well mahek take the cake imagine everyone outside the lab with tight security but that dam rat face girl playing nurse still got in and change the blood test; cannot stand to hear her speak and as for this reincarnation of jhanvi and adi well that too sucks; these damn writers do not display professionalism at all; it is like children running the serials and writing the scripts; when will it stop.

    1. Sapphire TOTALLY agree with you about Mehek..i just rolled my eyes back and groaned although i knew it was coming i conveniantly ignored the fact that it takes up to 10 weeks for a DNA test result instead of the few hours on that show and that rat faced girl with the crazy eyes yuck, i personally don’t judge Indian women by the serials i watch, i have seen some great programming and Movies from India that i recommend to my friends…my current favourite is Dev (colors i believe) and i like the women on that show as for adi and Jhanvi i quit watching it when they couldn’t be bothered to age up the actors playing Nisha and Samar..Really 25 years and they don’t look a day over 30? PULEEEZE!! lol

  10. Writers here is a plot that might encourage you to do better:

    Future Plot:
    Naren proposes to pooja once more (real this time), pooja rejects his proposal because Rahul has come compelling evidence against Naren. Pooja signs the divorce papers leaving Naren shattered. Pooja says she wants to marry Mr. Kapoor instead. Naren angered by Pooja’s decision, is complexed and moves to marry surbi to test Pooja once more. At N and S wedding, Naren’s mother regains her memory and informs the whole crowd of Rahul’s, Surbi, and Rakesh intention to kill Pooja.
    Naren and Pooja are free to be together as the pinky and the brain are finally jailed.
    Mr Kapoor on realizing Pooja’s love for Naren, takes a gun and points it at the couple, Pooja takes a bullet for Naren, She dies. Show is complete! End of serial.

    20 years later we see Naren finding a Pooja look alike and tries to woo her!

    Better plot:
    Pooja tells everybody to F((&^( off and Drags naren to get married and have babies! the end!

    1. BRAVO LEAH BRAVO!!!! lololol

  11. sorry leah dont like your plot cathys own is much more realistic

  12. Leah, I have to say that your projected plot sounds a helluva lot better than what we are seeing on this serial. Cathy, you too have a great plot in mind but all of us know that the sicko writers would prefer to give us crap as opposed to good thoughts from both you and Leah…

  13. What is this crap…IDK what these Indian serials try to teach…this doesn’t happens in real life..at least serials should be reality based so that we can learn from it to handle some difficult circumstances..instead what they show is purely imaginary thing…and stories are 99% predictable..come with some fresh contents…after 100 episodes all serials lose track.

  14. It’s becoming very very……
    Waiting for something good till then bye to all people here take care AND

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