Piya Albela 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Naren feels guilty of his actions

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The Episode starts with Pooja removing her dupatta/shawl and throws on Naren’s feet. She thanks him for giving her respect (humiliation). She asks him to leave if he don’t want to malign his wife’s respect in public and says she don’t want him to lose. She goes. Naren laughs. Pooja again returns covering herself with blanket. Naren looks at her. She comes near Naren. Naren asks are you ready for test. Pooja asks are you ready. Naren says 1 last warning, 1 last time and says cameras are on. Pooja says I know and let him be on. She goes and stand near the wall. Naren drinks wine and see her in camera. Pooja removes blanket from her unclothed body while getting teary eyes. Naren is shocked and the glass falls down from his hand. He couldn’t see her nude and looks down feeling ashamed of his

doing. He then goes near her and covers her with blanket. Pooja hugs him cryingly. Naren is about to reciprocate her hug, but breaks the hug. He breaks all the cameras and goes from his room.

Pooja smiles while crying. He thinks about Pooja’s words. Pooja sits there crying. Naren breaks down and sits on floor crying. He comes to Harish while he is sleeping on chair and cries keeping his head on his feet. Rahul sees him crying and is shocked. Harish wakes up and asks what happened? Naren tells him that how can he doubt on Pooja, and tells that he thought her wrong. He says he don’t want any proofs now and asks if Pooja will forgive me. Naren says I am guilty of Pooja and you all. He says I want my pooja back and asks if she will forgive him. Rahul is shocked and angry and says it seems Ravan needs to enter in their love story. Pooja comes to Supriya and says today she has seen Naren’s anger melting down and thanks her. Surbhi hears her and thinks I won’t let Naren go from my hand.

Mr. Kapoor talks to Pooja’s pic and fills her maang with his blood. Rahul calls him and asks him to fulfill all his desires with Pooja. They smirks. Harish asks Naren to talk to Pooja and clears all the misunderstandings. He says when you go to Pooja this time, go with this and handover sindoor in his hand. He says she will not say no for this. Naren goes. Pooja thinks of making Naren read all the letters. She picks the sindoor and thinks she will get it filled in her maang with his hand. Naren thinks no punishment is less to me. Pooja comes to him. He shows the sindoor bottle. He says all walls between us are fallen down. He applies sindoor in her maang. Pooja smiles. Pooja hugs him. Prem rattan song plays. It turns out to be Naren’s imagination. Mr. Kapoor calls Pooja.

Pooja asks did you reach US. Mr. Kapoor says he didn’t take flight and says I love you very much and don’t expect anything from you. She asks where is he standing and asks him not to take any wrong step. Mr. Kapoor asks her to plan her life with Naren and says he called her to say bye. She asks him not to take any wrong step. He says you will get my dead body outside my hotel in 10 mins. Pooja asks him not to do anything wrong. While she runs, Naren’s photo frame is broken. Surbhi and Rahul smirks. Naren is coming towards her. Jogiya song plays……While Pooja runs out. Naren goes towards her room.

Anuj gets Naren beaten by the hockey sticks and blames him for giving pain to Pooja. Pooja is going to Mr. Kapoor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Please stop these I know you are going to show that Naren will be too injured and then also will be searching Pooja and Rahul will create scene where Pooja will be seen sleeping with Mr Kapoor and then Naren will hate her more.It’s too old and cheap,please don’t do that.

    1. i hope they don”t stoop so low.

  2. Are there any women writing for this show or is this strictly a male fantasy? First of all a woman being coerced into doing something like that even if she had misguided feelings of love and loyalty would never throw herself into the arms of her abuser..and he is abusive, no real man would ask this of the woman he loves even though the love is covered by anger…this was cringe worthy as a female viewer as i think it was for any female working on this show….utter ridiculousness abounds…i can’t even say poor Pooja cause i just want to slap her upside the head.

  3. Ab mr kapoor Pooja ko naren ke bare me ulti sidhi bat karenge or pooja wapis Ake naren ko mana kar dengi.ab Pooja ka drama shuru hoga k me naren se hate karti hu…….

  4. So lame!!! Writers are awful to be showing women like this. It was a great serial but not anymore

  5. Common they should have met 1st and than Pooja had to explain Naren that Mr.Kapoor is crazy and will kill himself. one more month for this drama……….too bad for the fans who always want to see the couple together…….

  6. i am sure Mr.Kapoor past wife look like Pooja….

  7. No offense but pardon my French… WTF….. I’m endorsing your entire comment Cathy 100%….WTF is wrong with Pooja? I literally cursed watching this crazy ass scene. Who the blazes is effing my Kapoor for Pooja to run after him? As of now, she doesn’t understand the man is wrecking her life and creating hurdles for her? She had lambasted him episodes ago in the gardens and she is running after him still? Let him kill his damn self, he should have done it long ago. I also didn’t think Pooja is still working for him, so what’s it with this foolish woman?? This serial is really testing our patience…. R… I think you could be correct that Pooja resembles Mr Kapoor’s wife but how convenient of that happening huh??? The object of a Mr Kapoor’s desires resembling his wife?? Let’s wait and see and to boot, his wife’s name was Pooja too….. ????????

  8. Sorry for typo errors… Line 3 should read..mr Kapoor…

  9. So bakwass serial writer bhi bor ni hote ayse ghatiya serial likhte likhte

  10. Its time that Supriya expose Surbhi and Rakesh for trying to murder Pooja. Naren should get his thoughts together and sort out Rahul and Surbhi for their dastardly acts. Its time that Kapoor get treated for his mental illness and stop obsessing over Pooja.

  11. its no more a love story but a pathetic melo drama.wastage of time n nothing else.it is creating sadness in minds of people.

  12. Sach mein ab serial me koi dam nahi ,please stop this rubbish, Husband wife ko alag karnae wala serial kon dekhega?

    1. Why pooja is still Caring for Mr kapoor. Pooja has no brain. Please stop this nonsense .. can’t tolerate any more..

  13. Archana Pathak

    As they are not getting TRP, they are getting down to such levels. I used to revere this show but no more as it brings down the dignity of women. No wonder the number of rapes is increasing by the minute. Families are harboring murderers wow what a perfect family they are showing.

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