Piya Albela 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja decides to fail Naina’s plan

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The Episode starts with Naren coming to Pooja. Pooja gets scared, but relaxes seeing him. Naren tells her that he got her kidnapped by his goons and haven’t saved her. He recalls getting her kidnapped right infront of her. He says if I had not kidnapped you, how I would have seen you helpless here, and blames her for Supriya’s condition. Pooja asks do you really think I am responsible. Naren says I gave you a chance 6 months back, but you have taken the decision. Pooja says I hurt you so much and punishment is my medicine. Naren asks why she is shedding fake tears and says there is no media here. He says I brought food for you. Pooja says atleast I am staying with your hatred.

Naren says you had chance to stay with love, but you lost it. He asks her to think how Supriya might be feeling

being handicapped and says you thinks about your mum. Pooja says Maa is not yours or mine they are ours. She says it is good to have food with your hand and asks for AC. Naren says my mother don’t want you to enter Vyas Mansion and this will happen. Pooja determines to get Naren celebrate Chandrika’s birthday.

After Naren goes from there, Naina comes to Mayank’s cabin and acts, says you left me. She says whoever kidnapped Pooja is good. Fake Chachi asks why did you call us. Pooja hears them.

Naina asks Fake Chacha and Chachi to do as she said. She says she has written the script and asks them to do as she said. She says she will target the entire Vyas Mansion. She says she will get it on her name. Pooja thinks Naina’s greed is increasing. Naina asks them to fasten their waist and says get ready to ask Vyas Mansion. Pooja thinks how to escape from here. She cuts the rope and thinks to inform Dada i. She thinks she won’t let Naina’s evil eyes fall on Vyas family. She thinks how to call Dada ji. She hides seeing Naren and his employees coming. Naren hears the sound and asks security to check. Pooja hides.

Naren chooses Anuj as his new security incharge as the latter comes indisguise. He thinks now Naren can’t save himself. Pooja hears him when he talks to Rachel, and thinks if Naren has kidnapped him also. Someone calls Naina and informs her about Pooja. Naina asks him to keep eye on her and says Pooja can’t reach Mayank’s killer… Pooja thinks what is Rahul’s motive behind wearing Naren’s shoes.

Pooja sees property papers on Rahul’s name and thinks he can’t harm Naren until she is with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Story climax thak ee dhonom nahi milegaa kyaa…

    Naren realize hokar poja ko apnayaga.. story the end lagegaaa

  2. Seriously… I feel as if I’m abused as well….just watching Pooja take insults like water falling of a duck’s back, is enough to question the sanity of the character. In reality..imagine being a wife and you are in public with your husband and he talks to you the way Naren does, it’s enough to make a woman sink into the dirt… It would be interesting to see this sort of abuse directed towards the man in the relationship, why must it always be the woman to go through this kind of crap??? If a husband is in a position like this, he’s not got to love his wife, in fact…he would find solace in another woman’s arms and that would be justified but if it’s the other way around, she’ll be called a thousand names.. So, in these serials, writers think it’s best to beat the crap out of a woman instead of the man. We had a good thing going with WAS till the writers screwed that as well… Pooja’s character has real balls to put up with crap coming from Naren and his goddamned wretched and highly ungrateful family..

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