Piya Albela 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Angraj plans to kill Naren

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Present day:

Pooja telling that that day was a difficult day for Vyas Family….

Two days before:

Pooja tells Supriya that she won’t let the test done. Harish says someone might be behind it. Anuj says why the things are related to Angraj. Naren says if Angraj is innocent then I will be under his favor. Supriya gets angry on Naren and tells that until the reports come, she will stay with her son in the outhouse. She holds Angraj’s hand and leave. Shivani brings reports and asks Naren not to forget her favor that she brought reports in 2 hours. Supriya and angraj come there. Shivani says this hair sample doesn’t match with your bahu’s hair sample. Harish says thank god. Supriya gives report in Pooja’s hand. Anuj says he is not lying and the cake box is delivered on his address.

Harish says I will not leave the person doing this. Shivani tells them that the hairs are fresh and it is of Rachel. Anuj says what nonsense? Naren says you want to trap my brother and pushes Anuj. He asks him to apologize to Angraj if he wants to continue meeting Pooja. Anuj says sorry to Angraj. Naren asks him not to forget this sorry. He says sorry to Angraj. Angraj says it is my bad karma that is not leaving me. Naren thanks Shivani. Anuj gets Angraj’s call and he tells him that you did what I have planned. He tells that he has replaced the hairs with that of Rachel. He recalls cutting Rachel’s hairs. Anuj gets shocked. Angraj asks him to take care of Rachel and says he is there for Pooja. Pooja sees angraj’s smirking. She tells Anuj to give him a chance. Anuj asks Pooja, can I use your washroom. He goes to her room and keeps gun in her purse. He thinks it is for your protection di, until it is with you, I will be relieved. He keeps back the purse and is leaving when he sees Naren coming there. Angrak asks Neelima to trust legal and legitimate blood which will never betray him.

Pooja thinks nobody remembers this day. Naren brings a cake for Pooja. Pooja gets happy and says she thought he forgot her birthday. He teases her. Angraj says this will be the last day when you will not be with me. Rahul gets to drinking. Surbhi tries to stop him. Neelima tells that they will sideline us as we are rapist family. She says your dad’s black spot will change our destiny. Rahul says nothing will change between Bhai and me. Neelima says why separate cabin is getting made for Angraj.

Pooja asks him to write her clauses. She asks him not to tease him and always praise her. Naren says so I have to lie daily. Naren says it is your turn now. He asks her not to call him often or trouble Danish or any other guard. Pooja says I call you as I get worried for you. She asks him to call her every two hours and asks about her. Naren says I will become your satellite. He asks her to write that if he forgets to call her then she will not get angry. Pooja says ok and asks him to talk to her for an hour in the night. Naren says if I sleep, then don’t wake me up and tell the story.

Pooja says you are doing cheating and will not follow the clauses. Naren says I follow my heart. Pooja gets upset and sings a song jab tum chaho…..

Surbhi asks Rahul not to stress himself and tells Neelima that it is natural to give attention to him. She asks her not to make an issue of cabin. Neelima says there will be three divisions in property. Pooja tells Naren that you can’t leave me. Naren asks her not to challenge him. Pooja says she will see how he leaves her and throws file on him. Angraj looks at the knife and tells that you can shower your love on Naren for last time and tells that Naren has to pay for the bhai chara…/brotherly’s love.

Present day:

Pooja looks at the garland which she got for the dead person and says Naren wanted to celebrate her birthday, but who knew that one of the son would die on that day.

Angraj calls Anuj and shows him Naren and Pooja’s room and tells that they are inside, but only Pooja will come out. Anuj gets shocked. Angraj says he is waiting for last surprise. Pooja comes after bathing. Angraj plays the music in her room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Evil and evil. This writer is very evil. Her mind is very very very dirty. Only crime ,murder etc. The leads are suffering so much and the evil are enjoying

  2. Our writer is fond of separation male dominate track. They made naren dumb or smart as per their own convenience. How can he trust 2 days brother over his wife. Utter stupidity.

  3. As per the latest spoiler pooja kills angraaj, which gets her kicked out of the house, so whose body is pooja waiting for? Did someone else die also? Or is she merely having a ceremonial coming of end of hers and naren’s relationship, again naren has failed pooja ?

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