Piya Albela 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Supriya seeing Pooja smiling while aarti is going on in the temple. She reminisces the efforts and concern of Pooja for Naren. She thinks of Chandani saying that Naren and Pooja are like Radha and Krishnan, support each other in every situation. Radhe Krishnan plays…..Supriya imagines them exchanging garlands and smiles. Pooja gives aarti to everyone. Supriya thinks God is giving them sign that Naren’s Radha is Pooja who understands him so well and thinks no girl can be better than her. She asks pooja about Satish. Pooja says somewhat better? Supriya tells that she talked to Delhi specialist and asks her to come home wearing beautiful dress. Supriya thinks to talk to Harish about Pooja and thinks to convince him although he will get angry and refuse at first.


tells kids that Radha and Krishna’s love is an example for everyone. Kids asks if they were married? Harsha says no. Pandit ji says today’s kids will not understand. Pooja tells that they shall do play on Radha and Krishna. Harsha says we have Radha and Krishna. Supriya calls Harish and asks him to come home, as she wants to talk about Naren. Neelima hears her and thinks to find out through Rahul. Harsha asks Pooja. Pooja says she is ready. Naren says he is not ready and asks her to find other Krishna for her. Kids try to convince him. Harsha says it is difficult to convince him. Pooja says he will not refuse. Neelima calls Rahul and tells that Supriya is excited about Naren’s future.

Pooja asks Naren to act in the play. Naren says what is the advantage and says he can’t understand Krishna’s leela. And asks her not to talk like his mum. Pooja tries to convince him. Naren asks her to give 500 so that he can buy art and crafts stuff. Pooja asks him to take from Naren. Supriya thinks she shall talk to Harish and give jhumka to Pooja. Naren returns and thinks where is the black board, class and kids. Pooja returns. Naren asks her. Pooja says she doesn’t know. Naren asks her to give the stuff which he brought. Pooja asks him to agree first. She asks him to think of doing a role for kids. Naren asks her to give arts and crafts stuff which he bought and picks the scale. Chandani makes pooja ready as Radha. Radha says Naren will not angry. Chandani says Naren and you are like Radha and Krishna.

Harish asks Supriya why she is tensed. Supriya says she wants to talk about Naren and Pooja and says she can become answer for his questions. Harish says he is already worried as Amma will be coming here and asks her not to complicate the things. Supriya asks him about his opinion on Pooja and Naren’s alliance. Harish is shocked and asks what do you wants to say.
Pooja comes dressed as Radha. Harsha and kids look at her smiling. Pooja also smiles and comes to them. Naren comes there and looks at Pooja. Jogiya song plays….He says you are looking good. Pooja asks him to become Krishna. Naren refuses. Pooja is stubborn on her decision. Gudiya comes and asks Naren to take flute. Supriya says Pooja takes care of Naren and says whatever we want is his happiness. She shows the jhumkas and says trust me, nobody can be good for Naren than Pooja. Harish scolds her and goes. Supriya asks him to listen. Neelima hears them and is shocked.

Pooja tells kids that Naren will come and is just showing tantrums. Harish tells Supriya that Vyas group is build on Bhola Babus investments and says if he wants his investments back then what we will do, we will have nothing. Supriya asks him to think about Naren’s happiness. Harish tells that whatever he is doing for Naren’s happiness and that he promised Bhola Babu that he will get his son married to his daughter Kiara. Supriya is shocked.

Sapne hote hai mrig trishna
Phir yeh itne kheemti kyun
Sapne dekhti hai yeh aankhein
Par taar dil se judjaate kyun
Malanga Re…..

(Dreams are imaginary desires
then why is it so precious,
the eyes see the dreams,
but why do the strings get connected by heart)

Naren and Pooja perform as Radha and Krishna.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi gys I am glad that my guess was right naren’s father have planned his marriage.

    1. Arshia

      And that’s where the problem lies! I think that this Bhola Babu and his amma who’s coming from NY, they don’t know about the “real” Naren. That’s why Harish is so worried about it all.

  2. epi was good but not the new relevation hate it precap was good

  3. Nice episode……….it would b lovely to see naren and pooja performing radha and krishna

  4. Getting interesting day by day…

  5. Wow nice precap..looking forward to d coming episodes..hpe they both realize their love for ech other.n makers plz dnt make it a random daily soap like silly twists n turns…its a unique show so plz keep it like dat..love narja.

  6. Catharin

    Today pooja looks so pretty in that costumes

  7. So sweet. Naren and pooja look so gud together. Best couple. And the best art- yeh ishq hai ya ibaadat jogiya , rab tujhmein tu hai rab o pia’

  8. The episode is good & precap also.
    it was awsome when puja told children about naren would agree bt was showing tantrums .
    love the naren telling about puja’s good looking in radha’s costume.

  9. Hii,
    My malanga family
    So sorry guy’s joining you after long, hope u guys not miss me but I miss u all..
    Episode is super duper hit.first time my mom see a daily show with me and like episode too.. Precape nails my heart so happy to see cute Radha and Krishna as I don’t know the hole story about Krishna Radha love but I know little bit so its good


  11. Hi aditi,anne,Ooshi,srishti,cutipie,moni,geeta,and all others.
    Pooja is getting closed to naren day by day and excited for their play.supriya wants pooja to be her bahu but harish is too greedy he wants his son to get marry to his business partner’s daughter only bcoz of money.hw mean.

  12. It is so nice.pooja and naren acting was so amazing they are really look like a radha,krishna

  13. Gys try to cment here more and more.

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