Piya Albela 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja agrees to Naren’s cheap demand

Piya Albela 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren seeing the video in which Pooja is dancing with Mr. kapoor, which was fake video. Satish brings Pooja home. Kusum slaps Pooja for humiliating herself. Pooja says she made Naren stone hearted. Anuj says Pooja di will not go to Vyas Mansion. Pooja says she has to go there and can’t fail in last test. She asks Mama to make Anuj understand. Satish says Naren is not suitable for her love and tells that he can’t see her humiliated more. Pooja says you saw my insult, but didn’t see his love. Kusum says she will lock her in room. Rachel asks Anuj to support Pooja. Kusum scolds her and asks Pooja to come. Neighbors come there. Rahul snatches phone from Naren’s hand and says Pooja was behaving as if her respect is ruined, and in the video, she is opening her dress dori

and dancing vulgar. Naren breaks the phone angrily. Rahul says pooja’s character is bad. Naren asks him to get out. Rahul comes out of room and hugs Neelima. He dances with her and tells that after Heer and Ranjha, Pooja and Naren’s name will come to break up after loving each other. He calls Mr. Kapoor and asks him to order his marriage sherwani. Neighbor tells them that their niece has become dancer. Satish and Rachel ask them to go. Kusum takes Pooja to lock her in room. She pushes her on bed and locks the door. Pooja gets up and knocks on the door asking Kusum to open the door.

Mr. Kapoor thanks Rahul and says what an idea. Rahul asks him to praise the woman who acted to be Pooja. She turns out to be Surbhi. Surbhi says she will pay the money to the special effects guys for pasting Pooja’s pic on hers. A fb is shown, Surbhi dances with Mr. Kapoor as Rahul takes the video. Fb ends. Surbhi says Pooja doesn’t know about this.

Pooja changes her dress and says I am coming Naren to win in my last test. She ties the cloth to elope from the window and feels apologetic to Anuj. She prays to God. Rachel brings the stairs and makes her get down from the window. Pooja thanks her. Rachel asks her to go and win.

Pooja comes to Naren and says she will win in the last test too. She has broken all the cuffs and came here. Naren holds her hand. Pooja says she knew that her naren is same like before. Naren takes her to study while Rahul and Surbhi looks on. Naren says you didn’t ask for the prize. Pooja says she got respect from him and it is not less than a prize for her. Naren asks what does she wants and says you danced in my mehfil and then danced with MR. Kapoor celebrating your win. He asks what she wants, and says Mr. Kapoor is rich already. Pooja is shocked and asks if he wants to scare her. Naren shows her camera set up and says her nude pics will be shot, and he will share with Mr. Kapoor and asks her to tell about her other lovers too.

Pooja feels ashamed and pushes him. He asks Pooja if she is ready for this test. Pooja says today you have crossed all limits. Naren says it is last test, so we have to cross all limits. Pooja asks if he wants to humiliate her in the name of test. She says I accept that I betrayed you, and asks if his love for her was cheap to make her stand here. Naren shows her video in which she is seen dancing with Mr. Kapoor in the farmhouse. Pooja is shocked. Naren throws money on her.

Rahul asks Surbhi to share some happiness with him. Surbhi says once Naren throws Pooja out. She will marry Naren and will take him to America, then all Vyas Empire will be his. They are happy about their plan. Rahul asks her to make arrangements for her marriage.

Naren says you claimed to love me and woos all neighbors. Pooja says someone showed you fake video and you agreed. She says she can prove it by calling expert here, and says nothing can win over his hatred. She says today she will be unclothed, but the real test will be his, asks him to start the camera, says she will see if he can send her pics to anyone. She removes her dupatta and throws near him.

Naren asks if she is ready and says camera is on. Pooja says let it be on and unclothed herself. Naren is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This Z madness 2 the highest order,naren Z crosing all de limit of Shameless

  2. Divya muthye

    Naren has lost his mind completely. I think he has become abnormal the way he is torturing Pooja I am sick of it. I think Pooja should not forgive him easily for believing fake video

  3. It’s too much……naren can’t being so shameless … I just hate him…….this is not the revenge of any betrayal…… I think he had lost his mind….. I just can’t….explain so cheap. …in fact cheapest……I don’t know pooja but I m never ever going to forgive naren…….just hate him……a big hate…….no forgiveness!!!!!!!

  4. This story line better be leading to something epic because i feel like im wasting time with this stupidity.

  5. Naren is stupid he knows Rahul and team very well. How can he be stoned hearted and shameless?

    Pooja no need to pass this test just leave him. No need to move on in the life too of Piya Albeela, get Naren married to Surbhi and always stay in front of their eyes.

  6. How a director be so cheap to just increase a show’s trp? Does a female has no more dignity left in this society? It’s not fault of the person who loves one, it’s fault of that person who fails to understand it. This is just male chauvinism in the name of proving one’s love!! Person like Naren doesn’t deserve to live in this world.

    1. This serial started off at good note and good concept but now has reached another level of cheapness. You can’t watch it with family. This was my last episode. Won’t follow it anymore.
      Makers pls understand this won’t increase the TRP instead decrease the viewership.
      Vulgar and cheap mind of makers is being reflected in this.

  7. How a director be so cheap to just increase a show’s trp? Does a female has no more dignity left in this society? It’s not fault of the person who loves one, it’s fault of that person who fails to understand it. This is just male chauvinism in the name of proving one’s love!! Person like Naren doesn’t deserve to live in this world.

  8. When i was seeing this serial, my eyes were not accepted to saw. Its so shameless nd vulgure. Pls stop these all, dont break lovers hearts.

  9. What nonsense is all this… Poja can easily prove that the video is fake..than what’s the need to do all this

  10. Pooja should merry some good person like dr anand in front of naren and than show him a truth of the bedrooms clip..and left him with his would be wife surbhi.

    1. I want to say video clip. sorry for the typing mistake.

    2. Actually……urs is a good idea!

  11. How can you make this serial so cheap. I hate it.

  12. This serial is getting cheap and disgusting. I totally dislike where this is heading. Women have to showcase their bodies to men to get acceptance and to prove their love? Really? Is this where piya albela has come too? This show is about faith, trust, love, understanding…now it is hate, list, betrayal, arrogance, greed, …all the sins that are prevailing.

  13. what the hell is wrong with pooja cannot she see that naren do not really love her because if he did he would not have believed what others especially rahul who hates her said and showed fake video; my gosh naren is so quick to believe untruths about pooja that he aint giving her a chance at all my gosh pooja have some dignity and walk away from naren and his dysfunctional family you deserve more than that; just because you left a year ago through his mothers request he naren find it right to punish you by humiliating and torturing you, no way man this has gone beyond hatred, naren is evil and wicked i cannot find words to express how i feel about naren and as for rahul surbhi and mr kapoor they are like three pea in a pod; time to flush them down the toilet and make sure the eat up all the shit whilst they are there lol because that is exactly what they are made of SHIT.

  14. I am sorry for my language use atm but WHAT THE ACTUAL F#%*?! Can you believe that this soap started with daily poetic lines about life and morality?! Naren used to be a puppy not being able to recognize evil. Look at what the soap has become. And it should not be “okay” to the viewers that they show women like this in soaps. No wonder women are still subordinated to men in India!!! After all have you seen women do this to men in soaps? For example, the leading actress asking her husband to prove his love by stripping naked infront of her? ALSO, what was the need of Naren saying that he will send it as well to her husband Mr. Kapoor? Now with the s*xting issue amongst people on social media going on, these type of lines are so WRONG! + THE WAY THEY PORTRAY WOMEN IN INDIAN SOAPS NEEDS TO END! You can’t just push to her to a wall and still expect her to love you, you can’t manipulate her, you can’t be abusive to her not physically not verbally and still expect her to return to the husband. Women are not foolish objects without brains who give up anything i.e. self-respect, dignity, and so on in the name of love. People should protest about how they portray women in Indian soaps and movies! It is wrong at all levels. I am so angry and the sad thing is, this used to be my favorite soap.

    1. You are so right…and Zeetv boasts of upholding women’s rights and for them to reach the stars!! What hogwash!! Every single woman in Indian serials are treated with scant respect, the only two exceptions are Nisha from WAS who’s Satan himself in disguise and Urmi in Doli Armaano Ki for having the guts to stand up to a husband who treated her like dog mess and make a name for herself and her son, away from him and become an independent woman and a success story. Every other female leads are abused and at most times, even a woman is at the heart of other women’s despair and doom…

      1. Naz, the other day I saw a picture on Zee’s fb page. It was about an event with only male representatives of Zee’s business. All suited up and sitting next to each other on stage. Where were the women? Oh wait… women are only good enough to strip their clothes off to Zee, women are smart enough to just stay at home, or act pretty in soaps but smart, independent, the ability to stand up for oneself, dignity, self-respect these things do not go together with how a woman behaves. Maybe it is that because I am not from India that these bother me a lot, but I know that in India these things bother women as well and they should stand up against this type of portrayals of women or the fact that women are less represented in high positions.

    2. There you go Devisha, that’s just it!! Males dominating these serials, like its a man’s world alone. You even saw it on their business forum. I’m not from India either but I’m so offended on behalf of my Indian sisters for portraying women like this. This may appeal to rural societies in India but I’m 100% sure the progressive women in urban areas are offended by what’s being portrayed here and let’s not forget that Zeetv has a disclaimer at the start of each of their serials but still carry content like this on their network…. Devisha, I don’t know the reason for this bigotry and masculine chauvinism and the only reason I come up with for these serial content, is that the network is trying to highlight what actually happens in communities in this age which we may not be aware of that’s happening. …i have another point to make but will do so in today’s updated page.. Thanks for your feedback friend…

  15. I just hate narens character, pooja doesnt have to prove her love for naren if she wasn’t truthful what the hell is she trying to prove her love for, that stupid mr kapoor hes very disgusting for a big man. And stupid rahul and surbhi actually thinks they both will get away with their stupid looking self, i know naren will eventually learn that pooja’s love for him is truth and eventually it will be to late for him and now he will have to prove his love to win her .

  16. Well friends, you’ve said it all so I’ll just say that….FINALLY… Finally Naren would see his wife’s naked body or more aptly, a naked woman! He’s been such a saint all his life and never saw the other worldly beauties of real life…so this is going to be a treat, a sight for his sore eyes…. Feast your eyes man, you never know when you’ll see it again because in Indian serials husband and wife don’t have marital relations….

  17. Even if all the misunderstandings are resolved…how can any couple move forward after all this…there is no way they both will ever trust each other or have the same respect for each other
    Even though I know it is a tv serial I feel offended by what Naren is doing….
    No girl should tolerate being treated this way….it is a bad lesson for our younger girls!!!

  18. Inspite of doing all these foolish act’s…….
    My dear POOJA
    Slap that stupid naren with ur left leg cheppal
    And make Mr.kapoor permanent patient to MENTAL hopestial
    Rahul kick him into jail forever
    And make that surbhi as bar dancer
    They should get it

  19. ztv you start with your nonsense again, i made a comment earlier on in the day and it was there for a while where the hell it disappear now. like you forget that there is an Act called Freedom of Speech or what; my gosh if you could show storylines which are disgusting showing pooja as if she were a whore why the hell you remove my comment i made today. you writers want to give us SHIT and do not want we the viewers to speak our minds; you are so bold face you all are really shit and needs to get a flush down the toilet

  20. how convenient, i now spoke about my comment disappearing and wallah magic it appear again all of a sudden within a minute lol

  21. Naren is falling prey to Rahul and Surbhi schemes. I haven’t seen someone so foolish that those evil scoundrels want to destroy his life and relatives lives.

  22. I love watching hindi serials even though I don’t understand much but I find all serials with same storyline especially in ZTV. Sometimes I wonder whether it is the culture of indians that woman has to stoop so low to show love for her husband. Thank god I am not indian woman to undergo such harrasment.

  23. Janice Persaud

    I’m indian and hindu but I’m from Guyana in the carribbean we don’t have those stupid rules here ..this is the 20th century not the 16th century ..so just get a life …it’s the modern world now ..

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